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Nothing like green smoothies, muffins…& green water.

That’s right- green water is IN.

Or to get scientific on you: CHLOROPHYLL WATER IS IN.

I feel like every girl should be casually sipping her CHLOROPHYLL water as she runs errands, goes to Pilates, or hustles. It’s chic right?

Well it’s more than chic. Let me explain:

I was first introduced to CHLOROPHYLL water by a TSC reader, Erika of Urban Chiqueness. I had major altitude sickness & was bitching about it on Snapchat. She told me that chlorophyll in water would REALLY help the altitude sickness. Basically it helps you capture oxygen in your lungs- so a real WIN when you’re skiing Aspen. Of course if you know me, I was ordering some cholorphyll one second later.

Ever since I’ve been hooked.

So let’s put our lab coats on & get right into- k?

“Chlorophyll is a green pigment naturally produced by plants and algae and gives them their characteristic green color. Chlorophyll is critical for photosynthesis, the process by which sunlight is converted into chemical energy. Chlorophyll can function as a free radical neutralizer, may help to support the body’s detoxification processes and has been traditionally used as an internal deodorizer.” { NOW Foods }

“Chlorophyll can actually help do the job of hemoglobin, increasing the quantity and quality of red blood cells in your body. Amazing fact: it’s even been known to be used in hospital IVs for pain & swelling! It is only natural that “green sunshine” should bring you energy: taking chlorophyll in capsule, powder, or liquid form will bring you an instant boost of energy and vitality. More healthy red blood cells mean better oxygen absorption in the bloodstream, which means more all around energy and oxygen utilization in the body. And because of its blood health-improving qualities, it can cleanse and rejuvenate your body at a cellular level.” { The Chalkboard }


HOW TO USE Chlorophyll

+ powder or capsule form, daily ( << this isn’t my preference though )

+ LIQUID form is my preference. You can easily throw chlorophyll DROPS in your morning smoothie or take it with other vitamins. I prefer to take mine in liquid form like an instant green juice! I drink it when I can in a water bottle with a bunch of ice & water. ( Val who works with The Skinny Confidential LOVES IT in her water too- she swears by it! ).

In true TSC spirit: to liven it up you can also add in a sprinkle ( or half the bottle in my case ) of cayenne pepper. Chlorophyll has a slightly minty taste that’s refreshing AND cooling. Kind of like spa water. If you want to go crazy add a few drop to TSC Pink Detox Drink…or your vodka soda?


+ 8 ounces warm water

+ 1 tsp liquid chlorophyll

+ lemon juice, to taste

+ dash of cayenne pepper

+ directions: mix all ingredients in glass. Drinky-drink.

Or be efficient like me & add a few drops to your daily water bottle. EASY.

Let’s showcase the WHY YOU NEED THIS BENEFITS. Ahem! Chlorophyll is an energy/immunity booster, hormonal balancer, & FABULOUS detoxifier. IT’S FILLED WITH vitamins, minerals, & essential fatty acids too. One of my favorite benefits? It promotes digestive health so if you have any gut issues- DRINK UP!

This is the one I like because it’s non-GMO & it has a little dropper. Plus, Sakara Life is giving you 20% off when you use the code SKINNY. Plus it fits in my makeup bag. I just always have to share my latest wellness finds with you. This one is a GOOD one because it’s not too expensive & something that lasts forever ( the bottle is a perfect size ). Also the benefits are just insane.


I am really into the show, Billions right now- thanks to you guys it’s time for me to get off & watch a new ep. Plus my mint tea is getting cold.

Happy Tuesday! x lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast episode !! We discuss the BTS of parenthood with Weslie & Brono of DoubleYouDot. Read about their experience- Weslie really breaks it down ; ).

++ { photos }


  1. I’ve been wondering about chlorophyll for a long time and was reading so many conflicting opinions on it online, so thank you for this recap – it really helped. One question…I’ve heard it turns your teeth green over time. What are your thoughts on that? That’s honestly my only concern haha

    1. I haven’t noticed any issues but just like coffee you can drink it through a straw to avoid that! xx

  2. I LOVE your side note of adding this to your vodka soda (or vodka waters with extra lemon in my case)! I’m 24 and frequently go out on the weekends, but still extremely value my health. What other tips do you have for going out, but maintaining your health and wellness? Other supplements like chlorophyll to add to your drinks? Or “healthy” cocktail recipes like kombucha and vodka? Vitamins you take before or after drinking? SHARE PLEASE!

  3. Lauryn have you listened to the lady gang podcast with kate Somerville?? She talks about this in it!

  4. Omg..ur the best. Ha..thanks for the shout out. I’m so glad ur obsessd like me. Everyday 4 o’clock slump, I use it for my pick me up. I love to add it in my peach pear lacroix w some frozen mango. Love ur recipe..keep it spicy!! Xo

  5. OMG YES! Been drinking chlorophyll water for years and finally got some of my friends on it too!! It’s also AMAZING for breakouts! I find if I drink it routinely, my skin is way more clear and even toned! It’s a miracle worker.

    1. I buy one from the health food store that is mint flavored and I drink it throughout the day, usually a tablespoon (or two if I feel like OD’ing :P) in a 32 oz tumblr of ice water. Or if I’m in a rush for the day I’ll blend it with ice and vanilla protein powder and have my own super random version of “shamrock shake” LOL. Seriously just obsessed with it. ALSO, very tasty to add a couple drops to a lemonade vodka cocktail – all about balance right? Xx

    1. Right!! LOL. I’m sure you can pick it up at health food store there : ) xx

  6. (Bonus: It is also THE BEST hangover cure if you drink right before bed after a night out!)

