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wooforplay flavored coconut oil lube | by the skinny confidential
Every blogger on the planet has posted about COCONUT OIL.

Same old story: it’s super moisturizing! Amazing for your skin! Use it as shaving cream! Oil pulling! OMG the benefits! Blah, blah, blah!

While all of these are truer than true, coconut oil also has another use…


Now before we continue: if you get offended easily, probably stop reading. If you’re a nun ( really though, if you’re a nun ), stop reading. If you don’t have a weird sense of humor, stop reading…just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Also, to be transparent: The Skinny Confidential is a medley of weird tips & tricks. It’s a bunch of wellness/style/beauty info peppered in with a little home decor, videos, interviews…& taboo subjects.

No f’s given kind of subjects.

Sorry but it’s not in my nature to NOT talk about real life subjects.

Butthole enemas, camel toes, vagina steaming, organic tamponsKegel exercises, birth controlboob jobs, you get it. Let’s talk about life like adults, let’s dissect & discuss it like grown-ups. You know, the good, the bad, the ugly.

Totally chill if you disagree & totally cool if you want to add to the conversation. That’s what this blog is all about— women connecting from all over the world.

On that note, let’s hope my grandma isn’t reading this one?

Ok, SO—- we’re getting hot & heavy since Valentine’s Day is around the corner: LET’S TALK ABOUT A COCONUT OIL USE THAT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT…LUBE.

YOU KNOW, like lube for sex.

I’m sorry but it makes the best lube for women ever.

& here’s why:

♡ it’s all natural & preservative free. Drugstore lube is filled with weird shit that you don’t want touching the vajayjay. And I’m sorry no guy wants glycerine, parabens such as Propylparaben, Methylparabens, near his penis. Unless I’m entirely off base here?

♡ affordable. HELLO. It’s super affordable & readily available.

♡ you can get it in single use packets. perfect when you want to get frisky on the go.

♡ LATER Summer’s Eve because coconut oil makes your VG smell island fresh. Seriously. ISLAND fucking fresh.

♡ coconut oil is a FABULOUS vaginal moisturizer & perfect for any kind of dryness. Just scoop it in your palms & heat it up by rubbing your hands together before use.

♡ ummm…according to this source: “the antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties of the medium chain fatty acids/triglycerides (MCTs) found in coconut oil have been known to researchers since the 1960s. Research has shown that microorganisms that are inactivated include bacteria, yeast, fungi, and enveloped viruses. There has been good research lately showing that coconut oil is also a good topical agent for fighting germs!”

♡ the consistency is spot on. Trust me.

♡ it lasts…& lasts…& lasts.

{ via }

…so start with a massage & go from there. Have fun with it ( FYI: ALL OF MY GUY FRIENDS WHO HAVE TRIED COCONUT OIL AS LUBE HAD RAVE REVIEWS IN THE LUBE DEPARTMENT ).

wooforplay coconut oil organic personal lubricant

Winky, winky.

By the way, make sure not to leave the lid off those, always keep it closed. If the lid’s off the coconut oil can absorb the air’s bacterias. So keep that lid tight!

On a semi-personal note, I’m prone to UTI’s. If you are too, USE COCONUT OIL AS NATURAL LUBE. Literally though. It’s an anti-bacterial & kills bacteria. GREAT for preventing UTI’s. Just saying. I’ve also read it’s amazing for yeast infections. Apparently coconut oil helps to kill off candida yeast growth.

Dr. Jennifer Gunter says “don’t use coconut oil as lube if you’re using latex condoms. Oils and petroleum products—like Vaseline—may weaken latex and increase the risk of breakage. You don’t have to forgo the slippery stuff with a condom—just be sure to use a polyurethane condom if you’re lubing up with coconut oil, which won’t break down in the presence of the oil.”

Make sure to do your own research, AS ALWAYS, before experimenting.

Thoughts? Feelings? Weirded out? Let’s talk.

If I can handle a blog post on lube, I can handle anything, really.

x lauryn

wooforplay coconut oil natural personal lube


++ USE CODE ‘skinny’ at checkout for 20% off the best coconut lube ever. 

** as always, consult with a doctor before testing anything new out | PC.

  1. Well I never! How about that! Just when I thought I knew the gazillion trillion uses for coconut oil – and then you go and point out another very useful one. Thanks haha!

