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Women Bashing Women Sucks

Something unsettling happened today & it’s bothering me.

Something that should NOT have happened…but unfortunately happens all the time.

It happens online, at college campuses, & behind closed doors.


Let me just say that at first I was going to shut my ( big ) mouth but after careful consideration I decided that this is actually the perfect platform to discuss the subject.

I’ll just go ahead & tell the story…you can be the judge.

So today I’m at the hair salon. I was there to get this natural treatment to share with you, TSC readers, for a blog post next week. The hair stylist, Ashley, could not have been sweeter. We were having a great time- she was telling me all about the product & what it does. As she was explaining the process, I was getting more & more excited to blog about it because you guys will LOVE.


Anyway, I like to get my hair done because I can work while they’re washing my hair- it’s really so efficient. Typically when I book a hair appointment, I schedule conference calls during the appointment. You know, just killing two birds with one stone here.

So I was really looking forward to my 1 pm call because it was with a HUGE, HUGE online destination for WOMEN.

The site’s motto is basically women empowering women to live their best life.



Exactly what I want to represent with The Skinny Confidential .

The call was extra exciting for me because we were going to brainstorm ways to collaborate.

I love collaborating in creative ways because that’s what this platform is about. Life isn’t a competition. Everyone can shine- like there’s room for everyone, you know? I mean we’re dealing with the Internet here, there’s about 7 billion of us.

So ya, I was very excited.

Anyway, on the call I spoke with two people who were in the content sharing division…and the energy was off. They came from a place of “you’re down here & we’re up here.”

Well, shit- not the way I operate ( kind of unbecoming no matter how big you are; staying grounded with gratitude is key ), but sometimes you have to put in the work to prove yourself. I’m fine with a challenge. And I was prepared to work hard to provide results.

But still it gave me that kind of gross feeling you get in your stomach when something makes you…uncomfortable.

I tried to turn the energy into a positive by assuring them that I would never want to commit to a partnership that wasn’t mutually beneficial. Along with that I was clear on the importance of a strategic link-up & stressed how I would never want to leave anyone feeling like they got a bad deal.


Let me just also say they’re one of the biggest women’s destinations on the web so it would be extremely important to me to make sure they were happy with the partnership.

Basically I wanted to share their content ( in a way that made sense to my audience ) & in turn they would share my content ( in a way that made sense to theirs ).


Towards the end of the conversation I let them know I would craft a simple proposal of the strategic content sharing partnership I envisioned & they could provide feedback.

The guy on the phone informed me if I didn’t hear back from them for a few weeks to not worry because they were going on vacation.

I told them to have a fabulous, relaxing vacation & I’d be in touch with a proposal early next week.

We hung up.

5 seconds later, I’m still getting my hair done- my phone rings.

It’s the women’s website, the 2 people who I just spoke with.

I pick up again.








All of the sudden I hear talking.

It’s between the people who just called me from the women’s website.

For the next couple minutes the guy & girl who work for the company proceeded to bash me & The Skinny Confidential in the most disgusting, malicious way.

I actually couldn’t even believe it.

While they were talking, I said about 7 times “INSERT THEIR NAMES HERE, I’m still on the phone…”

I guess their phone was on mute because they didn’t hear me.

So I sat there, while they went on & on…& on.



Here’s a little snippet for ya:

“EW, WE ARE NOT HAVING HER ON OUR PLATFORM. She is DISGUSTING. She is filled with Botox & plastic surgery. Who does she think she is? What an idiot.”

Then the women goes: “ya half way through the conversation I realized who we were talking to & wanted to hang up. She is so nasty. She is not coming on our platform.”

Then the guy, “hahaha, let her send over the proposal but that’s a hard NO. Like never happening. She’s such a fake bitch. So gross. Like our brand isn’t coming near her. Stupid bitch. Not for us. Did you see her Instagram? How fake. I feel like she’s dumb.”

( THERE WAS MUCH MORE TOO. It was about 5 minutes- I was in shock so it was hard to stomach a lot of it ).


Meanwhile it’s International Women’s Day & you are supposedly a platform that’s mission is to help women feel, see, & claim their power.

How on earth is that powerful?…Or constructive?

How can you work for a platform promoting women & then bash women? Not just bash…but tear one to SHREDS?

This is just not my style & I’m fucking sick of this happening in general.

In high schools, online bullying, in the corporate world, everywhere.

What about uplifting each other?

Recognizing that everyone is different & unique in their own way?

Understanding that there is power in uplifting other women?


To talk like this about a woman when you’re representing a women’s platform is counter productive.

I ended up sending an e-mail:

Hi _______ and ________,

I called back to let you guys know you forgot to hang up the phone when you were bad mouthing me for 5 minutes straight.

I won’t bother sending the proposal over since you both said how disgusting I am and that you would never associate your brand with The Skinny Confidential.

Hope you guys have a good vacation- 


empowering women | the skinny confidential

Immediately Michael responded to the thread with an e-mail too. In the e-mail he quoted their Instagram bio. An Instagram with a million followers & a bio that talks about women inspiring women. An Instagram feed full of quotes empowering women to be their best selves. To live life on their own terms. A feed that is completely opposite of the two employees’ behavior.

Perhaps Michael sent the bio as a reminder to those two employees. To remind them why they’re an advocate of the brand they’re representing…because the conversation between them was everything opposite of what the brand stands for.

Besides being mean is out.

An hour later I received two apologies.

One sent a half-ass apology

The other was more heart-felt.

Then I received an e-mail from a higher up employee who was so utterly embarrassed by their behavior she actually said she didn’t blame me if I never wanted to work with them again. She said she wouldn’t want to either.

For the record I recognize I am not for everyone.

