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WTF Is a Cold Plunge?

WTF Is a Cold Plunge?

Today on the blog we have the master of cold plunging, Ryan Duey.

In this post we’re going to talk about why cold is QUEEN & Ryan is going to give us all the juice on the benefits of cold plunging.

If you’ve heard of the HOT MESS ice roller I created then you already know that I’m obsessed with anything cold- huge fan of Wim Hof’s breathwork, cryotherapy & freezing cold showers.

Cold is your best friend. It helps with inflammation, circulation & energy levels.

After you read this post you’re gonna fall in love with the cold, just like me & Ryan. He loves it so much that he is giving The Skinny Confidential community $150 off your purchase when you use the code SKINNY150 at

He sent me The Cold Plunge & I can’t wait to keep trying it & let you guys know how it is. It’s so chic & looks good in any home, no matter your style. It’s not an ugly eyesore, ya know?

With that, let’s welcome Ryan, the founder of The Cold Plunge.

WTF Is a Cold Plunge?

what is a Cold Plunge

What’s your background & how did you get into the cold plunge?

Ryan Duey: My career has been built around bringing health & wellness services & products to market. Prior to Plunge I founded a float therapy company located in the Sacramento region of Northern California. I was introduced to cold plunging & utilizing the Wim Hof method when I had a run of constant sickness in 2017.

Through the integration of both practices my immune system strengthened & I was hooked. Fast forward a couple years & Plunge began from a mission of my co-founder, Mike Garrett & I to create a beautiful, functional cold plunge at a price that was more affordable than what was already out there. 

What are the benefits of The Cold Plunge?

RD: The Benefits of Cold Plunging are vast. Here are some of the benefits: 

+ Speeding up muscle & injury recovery

+ Reducing inflammation

+ Supporting a healthy immune system

+ Improving lymphatic circulation

+ Increasing red blood cell count & growth hormone levels

+ Improving levels of endurance & recovery

+ Increasing cardiovascular health

+ Improving sleep & reducing stress

+ more benefits are being discovered

When is the best time to use The Cold Plunge?

RD: Anytime! It really depends on the person & goals. Personally, I love first thing in the morning post-sauna to get my day started & get that rush of energy & vitality. Cold plunging & coffee is a potent mixture.

Since you know I’m big on cold & ice ( aka THE HOT MESS ICE ROLLER ), tell us what the cold can do for our mood? 

RD: Regular cold exposure has been shown to release endorphins, help blood flow, & increase norepinephrine levels ( up to 5x! ). All three help to put you in a good mood. Plus, you just did something hard & overcame your fear, which helps us believe that we can do other hard things!

How can you utilize the Wim Hof method with The Cold Plunge?

RD: The Wim Hof Method is a great way to prep your body pre- Plunge or  warm your body up post Plunge. It is important to note that under no circumstances should we be doing the Wim Hof method while in The Cold Plunge

When is it a good idea to use heat, like a sauna? Before or after The Cold Plunge?

RD: I prefer to use the heat prior. This way you leave with the energized feeling post plunge. If you have time, doing the contrast in circuits ( cycling back & forth multiple times ) can feel great on the body. However it does tire your body out. 

What is the perfect morning routine when The Cold Plunge is involved?

RD: Oh man, there are so many ways to create the perfect morning routine. Right now to me the perfect morning routine is meditation in the sauna followed by a Plunge then warming the body up through breathwork or jumping on a mini trampoline 🙂

Who are some well-known Cold Plunge fanatics?

RD: Wim Hof, Tony Hawk, Rich Roll, Rose Namajunas, Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reece, Tony Robbins, Aubrey Marcus, Lauryn Bosstick. 

all about cold plunging The Cold Plunge installation

What’s the installation process like? I know it’s seamless because I have one, but please describe the process for the audience.

RD: Installation is a very seamless process. First a 2 person delivery team arrives at your house to place it in your desired location, no heavy lifting for you, (they’ll even go up 3 flights of stairs) &  remove all your packaging from your house. Once it’s set where you want it you have about 10 minutes of setup. These steps include 1)  filling the Plunge with water 2) connecting the chiller with 2 twist on caps 3) & plugging it in. Depending on the model (St&ard or Plunge) you’re just a few hours away from Plunging. Our st&ard model lowers the temp 2-3 degrees per hour & our Pro model lowers at 10 degrees per hour. We’re proud to say the unit is truly Plug-n-Plunge! 

Do you think The Cold Plunge will gain even more momentum in the years to come?

RD: Yes, absolutely. More & more people are beginning to see the benefits which in turn is leading to more studies & research on what the cold is doing to us. It feels like the momentum is just getting started! 

How can The Cold Plunge help with swelling & inflammation? Give us all the details.

RD: Cold water can lower the temperature of damaged tissue & constrict the blood vessels. This helps reduce the swelling & inflammation, while numbing nerve endings for immediate pain relief. So, by simply taking a cold post-workout shower, you’ll help relieve muscle soreness & inflammation.  

Where can people find out more about Plunge? Pimp yourself out! (include social handles etc.)

RD: You can find us online at, @the.coldplunge & YouTube.

Ryan Duey benefits of cold plunging

Be sure to follow Ryan @ryanduey@the.coldplunge for some fun celeb cameos & challenges. Also remember to use code SKINNY150 for $150 off your order!

Brrrr. Happy plunging.

x, lauryn

+ check out the best summer mask, it’s like a cold plunge for your face.

++ give yourself a milk ice cube facial at home. 


  1. Hey Lauryn & Ryan! Great insights! Their guide is incredible as well!

    We love cold exposure and what Ryan has done has been incredible! I can’t wait to purchase one for our home here for summer months in Canada!

    There is a DIY version of the cold plunge for those looking for an economical solution. For anyone looking to find cold exposure outdoors, or at home there are really great resources available at @stayunbounded

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