  2. Totally not werided out, Lauryn! You are one cool woman! I love all your posts. I just really love that you are brutally honest, open, and talks about tabus. Way to go! 😉 I never tried using coconut oil as a lube but I am all ready to give it a try. Though I do need to buy a new coconut oil as I use the one I have right now for cooking 🙂 great post, Babe! <3

    1. Hi Heidi, yes DEFINITELY have separate lube vs cooking coconut oil! Glad you like the post. It’s easy for me to go there when you’ve always been so supportive and open to reading these topics that interest me! Thanks lady

  3. I completely agree!! And it smells so lovely too! I didn’t know it helped preventing UTI’s. We recently switched to almond oil just to try something new but since I just had my first UTI maybe it’s worth switching back. Thanks for being so honest and not afraid of taboo topics!
    XX Alex

    1. Hi Alexandra, so interesting about almond oil. Thank you for sharing that. If you don’t mind me asking, which brand of almond oil were you using? xx

  4. I love this post! I am super prone to UITs as well and I had no idea that coconut oil might be a good prevention method. I will check with my dr first, but I am really glad to know that there is a more natural way to help stop UTIs. Thank you! xo

  5. Hey Lauryn!

    So funny you posted about this today, I took a photo and sent the picture to my husband. I have always had a HUGE problem with UTI’s and yeast infections but never knew how to prevent the issue. It made me hate sex for a while because I just knew every time we did the dirty I’d get some type of infection. My wax lady recommended I use Coconut Oil on my Vjay after waxes to help moisturize… so my husband and I just got married on New Years Eve and I though, why not bring a jar on the honeymoon and test it out as lube? BEST DECISION EVER. I’ve been using it since NYE now and it is for sure the best we have ever tried. Hubby loves it and I am officially infection free as of now.

    So happy someone else has jumped on my coconut oil as lube band-wagon.

    Love the review and your blog 🙂


    1. Hi Alex, that is amazing! Thank you for sharing your personal experience. I’m so glad you and your hubby tried it! I’m 100% on the bandwagon, I’m with you! Let us know if anything changes or if you’re still happy with it after using it for a long time. What brand do you use? xx

    1. Hi Jill, it doesn’t if you use an appropriate amount, if you know what I mean. Coconut oil becomes more slick and almost feels like it multiples once body heat is applied, so just don’t go over board with it. Are you going to try it??

  6. My boyfriend and I use coconut oil and it’s amazing… So much better than the store bought stuff!! You don’t have to worry about what weird chemicals are involved and it also warns up fast, which is always nice! Haha

  7. I love coconut oil, but I’ve never heard of this. I like how honest you were about the consistency during use! I just bought a new thing of coconut oil, maybe I’ll have to try this!

  8. I’ve only heard one other source mention this use awhile back, but I loved the idea. I love that you share stuff like this and you give much more great info on it too. I’ve been naturally minded for some time, so I’d shudder wondering what chemicals were lurking in other intimate products. I love that it’s all natural, cheap, readily available, and works great.

    Plus if you have it out in the bathroom or vanity, lube is probably not the first use anyone is going to assume it there for. I’ve had friends accidentally leave out intimate products in sight and not realize when company comes over, which can get embarrassing for some. Kids can go finding things to, and if they find intimate products, they can assume and ask interesting questions. Another advantage of coconut oil – less chance of a possible embarrassing situation for some. Ha ha.

    I also use it on my feet every night to moisturize and for it’s anti fungal properties. Love the stuff for it’s many uses!

    1. Hi Jillian, I COMPLETELY agree. Coconut oil is definitely less obviously your sexy time lube since there are so many other uses. Shoot I’m sure tons of my friends are reading this and they’re totally going to call me out now! HA! Thanks for reading

    1. Diana, you’re so sweet! I really appreciate you reading and I’m so glad you like the post! Let me know if there are any topics you want me to cover! Email me any time :)) xx

  9. Totally not weirded out…got creative one night without having anything on hand and thought coconut oil HAS to work for this. BAM. All natu-ral and Island fucking fresh. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that is the best idea!