Yes, I had a boob job. I’ve had Botox. And I talk about vaginas & lube & jaw surgery & death &…UM REAL LIFE. Shit that is happening that not a lot of people want to discuss. Really though, so many people are doing shit like this & not talking about it.

( The irony in the situation is that THIS SITE HAS TALKED ABOUT BOTOX/plastic surgery/nose jobs/boob jobs/etc. MULTIPLE TIMES…? ).

I talk freely. I don’t hide it. I’m candid & an open book. I’m sharing what I’ve done- never telling you what to do. Just sharing what’s worked & hasn’t worked for me. Like I always say: DO YOU.

AND sure, I’m an over-sharer. I’ve been an over-sharer since I was born. I’m loud. I can be obnoxious. Maybe too much.

But I’m comfortable with who I am.

empowering women | the skinny confidential

And today was a reminder…because instead of this experience making me NOT want to share,  it will be a constant reminder TO SHARE.

I’m not going to let people’s negative opinions stop me. In fact, I’ll let them fuel me.

I’m going to be myself & frankly if people don’t like it, it’s their issue. I am going to go ahead and practice the subtle art of not giving a fuck here.

After the incident today, I called a friend very upset. I was hurt. She told me take all my energy & write this post, to fuel my energy into writing. So that’s what I did: instead of crying- I wrote.

I wrote because we should support each other. Cut the bad mouthing, the backstabbing, petty bullshit. We’ve all done it- but how powerful is it to uplift people? Instead of bashing other women’s flaws, how about noticing their strengths? I just feel like bad mouthing/bullying people is a real waste of energy…Whether it’s behind someone’s back, via phone, or even on the other side of a computer screen. Thoughts here?

Regardless I hope this post will inspire you to NEVER STOP doing your thing because of someone else’s opinion. Keep doing what you’re doing even if people don’t like it. Don’t let ANYONE’S negativity dictate your life & journey.

Like my sister always says: WHAT YOU THINK OF ME IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

Need THAT specific reminder today.

PHEW! Feels good to get that out.

Ultimately I appreciate all of you & I will continue to provide a platform that promotes women being the best damn version of themselves…even when the doors are closed & the mic is off.

Love you guys, lauryn x

Outfit deets: red dress | sunglasses | choker | favorite bra chain | shoes ( << similar )

photos }

empowering women | the skinny confidential



  1. Nice post. You should have hung up after minute one though! One of my goals since I had a baby last year has been to really check myself with the judging other people (cause I want to raise a good kid, right?). It’s been pretty easy to stop myself when it come to like seeing an overweight person and making assumptions about their lifestyle, but my attitude toward women has shocked me! I think of myself as a total “woman power type person” but I’ve noticed (more often than I like), that when I see other women, who are prettier or hotter, or have better bodies and my mind immediately goes to “she’s probably stupid” or “what a bitch.” What the hell is that?! Anyway long story short, the hating is MY PROBLEM and I own it. People dissing you like that indicates they probably feel insecure about something themselves. But seriously, don’t exposure yourself to that toxic stuff. HANG UP.

    1. I noticed the same thing about myself and I was honestly heart broken. Whenever I would see a girl or woman who I thought was prettier than me or otherwise felt intimidated by, I would make judgements about them to myself, and even sometimes to my sister. It was honestly nasty and disgusting behavior. I didn’t realize that I was doing this until I rewatched a video I had recorded on my phone (but thankfully didn’t post anywhere.) I sounded so hateful and mean hearted and I’d like to think that’s not the type of person I am. I decided to change this by stopping myself from thinking the negative thought and finding something positive to think instead. Doing that made me realize just how much I made unnecessary judgements on other women, I was correcting myself several times a day. Now I’m to the point where I still get this feeling of alertness when I see another woman who is winning in some way, but I instantly start thinking positive things about her. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to spot another sister and just think “yes, we’re both winning today!”

  2. one of your best posts. thank you for being YOU. thank you for writing about real shit and staying authentic. it’s the only reason i keep coming back to your blog–there’s only so many times i can read about someone’s oh-so-cute off the shoulder top and see pictures of their mascara…. yours is the only blog i read religiously. you are authentic and when i read on this post what those people were saying i felt personally offended because you have worked so hard to create a brand and community that welcomes, inspires, and resonates with ALL of us–we are all “TSC.” i’m almost glad you overheard their words because you wouldn’t have wanted to associate with a site like that anyway!!

  3. Lauryn – I can and can’t believe you powered through and listened to what they had to say about you. That must have been so painful! I have been reading your blog and follow you on Snapchat and instagram and listen to your podcast for the last year and it pained me to hear those terrible and awful things they said about you! I love that you took the high road at the end of it reminding us all to always do the same. I love the REAL topics you post on here and know that everything I read on here has been well researched. Thank you for being real and open and honest with us because I love coming here to get awesome tips about the all of the voodoo topics most people hate to even bring up!! You are an awesome woman!


  4. I’ve been following your blog for YEARS as a silent reader, but after reading this post I just have to THANK YOU for sharing. This is so important, and all women (and men) should read it. XX

    1. Me too. Thank you for taking the ‘when they go low, we go high’ approach.

      I love your live and let live and be curious attitude. You have more authenticity than they could ever imagine, as sadly illustrated.

      Personally–I think someone should get written up for that or fired.
      Management sets and tolerates the tone. A written apology is ridiculous. It should have been a Mgmt phone call, and then a written apology and then a group phone call to apologize and discuss.

      May not be aligned with you our your brands integrity.

  5. Lauryn – I don’t always have time to read all your posts, not for lack of interest, but just busy trying be boss lady like yourself. ?? However, there was no putting this one down. I love your honest and straightforward style. I love how you took the time to e-mail them back and let them know they were being woman-bashing assholes. You keep doing you girl, fuck those strangers and their judgment. Your post on Botox was one of the I’ve ever read on the subject. Please keep empowering women to be themselves and use their voice! We are listening and we do respect you. ????✌??

