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WTF is Mewing?

what is mewing

Have you ever heard of mewing?

Well, it’s the easiest ever facial exercise that apparently has tons of benefits. It’s so easy and so quick, you can hardly call it an exercise. In fact, you can do it any time, any where.

I heard about this on Mikhaila Peterson’s podcast and instantly started mewing since I’m into anything that’s like a workout for the face.


♡ All you do is close your lips and teeth together

♡ Push your tongue up so it’s flattened on the roof of your mouth and the tip of your tongue is against your top teeth.

♡  Stay that way for as long you want or can. That’s it.

I’ve also read that approx 20 minutes a day is recommended which is easy to do if you think about it. Mew while you drive, cook, read, walk, shower, sauna, anywhere really.

You can see in the pic below how it’s strengthening my jaw muscle and there’s something about it that makes it easier to breath through your nose when you’re tongue is on the roof of your mouth. Seriously, try it right this second and you’ll see what I mean.


Mewing is said to:

♡ strengthen the jaw muscle

♡ alleviate jaw pain

♡ strengthen the tongue

♡ relieve muscle tension

♡ decrease snoring

♡ encourage proper nose breathing

♡ encourages proper tongue posture

♡ over time can reshape your jaw line

Mewing benefits

It’s just one of those things where the said benefits are too good to pass up. Like, why wouldn’t you do this? Again, it’s so easy and quick, you can seamlessly add it to any routine or ritual (like when using your new Le Spoon body sculptor), or while you’re watching Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (new season is so good already).

Think of it as a facial technique you can take with you on the go.

Do you mew?

x, lauryn

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++ stalk Jesse Golden’s unique wellness practices.


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