    1. I literally just LOL’ed at your “Island fucking fresh” line. Classic. Thanks for reading Veronica

    1. Hi Anna, Michael is pretty much just used to me mentioning his little secrets on here! LOL! Yes it’s so good for you! Who knew there would be such an easy solution to UTI’s??

    1. Hi Patricia, definitely try the coconut oil solution for lube during sex. I’ll definitely do a post on this! xx

  10. We love a good taboo talk! This is such a good tip and sooo much more fun than talking about how to cook with coconut oil, or something PG like that 🙂

    1. I’m glad you think so too Ali & Dana. LOOOVE how you guys are so open to these topics. If i couldn’t share this with you guys I seriously don’t know what I would do so thank you

  11. LAURYN.
    You totally killed me at Island Fucking Fresh. Also with the “unless I’m entirely off base here?!” – DEAD. ??? I seriously cannot stop laughing & please continue to keep going there with these topics. I seriously love it. This actually makes all the sense in the world since it’s antibacterial & antifungal. And the best part is that trying this out will be extra fun! 😉 xx SS

    1. Hi Shannon, so true about how it makes perfect sense. I can’t believe this isn’t a universal truth. It’s so DUH, that I can’t believe coconut oil isn’t on every shelve in the hot and sexy isles at every store. Right next to the condoms. HA! xx

  12. Ohhhhhh I love this idea, so I can also play it cool just having coconut oil lying around…tehehe. Even though my boyfriend seriously cannot handle when I’m ‘slippery’ from lotioning up MASS every night.

    Now i can use coconut oil for like, everything in my life. YAY.

    Love it, hope the week is going well, ma.

  13. I love posts like this. Reminds me of high school when my group of girl friends would all meet up after each of our “first time,” and share every detail, tips, questions, shrieks, giggles – the best.

    I used coconut oil for this purpose a couple years ago when my body went through some weird hormonal thing. For the first time ever I had dryness to the point of constant discomfort. It was like a brief preview of what I’ve heard menopause can be like. So much worse somehow than “dryness” sounds. Coconut oil made me feel normal again.

    1. This does remind me of high school— such a HS post. HAHA! And the hormonal thing is interesting, I’ve heard a lot about coconut oil balancing hormones. x

  14. Coconut oil is an especially good lube for shower sex.. The water doesn’t wash it off.. You’re welcome ladies ??

  15. lauryn
    you just fucking rock. seriously. i read all of your posts and you manage to laugh and leave with knowledge. thanks for keeping it real literally 1000% of the time. you are my fav.

  16. Seriously love this post!! I hate hate hate drugstore lube. I’ve always felt like I was having a mini allergic reaction. And I use coconut oil for most everything else but never thought THAT. Going to give it a try!!

  17. I love that you can use it to transition from massage and fun, to even more fun ;-)… AND not a big deal if it gets in your mouth… haha

    Btw, I’m sure you already know this… but you have to pee after sex to avoid the UTIs… if I just went to the bathroom I won’t even let my husband start something for a bit… I have to be able to pee right after… haven’t had a UTI in years

  18. Lauryn~ what brand or type of coconut oil would you recommend? I’m a volunteer member worker at my local food co-op. Are you referring to the thicker consistency brands of coconut oil in jars or the liquid form typically used for cooking? I appreciate your coconut oil topic since I’m a breast cancer survivor & cannot have estrogenic lubricants which is a challenge. As you said many “over-the-counter” lubricants contain parabens. Thank you! Melinda

  19. ok, so let me start out by saying you are one of my favorite bloggers and one of the reasons why is because you talk to your followers like a girlfriend would; no filter and I love it!

    The coconut oil thing? I had thought about it before but i never tried it because I never heard of anyone who uses it for that purpose and I never remember to ask my OBGYN

    Thanks for the tip and now I don’t feel so weird about trying coconut oil on my jayjay anymore.

  20. Love it! Thank’s for the tip, can’t wait to give it a try. Also, thank you for telling me to keep the lid on my coconut oil!! Unfortunately I have been keeping mine open with a spoon in it for easy access in the morning for oil pulling/smoothies. Thank you! Will be throwing away and purchasing a new jar. XO

  21. I for one appreciate this post. A lot of lubes irritated my hoohah so I’ll give this a try!! Thanks for branching out and taking a risk!