  6. Lauryn I am so sorry that happened to you! So horrible. This post reminds me that there is a huge difference between being FAKE to someone, and respecting who they are/what they do and disagreeing and being CIVIL about it…not bad mouthing. I am loving the way that you (& Michael) handled this situation. I will always be a loyal reader of TSC! Keep doing YOU


  7. This made my day. You are an inspiration, and I am constantly appreciative of your honesty and openness, and am constantly telling people about the amazing blogger I religiously follow (if I have 30 seconds I always take time to watch you and Michael’s snapchats, haha). That sentence sounds super lame when I read it back, but basically thank you, and keep kicking ass. 🙂

  8. I’m actually baffled by this. What? You’re AMAZING! Literally the first thing I do every morning when I get to work is go to your blog and read your newest post to get momentum for my day. And Tuesdays are my favorite because I get to listen to your podcast which is always so inspiring and makes me want to get movingggg. So glad you aren’t letting these two get to you 🙂

  9. Lauryn you are such an amazing role model for all women. I’m proud I have you as a role model and the way you have handled yourself in this situation, elegantly and smart.

    Thanks for being the best!! XOXO

  10. Reading this post made me feel sick to my stomach…I can’t believe how nasty people can be. Thank you for sharing this horrible story – you experienced most peoples’ worst nightmare and yet were able to overcome it with class and without curling up into a ball in the corner (as would be my first instinct!). I think that this post will help a lot of people in knowing that even someone as awesome, kind, hilarious (I could go on!) as you have experiences with shitty people, and that ultimately that’s on them and not you.

  11. Great post TSC. We girls need to stick together. To many of us are victims of virtual (online, texting, emailing) bullying and its not okay. Thank you for posting this & hope you continue to post more like this to help others xo

  12. “What you think of me is none of my business” <—– LOVE THAT. We have all been bashed before and it is definitely how you choose to rise above it that defines you. Sorry this happened to you Lauryn. Love how you always keep it real!! I'm positive one day those women will look back and be humiliated by their actions.

  13. Thank you for this post. Unfortunately, I feel like all women have experienced something like this at some point (probably not to the same degree), and I love that you’re providing transparency into your own experience and how you have channeled it into something positive. We can all take a lesson from you.
    Keep it up.
    You are good. You are strong. You are kind.
    “Nevertheless, she persisted.”
    <3 Sara

  14. Holy shit I am so sorry that happened. What mean-spirited people!!! Know that you’ve created a wonderful, empowering TSC community and readers like me check your site and social media daily to discover new tricks to live better and feel better! Please keep doing you. We love it!

  15. This is disturbing and so upsetting to hear. You’re not trying to fit into any mold, but you are succeeding at creating your own mold, and that can be intimidating to those that simply “follow the leader”. I mean this in the most polite way possible when I say: fuck ’em. You’ve made it this far being true to yourself and everyone who knows you, knows that. We love you, we support you, and there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you!

  16. UGGGGGHH. Disgusting. I can’t even believe it, but at the same time I totally can because unfortunately it happens all the damn time. I’m so sorry that happened to you, but it’s so motivating and encouraging to read how you reacted. It’s so hard to cry for hours and feel so sorry for yourself after something like that happens. But you channeled all that horrible energy into an amazing post that is going to help so many women. I feel like that’s one of those situations where you can’t help but think “omg I’m all alone in this” but the great thing about having a community of women that DO bring each other up, is that you never have to go through anything alone! This post will help & encourage so many women that have been through shit like that to channel it into something positive, instead of letting it tear them so far down, I just know it.

    Thank you so much for being so open & REAL. I convinced my mom to get botox by reading her your posts and she finally pulled the trigger and she tells me everyday that her confidence is through the roof now! 🙂

    Love you!!!!!
    XO, Madison

  17. Wow! what utter a-holes! Can’t believe they would be like that. their loss! You are a constant inspiration to so many of us. For me you are total #goals please keep doing what you do! I see so much online especially twitter about bloggers slagging off other bloggers and it stops me from wanting to get ‘involved’ with anything you know… sad that people/companies are so negative and vile – I’m all about the positivity and cheering each other on!
    You look stunning in that dress btw!
    Heather xx

  18. Hi Lauryn,

    To be honest as a full-time blogger, I feel like I end up in women bashing women moments a lot. Nothing like your story, though, that is just so rude. However, I feel like this industry can sometimes beat you down instead of us lifting each other up. Once I made plans to meet with a blogger (who had a bigger following than me) for coffee and I was so excited. I just moved to a new town and I was excited to meet like-minded bloggers, however, on the day we were supposed to meet up, I never got a call back (we were still debating coffee shop locations)/never heard from her again. I literally felt like I was stood up on a date (stupid I know).

    This industry can be hard but reading your blog and preaching the message that everyone can be successful is literally what keeps me going sometimes. Thanks for sharing! xx Aubrey

  19. Your amazing. PERIOD. End of story! If you would like to send me their number so i can let them know that, i would be happy to do so. You push me to better in every way, you motivate me unlike any other. I love you and thank you for being you and just being awesome!!!!!

  20. OMG, Lauryn. I can’t even imagine how you must have felt in that situation. Just reading this, I had a pit in my stomach. I’m glad to hear that it’s just inspired you to keep doing you—-clearly that’s working because you’ve developed an incredible platform with The Skinny Confidential.


  21. this is seriously so important rn. sending this post to so many girls as a must read for today. i’m a reader because you are always doing you no matter what. thank you for being brave enough to post this and always staying consistently true to yourself!