  7. Thanks for sharing info on all of the healthy benefits of chlorophyll! Check out Verday, our new line of deliciously refreshing 0 calorie chlorophyll waters (let us know if you want us to send samples!) Use the code GOGREEN for 15% off at

  8. Putting the chlorophyll drops in the same water as lemon juice causes the chlorophyll to sort of clump up and stick to the lemon particles! Definitely best to do them in separate bottles.

  9. THANK YOU for the kick ass recipe! I’d heard about the benefits of chlorophyll but tried a powdered form that tasted like I was drinking pond scum. I definitely think a liquid version in this drink will change the game for me.

    1. Same here Susan! I tried the powder at first too and was not a fan. Liquid worked MUCH better for me & is much more enjoyable. xx

  10. I ran out and bought this the same day you posted and I am so glad I did! I am an extremely low-energy person (like, I would sleep 22 hours a day if I didn’t have to function as a human) and ever since I have been adding this to my water a couple times per day I don’t even THINK about napping anymore. I have been looking for ways to increase my energy for years and I feel like this combined with a few other ride or dies (my Litebook, Magnesium at night, keeping active, eating healthy etc…) have made a major improvement. Kinda feeling like I have a new lease on life – thanks Lauryn! <3

    1. It’s crazy how it energizes you!! What is a litebook?! Sounds interesting! xx

    2. It’s LED Light Therapy that simulates the effects of sunlight (minus the uva/uvb that is!) As a Canadian and an office worker that’s relegated to a space with no windows, I need all the help I can get! Lol

  11. My go-to hangover drink is the TSC Hangover Elixir: Be sure to stick to fresh juices & herbs. Avoid sugary mixers. Kombucha is AWESOME! Also, my liquor of choice is blanco tequila. xx

  12. … or you can just eat lettuce for all that leafy green chlorophyll. Also not gonna be able breathe in extra oxygen from chlorophyll that requires sunlight to be activated that is also being broken down in your stomach by stomach acid…

  13. So… I’m in Utah & every day we are changing the altitude we are at. My body already has a hard time adjusting to travel & any change in my daily routine (high maintenance much). Therefore, going anywhere other than my house creates the “travel struggles”. I try to pack all things needed to make the vacation destination feel like home, but I always end up with issues. Anything from major bloat, to a serious lack of using the bathroom *which btw really sucks*. To skin breakouts from the change in climate etc. BUT…then we have to add on the joy of Altitude. I am aware that the increase in altitude from flying, and just being on a plane in general is what leads to all these other travel struggles, but adding this constant change in the Altitude when you reach your vacation destination is not something that you can escape from. It just adds on to this semi-long list of discomforts that I already am feeling. I try not to complain to my fiancé the entire time we are away because I have found that: A. It doesn’t help make the problem any better B. It doesn’t help make the issues go away C. Men really can’t stand when we complain without providing a solution. It makes them feel crazy, out of control and like they want to tell us to Shut the Fuck Up hahaha (which I admit does make it kinda of fun). AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT!? hahahah. Enter– my solution.. Chlorophyll. Thanks to Lauryn’s post above I actually had something to bring to the table that I knew would help with at least some of the problems I am facing. After one too many trips up and down the mountain here in Utah, with the Altitude really testing me I recalled the chlorophyll tip and felt so relieved and excited. Every time we begin up the mountain I start feeling so drowsy & yawn LIKE out of control *lack of oxygen much*. I have to say that from the minute I arrived here in Utah I have been on the hunt for the Liquid Chlorophyll. Oddly, I kept having challenges finding it. Of course when crisis is happening, who pops in your mind as your All Knowing??? LAUUURYYYNNNN!!!! Thank you for replying & directing me to Whole Foods. I found it right away, the exact one you have (which is very important to me) !! I purchased my giant Bottle of water also just like the one you have pictured here, and started filling my water up with those little green droplets of goodness. I think that it worked almost instantly. I can confidently say that as we normally descend down the mountain from a higher altitude I feel major pressure in my head, I feel so lethargic, I yawn like crazy, and I feel like my ears are going to explode. Last night I just chugged that green wonder liquid the whole way down and didn’t feel a thing. When we returned to our hotel last night I even felt energized enough to go for a semi late night stroll through the neighborhood we are staying in. I think this Chlorophyll (you need the Mint) is a MUST for everyone!!! Regardless of altitude or not! Just as something essential to add into your water on a daily basis. Why wouldn’t you want to drink something that is so easy to use, takes like zero effort to whip up, and has so many positive effects on the body? Get online ASAP and order this! You won’t be sorry.
    PS: For those of you that do travel often I literally wouldn’t leave home without this. Make sure its packed in your carry on and have it at the ready at all times so you can guzzle it on the plane & help your body acclimate to wherever it is that you may be traveling. Lauryn, what would we do without you?? THANKS for the TIP as per usual!! Your new name is going to be *Yoda Son*. hahaha

  14. Great Post! Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in plants and is considered to be the hemoglobin of plants. Therefore it is very essential for plant life. But it does not mean that it is not beneficial for human beings. In fact chlorophyll is as much important for humans as it is for plants. We can consume chlorophyll by way of green juices. Read more at Power Green Juices

  15. What is the difference between taking the liquid or taking it in capsule form? Is one better than the other?

  16. I wonder if it’ll help with my Celiacs.
    I have definitly seen a difference with adding Fiber. I can’t have the GG crackers yet. Do you know of any replacements for good fiber crackers or would you suggest Fiber Gummies?

  17. I have Celiacs Disease. I am definitely interested to see if it helps.
    Side note:
    Since GG crackers are not gluten free yet. Whats your thoughts on a replacement bc i use rice cakes interchangeably, Would you suggest adult fiber gummies?

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