    1. It gets on the sheets ; ), but doesn’t stain at all. And who doesn’t like their bed smelling island fresh? HAHA.

  22. I bought a GIANT bottle of MCT oil at Whole Foods a while back thinking I would use it in bullet proof coffee. That didn’t go over so well and really screwed up my stomach. I have been trying to come up with uses for this stuff (because I literally have a gallon of it). I’m not sure if I can use it on my skin like regular coconut oil, but I might give this try! Any uses for MCT that you know of would be great.

  23. Absolutely love that you posted about this! I swear Adam and I told you about using coconut oil this way years ago at Delicias!! ?? glad you love it too! I saw that you did post about organic him I need to go back and read that, have you ever tried a menstrual cup?

  24. Love this post and love how honest you are… always! A also love that you tagged Suzanne’s favourite lube. haha

    Great job girl. Keep these coming! So informative.

  25. I’ve been using coconut oil as lube for a long time now and I LOVE it. Another feminine tip is to use sesame oil to cure vaginal dryness. I love getting personal, ha!

  26. YES! ME and my C love this. Like it’s in the side table at the mo – and I can’t wait for work to be finished.

  27. hahahahahaa i literally laughed my asss out and its why i love you. have no idea it was possible… but eh never say never!

  28. Haha LOVE your honesty. I’m definitely going to have to try this! Have you ever tried taking a Candex supplement for your UTI’s? You should look into it…I think you’ll really like it!

    xo Annie

  29. Haha. I love how completely open you are. And I’m definitely going to try this with my husband! ?

    Totally unrelated question…when you’re not eating healthy can that change your sensibility to some things? I used to be really healthy and didn’t have any problems but now that I’m not as healthy I have noticed changes in how I feel after eating certain foods and my skin is even more sensitive. Could an unhealthy diet be the culprit? It’s the only thing that I’ve changed.

    Thanks! ?

  30. Omg. I seriously get a UTI at least once every month or two (regardless of peeing afterwards, hahah). WILL DEFINITELY BE TRYING THIS, thank you very much.

  31. Love love love coco oil as lube, also like to use almond oil (can’t remember the brand, but I buy it at natural grocers). More posts like this please!


  32. ABOUT TIME! HELLO! I have been using this stuff forever and it is amazing and HEALTHY! Can’t go wrong! I am so glad that you have touched light on this topic…only if more people knew! Have been a fan of your blog for years and am always impressed and refreshed by the content!

  33. It’s so funny, I was JUST wondering about this for trying to conceive purposes. I guess a lot of lubes on the market can kill the sperm, so I was thinking coconut oil might be a good alternative. Def have to try it now!

  34. I’m confused… You’re all for using coconut oil as an all natural lube but yet you douche? The ones with fragrence can be extreamly irritating and drying to the vagina. Along with setting you up for higher chance of yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and just throughing the whole pH balance inside out of wack. I’m just missing the point here… Sorry no rudeness or negativity meant at all.

    1. My bad, I misread the Summers Eve mention. My apologies, I am a total turd. I misread it as later you use summers eve, like after the deed and using the coconut oil hahaha

  35. I make my own concoction using jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, Vit E oil, borage oil… and put in a dark bottle, shake and put it inside with a long dropper! Will try coconut oil. Never thought to talk about it! Good for you Lauren!!

  36. I love your blog & I’ve read about the uses and tried it for a couple of years now (shhhhh don’t tell) love it & it’s great and natural

  37. Lauryn!You are such an incredible person, I loved your disclaimer cause you know people are out there waiting to complain about one thing or another. You should totally have a meet and greet in LA with the NANZ! I would loooooove to meet you both <3

  38. Great post Lauren. I’m totally going to give coconut oil a whirl! On a side note, i read so many comments on this post about UTI’s. I was never prone to them until a few years ago when they became a major problem for me….until one day a nurse at my doctors office gave me the real skinny “you absolutely have to pee right after sex” I took her advice…..if I pee, no UTI. Don’t pee…UTI. Such simple advice and a total life changer for me. Honestly…LIFE.CHANGER.