  22. Lauryn, I love you! Thank you so much for posting honest, real topics like this and the other ones you have posted. I am so sorry you had to put up with that. I recently went through something similar, but it hurt a lot because it was someone who I thought was my friend. Just gotta keep doing my thing.

  23. Way to slay with positive energy on International Women’s Day. Get fighting the good fight for an authentic blog that readers want to support!

  24. Lauryn,
    Thank you thank you for this post! Not that you need reassurance at all,but please know that this blog and all the other platforms you use have been such an inspiration to young women. I can’t even describe the empowerment that I feel every time I listen to a podcast or read a blog post; not even just empowerment in the sense of being a girl boss but in being my true self and letting that shine each an everyday. Thank you for the reminder to be constantly humble, kin,d and grateful to others in this world.They missed out BIG TIME. Lots of love & hugs your way! :).

  25. OMG I can’t believe how unprofessional that is. To be honest, that kind of convo just sounds like it is dripping with jealousy. If they hated you so much, why did they reach out for a collab? Ugh. Anyways, thank you for sharing – this kind of icky-ness is everywhere and only is stopped when someone has the balls to step up and speak out.

    I work for a female CEO whose number one rule for the office is no talking shit about someone behind their back. I love this policy, and it keeps our culture very welcoming and kind. I wish more people would adopt this kind of mentality and stop with their jealous/insecure nonsense.

  26. I am SO sorry that those girls made you feel awful. I think you’re incredibly inspiring and uplifting. I love checking your blog every day and learning something new about everything that you cover. You being an open book has inspired other women (and men I’m sure!) to do the same. They should be looking up to you for being so open and honest and being brave enough to share everything you’ve been through. I’m thrilled to hear you won’t let them bring you down. I am so excited to see what else you and The Skinny Confidential will bring us. Never stop being you! You completely rock xoxoxoxo

  27. As a few others have stated, I’m a silent reader that has been thoroughly enjoying your blog posts…they’re refreshingly honest and reflect what most of us are thinking but don’t have the balls to say. I can’t believe you had to hear that, I don’t know if I could have listened the whole time. Brutal. They’re the “fakes”, being nice to your face and then bad mouthing you…gross. Probably just uber jealous. Whatevs! Keep on being you! :))

  28. Lauryn,

    I am so sorry that happened to you. I love that you are so raw and real and never quit doing you girl. By the way… you are rocking that dress! SO HOTT!


  29. Wow, I honestly could not believe what I was reading. It always baffles me that not just as women, but as HUMAN BEINGS, we cannot allow people to just live their lives. Why set out the time and energy to be so negative towards someone else when that’s clearly not what you would want for yourself.

    I’m not usually one to comment on anything, but this one really struck a nerve. Thank you for sharing!

  30. Lauryn, that is so awful what happened to you. It sucks that you had to go through that, but it’s actually quite awesome that you are able to share the experience here AND were able to let those two know that you HEARD what they said. Keep doing you! People can take it or leave it!

  31. Hi Lauryn,

    I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Some people are so nasty,you would think that shit leaves when you are done with middle school, but some people never grow up and will always be nasty. Good for you for rising above and putting it into writing. You are so strong to do that. I just want to say that your realness is the reason I come to your blog and check your snaps every single day. You talk about stuff that I would never have thought to learn about and so many of the things you suggest are things I do every single day and I know it has made my life better. Your blog is so different than others, which is why you are so successful. I feel like I know you because you are so real and so honest. Thanks for being you and never ever stop!

    Much love!

  32. girl. know that I’m thinking about you. even though you’re clearly a bad bitch for a) maintaining your integrity, b) using this experience to fuel yourself and c) inspire others, I know that you’re going to think about the things those rude as fuck people said over and over. and probably question yourself over and over. (and then luckily you will still stay true to YOUR course but the doubt will likely creep up every now and then)

    the negative feedback always impacts us more than the good, no matter how hard we try – and I know you receive SUCH a positive response from so many readers.

    anytime it creeps in, read this post again yourself. and the comments. thank you for sharing this! <3

  33. Long time reader and first time commenter (apologies for being a lurker)! But wanted to say that the honesty of your voice, brand and writing is what keeps me coming back. I’m delighted to read that the rudeness of others isn’t going to dissuade you from losing it!

  34. Wow. I came over after seeing this post shared in a FB blogging group I am a part of and holy motha–I cannot believe that. I will never understand how downright MEAN and RUDE people can be, especially when they think no one is listening. Kudos to you. Thank you for sharing this. We need more women like you in the world <3

  35. This was so inspiring, Lauryn. Thank you for sharing the story with me and with all of your followers. It really rings true to the society we live in today. In a day and age when the president of our country doesn’t even support women, we need to be each others supporters. F that company (who shall not be named).

    1. Sorry MG, I disagree. The President and his daughter Ivanka are doing things for women that haven’t been done in previous administrations. Like: more rights for working women! Insulting and name calling without facts is not the answer either. Sweeping generalizations are dangerous and mean-spirited. Locker room talk made public was unfair. Barack has probably said similar things but just not caught. If a guy talks about porn is he a woman hater? I don’t think so. But he doesn’t fit your mold so you bash. That’s what happened to Lauryn… Donald Trump is actually doing things and not talking about doing things that are good for this country like keeping it safe. Bashing our President- Hmm. You could easily see how he hired a woman to run his campaign. Never before has that been done and trusted. But Trump respected and put his political career in a woman’s hands. His children and daughters respect and love him. He gives them jobs.

