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Why I Tell Myself that I’m Working Out Seven Days a Week

Lauryn Evarts is a fitness instructor from San Diego, California talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Because why wouldn’t I tell myself that? First of all, I typically end up working out five to six. BUT I shoot for seven.

Set ‘rest days’ don’t work for me. I hear people say this alllllll the time: “Sunday is my day to relax & rest.” I mean, it’s fine, if that works for you.

But it doesn’t for me.

Why, why, why? Things come up. Maybe your set ‘rest day’ is every Tuesday & you really have every intention of working out every single day other than Tuesday’s. But what happens when you “accidentally” sleep in? Or a friend/work/dog/cat needs you ASAP? Or maybe your BF [ who most likely does not know how to multi-task, because let’s face it: what man does…? ] needs help cooking dinner? Yahhh, plans change- life happens. And sometimes it ends up affecting your weekly fitness sch.

So my advice is this: intend to workout everyday. If you’re dead tired on Saturday, then skip it.

Pssshhhh, no bigs. You have four/five/six other days to make up for it.

So. There you have it.

If shit changes, I’m not hard on myself. And if I do sweat seven days, then ta-da, I’m a star.

Intend to sweat daily & bust ass seven days a week. It’s truly a win/win for your health, bod, & lifestyle.


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  1. I TOTALLY agree with you!! I am a mom to 4 boys, 6-16 years old and my time is very valuable. I’m constantly on the go so if I give myself a “rest day”….I never will know if an event may pop up on me on a different day. Love your blog btw!

  2. Thank you for your inspiration Lauyrn! I know you do a lot of pilates and pure barre and stuff but I was wondering you can recommend something to tone arms. I want toned arms forever, but I am going to be in a wedding next month and want to have arms people will envy! Hahaha…. Like that quote you posted “Stop admiring other people’s bodies and make other people admire yours.” I want people to have arm envy! <3

    1. Here is a post on arms:

      You inspired me to do arms today! XO.

    1. After every 30 minutes of homework, do 5 minutes of ab work. If you do four hours of homework 40 minutes of abs ; ). xoxo.

  3. Hey! Love your enthusiasm! I definately have to work out min 5 days a week with my super slow metabolism just to maintain…I need your advice on daily calorie intake. Due to the fact I have a sedentary job, my workouts have to be then it makes up for a.) a slow metablism, and b.) sitting at my desk all day….so when it comes to good, but kinda clueless on calories. Any advice on how calories should be my goal to lose weight (aprox 20 pounds)? Thanks!!

  4. Love this! I’m committing myself to hit the gym every other day (KB class twice a week and then treadmill with some arm, leg sets twice a week) and then I’ll walk Bo Bo on my days off the gym. That’s been working for me lately and it totally helps to just have my bag packed every night and in the car so it makes it harder to find a reason not to go! And, the more you go the more you WANT to go.

  5. I agree it’s like having extra padding in your bank account for that chance you might need it, or in this case having to miss a few days! Did that make baby sense, lol!?

  6. I LOVE reading your blog. Everytime I get on facebook and I see that you’ve posted I get so excited haha. This post is so inspiring. I have been making it a daily goal to get to the gym everyday and I see a total difference in my life! Thanks for the post and keep forever blogging!

  7. Thanks, I def needed to hear that – I feel the same about a ‘cheat meal’. Aim to eat healthy ALL the time. And if something comes up, friends invite you to dinner at a pizza place, shiz happens 🙂

  8. I try to do an hour of cardio every time I workout, is it good to aim to do this 7 days a week? I know it probably can’t hurt but what about fatigue? I give myself rest days but you are right, I tend to take 2 rest days instead and it is NOT what I truly want! I think this is a good way to plan for working out. If I aim for 7, I will probably get my wanted 5. 🙂

  9. My personal trainer (Whose great by the way) that I found at told me it would really be up to me. But I’ve seemed to train my brain and body to relax on Sundays already.

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