  39. Hey Lauren, I’m from Jamaica and I have freshly made coconut oil, i go through the whole process of grating it, boiling it and bottling it. It really is amazing, I use it for lube, baths and a scrub along with sea salt. Love your blog keep on doing what you’re doing !

  40. Hello,Na ttc and ve heared so many stories about the wonders coo it oil is doing…is the liquid type usable???somehow looks like a cooking oil but in a small container…your thought please…

  41. I am going through menopause and I can’t stand the dryness, I never had to deal with it before now…I’ve been using coconut oil every evening like soap, it leaves my skin feeling clean and I use it after a shower on my body, my skin has never looked better; however, I have never heard of using it as a lube, I need to try something because the dryness is killing me and I don’t want to have sex because of the pain that is associated, I’m talking Sahara dry, it even hurts when I run sometimes. Thank you for your blog

  42. THANK U!!! SO HAPPY to find u! We have been using coco oil for EVERYTHING including lube because it’s such s master healer and feeeeels so good, and we LOVE what we just learned from u 🙂 thank u wahoooooo!

  43. I’m a little late to the game here but I LOVE that you posted about this! I have been using this as lube for about 2 years now and I have not had a UTI or anything since. I used to get them once every other month! I tell all my friends about this and they look at me like I’m crazy. After reading the comments, I’m glad to know I’m not crazy and not the only one doing it!

  44. Hubby and I will be giving the coconut oil a go. We already use it in the kitchen and I like it as a moisturizer. Just had a UTI (my first ever in 53 years). Hoping this one stone will kill two birds. I’ll be sure to let you know how I feel about it afterward.

    Island fucking fresh was the best line … EVER.

  45. Hi! I’m quite the mix of several nationalities as there are 8that are known and as the top 4 with the higher percentages being Scotch/Irish, German, Hispanic, & Chinese. I shared that because every is made up different chemically. So what’s good for me & that works & is amazing may not be so for another. Anyway, I’m Bi and very versatile & am currently going on an 3 year relationship. I love anal sex. We had purchased some Coconut Oil (they now started carrying Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) in the baking & cooking aisle. I started hearing all benefits of Coconut Oil so I had rubbed a tad on the tip of my male appendage & was very impressed so I got some & put near the opening of my posterior & began to work it in which it didn’t take long at all and was impressed on how well it felt. So I bet you can figure out what happened next. And have used it going on several weeks now w/no problems. It’s edible, tastes good, smells good, & healthy because it’s a natural antibacterial, lubricant, etc etc. So if can clear acne, moisturize, kill yeast infection, deodorize, etc , etc (and have heard of several a of somebody out and about was in an accident & was in need of an IV and with a real Coconut a hole was drilled in to where a hose was incerted in to the hole & a needle attached to other end of hose & tapped venously like a saline solution with extra benefits!) I don’t see anything wrong with using it either…

  46. LOVE HOW REAL YOU ARE. Lube is a real life thing. Sex is a real life thing. So let’s talk about it and do it right, yeah? Thank you! Definitely going to try this. Sorry mom.

  47. Coconut has always worked wonders being both a lubricant and moisturuizer…hint, hint, you all know what I mean. Healthy oil. Great blog!

  48. My husband and I have been using coconut oil for quite some time. In my opinion it is much better than anything I have ever used and my husband lover it too. Coconut oil is your friend. Ladies. 😉

  49. Coconut oil gave me UTIs and yeast infections… I will never use it again as a lube! After this nightmare happened I did my research and it’s up all over the Internet that the antifungal antibacterial properties of coconut oil throws off your pH the same way taking antibiotics throws off your pH. I wish I had read that before I tried it!!

  50. I have just recently had 3 uti,s in a row and am 61. My gyno suggested I go to a urologist. Well I did today and we also discussed my sex life as a possible culprit. I told him the lube my husband and I were using. He suggested coconut oil. I was floored since I had never heard of this before. Made him repeat it several times to be sure where it could be used. LOL. Thanks for your post.

  51. Just so you know you are absolutely right it’s told to be used as a topical agent on top of the surface because of the antifungal and antibacterial properties if it is actually inserted inside for some people. Solutely will cause a pH abnormality! Maybe for you sauna b****** sure but I would definitely think twice and look up the all natural Lubes that they do have out there that or form fitted for our Vaginas ph balance

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