  36. Lauryn,
    Wow. I’m speechless. Everything these people publicly claim to be and stand for is just a disguise. Good people can have bad moments but this isn’t a bad moment- it is their character. The way they behaved and the things they said have nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Don’t let it upset you- you are so honest with your readers/listeners and you come off as such a real girl who truly wants to help and inspire and truly connect. The veil will be lifted and their true colors/intentions will show eventually. Just keep being YOU

  37. This is exactly why I have been a faithful reader for the past five years…you are apologetically you! Your honesty is always so refreshing. I’m sorry that this happened to you but you are making the best of a shitty situation. What else can you do. XO

  38. One of your best posts yet. It is a shame that you had to endure such negative comments and energy but your decision to share how you handled the situation and are letting it push you forward is a great lesson for all women. Keep doing you!

  39. This is so crazy to me, that someone would turn up their nose at the opportunity to work with you. I’ve been reading your blog and following along on Snapchat forever, and I’ve learned so many valuable lessons from you and Michael – everything from skincare and health tips to recognizing my self-worth in relationships and business. Truly, you are an inspiration <3

  40. WOW. Sitting here in complete shock. But i feel like this was such a necessary post! So many people deal with bashing and hate but don’t talk about it.

  41. Ugh, how awful!! I’m glad you spoke up here and to them. As women we often choose to be silent, to stay small (because for centuries a dominant male society told us we had to!) but its solo important that we use our voices. So thank you! Awfully sorry that happened to you though!

  42. THIS. POST. IS. EVERYTHING. You are such an inspiration for knowing how to handle the situation and do it with class. That’s what sets you apart. Im so proud to be one of your readers and constantly learn from you, and honestly its their loss. You’re a badass woman! xo


  43. Lauryn- I am so sorry to hear that happened to you! I have followed your blog for years (one of very few that I always read) and I have the utmost respect for you. I appreciate how open and honest you are! It truly speaks to your amazing character and is one of the very reasons I’ve remained such a loyal reader/podcast listener 🙂 I commend you for writing this post and keeping your head high! Some people unfortunately put others down because of their own insecurities. Reality is you’ve built an amazing brand and have a huge support system! Keep up the great work! I always look forward to reading!

  44. I am a silent reader and I know that your blog doesn’t always speak to me, but that is the beauty of the internet. You pick what you like and appreciate them for it. I love how you hustle and work so hard for everything. I love your honest posts on surgery, death, loss of loved ones and your lovely fur babies. You are doing a great job. That being said, even if they felt that your aesthetics and ideas didn’t match, they could have handled it in a much more professional manner. This just screams poor PR and management skills.

  45. Thank you for this Lauryn. I may not be able to share the concepts on everything you suggest and blog about, (mostly because of our age gap) but this is something I’ve experienced and without any hesitation I never let it tare me done or stop me on my journey. Always let the universe take the wheel on those kind of people and kept my values in check. ??

  46. Wow. All I can say is too bad for THEM! I’ve never purchased more items featured from a blogger. Ever. Your nutrition blogging products, cosmetic product recommendations, fashion, exercise gear, right down to organizing tips and products for the pantry. I bet there are a lot of people like me on THEIR “empowering platform” that would connect to your style and good sense the way I have. Again, their loss! I applaud your courageousness and realness. Yes, it’s a business and you have great taste.

  47. I follow you on Snapchat, read your blog, listen to your Podcast and even though I don’t know you personally I think you are one strong, bad ass woman. You are an open book and that is why I keep coming back. There’s no bullshit with you. When I was reading this post I literally gasped out loud – it was painful to read so I can only imagine how painful it was to hear. I have a friend who always says “haters are your motivators” and I couldn’t agree more. I’m glad you stood up for yourself, and did it in a classy way. Keep doing you girl! xo

  48. Hi love, I’ve been a massive fan of your blog for about 2 years but have never commented on a post. However I want to show my support; I feel like our lives are so different and yet you manage to relate to and inspire me with your content. Your blog is exciting and fun and is all about empowering women!! (which this company would know if they had researched your brand!) Sending positive vibes from London X

  49. Wow. Lauryn this is an amazing post.. I’m sorry for the unfortunate scenario but it’s their loss… you don’t need them anyway. I’m always afraid to share & this was the confidence boost I needed to continue to build my platform with the art of not giving a fuck. Thanks for being an awesome & powerful babe all around .

  50. So so so so relevant… I always have struggled with worrying about what people think of me and standing up for myself in the heat of the moment and have been making huge efforts to get better at these things. Just yesterday I was talking a friends man acquaintance(aka fuck buddy) and he was jokingly making fun of me about a topic that hit a little too close to home. Instead of laughing it off and feeling bad later like usual I told him off, told him how condescending he was being, and that he didn’t know shit about me lol. It felt good. Im so glad that you are out here standing up for your self and staying in your own lane, you are a huge inspiration to women everywhere!! WE LOVE YOU LAURYN!! DONT EVER STOP DOING YOU!!!

  51. Thank you so much for choosing to share this experience with your blog followers. I had a similar (albeit not quite as dramatic) situation recently. I essentially heard people I thought were friendly acquaintances saying I was “too high strung, too opinionated and too much of an activist”. At first I was really hurt because these were people I’d always been kind and polite too, even when sharing my opinions but eventually I was no longer sad I was just mad. The thing is you won’t be everybody’s thing, I’m certainly not everybody’s thing…there isn’t anything wrong with that. Gosh I like you and there are things I would do differently similarly I’m sure you (or anyone else) would look at my life and do things differently. We’re human and we’re guaranteed to have differences. That being said, what’s with the hatred?! So you chose to have a boob job? Who cares! So someone else chose not to? Who cares! We can all make the life choices that we decide our best for our lives and it doesn’t have to be a judgemental thing. Keep doing you even when not everyone likes it, keep your voice, keep your authenticity! Thanks for sharing and I hope my long rant made some sense. xxoo!

  52. I’m pretty sure I know what site you’re talking about and it breaks my heart that they would talk to you that way. Or that anyone would. That’s just so incredibly unprofessional and rude. I don’t know how you didn’t sob in that hairdresser – I would have. But thank you for being strong and sharing this post. I love your candor and honesty and bravery in all that you share with all of your posts. You’re amazing.

  53. YUCK! My stomach hurt for you while reading this. I work at a middle school and constantly hear about girls bullying each other and it really impacts their self esteem. It saddens me that many grown women aren’t leading a good example for younger generations. We need more people like you in social media speaking out against girl on girl hate. Thanks for leading a good example by being so real and addressing topics most people are scared of.

  54. hey girl hey.
    I’ve been reading your blog for years, and don’t believe I’ve ever commented – even though I’m constantly referring to you and your posts to my friends on a first name basis. I just have to say THANK YOU for posting this, and staying positive in an otherwise very negative sitch. keep doing what you’re doing. you have an AMAZING brand (ad agency girl, here), and literally every single one of your readers appreciates your no bullshit, real life posts.


  55. Lauryn, you always uplift other women and your long-time readers know that. I appreciate who you are and for speaking up to people who needed to hear it. Keep being you because that’s what we love you for!

  56. I wondered what you were referring to when you mentioned an “interesting day” on yr snap yesterday. Lauryn you are a true class act and a daily inspiration. It’s obvious how much you inspire and motivate your readers and we love you for it. Thank you for sharing this and reminding us all how important it is to build each other up rather than tear each other down.

  57. I’ve been following you for years now, and up until today, I have never been able to find a blog as honest and true as yours.
    I read your blog like my personal daily newspaper and I love everything that you represent.
    Thank you for sharing this. You continue to inspire!! xoxo

  58. You’re seriously the best! I cannot believe this happened to you of all people. I’d assume that most people wish they could be as bold and authentic as you are. I agree that bashing other women needs to end.

  59. You are a badass and mean people suck. Keep doing you. I LOVE your blog, snapchats, Instagram posts. All of it. They actually did you a favor. Cream always rises! Keep your head up. And (as my fave person in the world, my grandma Tootsie, would say)make it a good day! Love from Connecticut. Xo

  60. I love that you shared this. You are such an inspiration and are amazing at what you do! Their loss they won’t get to work with you. Keep doing you ❤

  61. Damn. My blood was boiling for you reading this! Thank you for always opening up and discussing the weird, uncomfortable shit I need to know like how to shave your vagina the right way. That is why I love your blog! Side note: who doesn’t get fucking Botox these days?! Love ya, Lauryn!

  62. Thank you for never shrinking and never shying away from whats real. You’re so deeply grounded and so thoroughly authentic, and by being that way, you inspire others to do the same. I teach yoga part-time; Beyond teaching alignment+form, I teach students how to meet themselves with more compassion and kindness, and with less judgement and expectation. Because it starts with how we treat ourselves right? Its hard to be good to others when we’re not being so good to ourselves. The judging, the bullying, the bad-mouthing…its toxic and heavy and I hope you won’t carry any of it with you.. Stay in the positive like you always say. Lastly, there’s a poem by Marrianne Williamson called ‘My Deepest Fear’ and I think you’ll like it. Sorry for rambling, but your post really touched me. Thank you again Lauryn. xx

  63. Ugh. That’s so disappointing and I’m sorry that this happened to you. As corny as it sounds everything happens for a reason, next week you’ll be on to the next amazing opportunity instead of wondering why you haven’t heard back from them. Sending you virtual hugs!

  64. Wow seriously I got so upset just reading this! PS – I always stay on the phone as long as possible when I get a butt dial too lol .. but I’m happy you heard what they said instead of wasting your time and energy on fuked up people. We love you for being YOU – REAL AF! I know you wouldn’t put them out there and bash them, but can’t lie and say I’m not completely dying to know who they were! lol

  65. I have never commented before but WOW. I think the best way to lift other women up is to allow them to make decisions that you wouldn’t necessarily make yourself, full stop. These two people do not get that in the slightest, and how ironic that they work at *** and are making money off of a message of acceptance, which is clearlyyy inauthentic on their parts. They def lost a reader in me! You are so open with your readers and it is such a breath of fresh air from 1) other bloggers and 2) BS like this. Don’t spend another second thinking about this. Instead go micromanage the nearest bartender!! ; ) Their loss!

  66. Lauryn- what an authentic, vulnerable and inspiring post. THIS is why I truly think you’re one of the best bloggers out there and why your brand is so powerful and destined for great things. The stomach-on-the-floor, air-sucked-out-of-you feeling is the absolute worst, especially when it happens to you from people/brands you previously respected.

    Thank you for the reminder to stay authentically you and to focus on good energy.

    When one door closes, another door opens.


  67. Yessssssss. Been feeling this way today. I have a hard time making friends with women, and I don’t understand why. I could seriously be friends with anyone. I’m happy to let everyone be themselves. You do you, I’ll do me.

  68. YOU are a positive force in social media and in general, Lauryn. I’m devastated that you had to endure this, but obviously you came out on top and these low-life idiots showed their true colors. Disgusting. Keep doing what you do, which is being genuine and inspirational. I hope those people get fired, seriously. I don’t want to wish ill or be negative, but that’s beyond inappropriate and unprofessional what they did.

  69. WOW. What an awful experience you had to go through. I am so sorry to hear this… Thank you for sharing, thank you for always being real, and thank you for YOU. You are so respected and appreciated for this realness by so many. You have built a huge community of people who love what you do and how you do it. It’s shitty that you went through that, but it’s great that you are fired up to continue to DO YOU.

    As always, you’re an inspiration.


  70. You are such an incredible and strong woman Lauryn! This post was much needed and such a great reminder to everyone out there. Keep doing you!

    xo, Skylar

  71. I read your blog because it’s different than the generic bloggers. Stay true. Stay Real. Stay unabashedly you. It’s noticed and appreciated as refreshing among the saturated blogger market.

  72. Lauryn,
    I’ve been following your blog for a long time, and honestly it’s the only blog I’ve found that I can connect with. Reading your posts makes me look at my flaws differently (like when you talk about how you’re glad you blacked out and went bridezilla the night before your wedding, I fucking love that!). Those people are petty and mean and they don’t deserve to be a part of the awesome and empowering community you’ve built.

  73. Wow. I’m so sorry this happened to you but good for you for standing up for yourself and your brand. Long time reader, first time commenter. So glad you have always stayed authentic. (And THANK YOU for discussing the things no one else will!) Some big companies may say they are for women but many don’t live it. You live it – from always encouraging women to share their tips to being real about life and the nitty gritty that comes with it. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!

  74. Gross… People are serious monsters. I felt sick to my stomach reading this, I could imagine how that felt on the other line.

    Let the garbage bags weed themselves out, they will go after each other in the end, and hopefully there will be nothing left but us good souls.

  75. Omg. I LOVE this!! You are so extremely brave and a true inspiration and leader to the community of woman. Thank you for sharing this. As you know, this will only allow you to grow and encourage others to do so as well.

  76. Amazing and strong of you to take the high road after such a nasty experience. Good will come to you for his lovely lady <3

  77. We’re so sorry you had to experience that. And thank you for sharing your story, especially in light of this week’s events. We LOVED working with you and had the best time!

    Love, Lauren & the Career Contessa team

  78. Lauryn, you should really consider sharing who this company is. I definitely want to make sure I am not supporting them whatsoever.

  79. Ugh that is SO NASTY! Wish you could share who this company was so we can all UNFOLLOW! And on the bright side, at least you didn’t waste any more energy writing a proposal for them! Love your blog girl !!

  80. Bullet dodged! While I know it made you sick to listen to their convo, it was a truly a blessing in disguise. You got that call at the right moment because they did not match your vibe!!! People love your blog because you do talk about real stuff, and you will continue to grow your following just because of your positive energy.

  81. Wow I’m literally shocked by this Lauryn, I can’t believe this but unfortunately you hear it so much. You’re honestly one of the sweetest most genuine bloggers out there and I love the fact that your honest, open, and hard working, that’s what makes you totally relatable. I No one can ever make you feel inferior without your permission. Keep doing what you’re doing. Xx

  82. Wow I am shocked by this Lauryn, I cannot believe it, but unfortunately you hear it so much these days. You truly are one of the most nicest, genuine and hard working bloggers out there and I love the fact that you’re you, honest open and wise and that’s what makes you relatable. Thank you for sharing this, I totally agree we should empower and encourage as women and not put each other down. Lastly no one can ever make you feel inferior without your permission. You do you girl! Xx

  83. Lauryn- This must have been so hurtful to experience. I would just like to say that I have read every one of your blog posts for the past 5 years. You inspired me to start a blog of my own (coming soon!) and I look up to you even though we’ve never met! You’re the big sister I never had! I hate that this happened to you but knowing it could happen to such a badass business woman like you definitely makes me feel like it happens to everyone. Thanks for, once again, putting yourself out there! And now….. TELL US WHO IT IS! We all need to unfollow them… hehe. xx Antigone

  84. Amazing! If they decided not to work with you, fine. There is a difference between deciding to go another way and being malicious. Good for you, straight to the source and nipping it in the bud. I’ve recently become very focused on coming from a place of positivity, but reminding myself that doesn’t mean I will take crap from anyone. It sounds like that is exactly what you did here. This post is empowering.

  85. I appreciate you sharing a post like this. It is not easy and I know for such an emotional subject it is hard to share with others. But this is a very important reminder to all women and just everyone in general. I needed this reminder myself and I am thankful that there are people like you who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable to show the rest of the world how they should act. Thank you.

  86. Thank you for being honest and I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing. We need to do better as women!

  87. First off, you are one bad bitch! Everyone loves you because you’re exactly who you are. You speak your mind, you speak the truth. In this industry you are a freaking breath of fresh air. The fact that a company would ever do this is actually disturbing. And like you said this happens everyday everywhere but it has to stop somewhere. You are an influence and an idol to many and I admire you for everything you are and stand for. Keep being you and doing you because that’s you, and we love that.

    I know you don’t want to go bashing someone but personally I’d like to know who this was so I can steer clear of them. This is not ok.

    Love you lauryn! You’re incredible.

  88. WOW. I’m absolutely shook by what i just read, damn people can be terrible. you are amazing lauryn never forget that!! the skinny confidential girls will always have your back.

    much love x

  89. Oh Lauryn, I literally read this in shock. First, I appreciate your transparency, but second? I am so beyond sorry you had to deal with this from another brand, let alone one that you were excited for the possibility. I could not imagine hearing all of those things first hand. You have been one of my favourite bloggers ever since day one (you know this!!) & you have been so KIND (seriously you respond to every single e-mail and have given me alone such great advice… in fact, I owe you an e-mail). I love that you harnessed the energy in this post vs feeling negative. Though it wasn’t a match for the brand, you have inspired so many people, & we ALL appreciate your honesty on topics that others don’t touch. You have created a community here of so many readers that love the hell out of you. Thinking of you & keep being so fiercely YOU. xx Shannon

    PS – you may love this interview with Kendall Jenner. One thing that stuck with me in a major way was this Q&A in particular: “Any inspirational quotes that get you through the month?” Prove them wrong. {<<< I really loved that}. Full article here :: xx

  90. I read your blog every morning when I get into work as I love everything you stand for and represent but have never left a comment until now. You truly are an inspiration to women everywhere. After moving to Australia from Scotland in 2012 with nothing but a back pack, your blog has inspired me over the last 5 years to be more of an independent, strong woman. TSC was always a place to turn to when life got hard, going through countless visa applications, missing family, friends and the support network I had back home, moving around and living out of a back pack and having to make new friends but your no nonsense advice encouraged me to kick some serious *ss and now I have built a house, changed career (and love it), about to become an Aussie citizen and planning a wedding for July of this year. I recommend your blog to everyone! Keep being the inspiration and shining star that you are! xx

  91. Love the vulnerability Lauryn! You’re one of the few bloggers I follow religiously because you’re an authentic, real woman chasing her dreams and inspiring others to follow theirs. It’s admirable what you do… Fuck those mean girls and their judgey remarks. I dig the shit out of you, Michael, and your brand. I’m sure there’s a multitude of people who feel the same way I do so keep on keeping on! You two rock!

  92. This was clearly REFINTERY 29 !!!!!! Will never look at that brand the same way, EVER again. I apprecitate you being YOU.

  93. Wow. How disgusting that you had to experience that, Lauryn. I just have to say that you are one of the few bloggers I still follow because of how authentic you are. What you see is what you get, and also think you are a very smart businesswoman. I remember when we spoke 6 years ago and you had a set vision for your blog, I just KNEW that you were going places, and here you are! I am sure that it felt good to vent about that experience. How sad for them … keep doing you! XO

  94. What a great post! I am sorry you had to hear all that horrible stuff, but I am glad you are strong enough to come out with this and continue to be yourself and be positive!

  95. I’m SO sorry you had that experience 🙁 what a shitty company!!!! Your post made me tear up a little, i hate that for you but I LOVE your sharing and how open you are!! Keep it up Lauryn- your readers LOVE YOU 🙂

  96. what a great therapy – to channel your hurt and anger into an honest post that will help to inspire and encourage others, especially women. I love it. and thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us. this is real life and we, women, shouldn’t be ashamed to be ourselves or fearful to speak up! you go girl.
    honestly, I think you should share the name of this website so we can boycott them! but perhaps, it’s being the bigger person by keeping that confidential. either way, thanks for being an over-sharer!
    it’s great to see a real empowered woman, empowering other women.
    love ya.

  97. Thank you for being real with all of us. Like you said, this kind of thing happens way too often. You handled the situation with class while still standing up For yourself. Xx

  98. Thank you for sharing.That is a pretty awful thing that you had to hear, I would have listened too even though it hurt. How fake of THEM to think they are better than anyone else. I wish I knew what this platform was as to not trust anything they say. Sounds like they just want a certain image and not real life…people are sick of overly curated BS. That’s awesome you called them out on it! I had my boobs lifted after baby and have been getting botox since my early 30’s. F them.

  99. LAURYN. The realness is raw and rare – something we never fucking see. Rawness is so underappreciated – keep showing it, always.

  100. You keep doing you. You inspire every day! Taking such a negative experience and turning it into the drive to defend yourself in a classy, sophisticated and intelligent way.
    The coyotes howl, but the caravan keeps moving ??

  101. Women like that give other women a bad name! It truly makes me sad. Because of you, I am healthier, have less pain and have more confidence. You are doing great things all while being honest and showing such grace! You talk about all the things we all think and provide such great information. Thank you for sharing and being you!

  102. This sounds like a certain website with a number in their name. Having worked with them in my own job, I can attest to how difficult they are to work with, and I feel so sorry that you had to experience this first-hand. You are much better than them for being TRUE TO YOURSELF! That is the reason I follow you and your blog – because you do you, and you don’t let others dictate what or how you should be living life. Keeping being you.

  103. Oh dear. I read your post. It made me sick. It also reminds me of two things. 99% of people’s actions have nothing to do with you, it’s about them. Also the Mark Twain “anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than that on which it’s poured”. In this case use hate for anger. They seem pretty hateful. In any event “living well is the best revenge”. You keep on doing all that you do. You and Michael are amazing and so proud of you both for calling them on their nonsense. Xoxox.

  104. It’s so unfortunate that you had to experience this. One of the reasons I love you and your blog is because you are so honest—you’re never afraid to speak about topics that may be taboo, and always stay true to yourself no matter the subject. You are real and genuine, and it really shows. While I’m sorry this happened to you, I’m so glad you shared your story. It’s a reminder that people can be shitty, but that it’s always better to take the high road. And, it’s best to build each other up. We need more of that mentality. Again, thank you, and keep doing you!! xo

  105. PREACH. Unfortunately this happens all the time. Women undermining each other is the worst thing we can do. Thank you for the reminder that we could be doing a lot better. XOXO

  106. This makes me so sad. Your blog is amazing and of the very few that stays interesting and keeps my attention because you actually talk about REAL life shit. Your honesty is what makes you so relatable and keeps me coming back every time. You handled this so classy and I’m so glad that you shared this experience and took the high road. Keep being you! Xoxo

  107. Lauryn, first off…never change. Your honest and sass is what makes you amazing. People knock others down because they are uncomfortable with themselves. You’ve made me laugh (alot), cry, and all the other emotion. It has been an honor to share in your experiences. Keep being you. Your honesty is always going to make some uncomfortable…but screw em’. You rock and you’re so much fun. Thank you for being you and letting us know that everyone has these types of experiences in their life…even girls who seem to have their shit so together. Kudos for throwing yourself into writing and not ruing your make-up over people full of such venom. Let your soul shine because it’s fabulous.


  108. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being candid & real, for being comfortable talking about the uncomfortable. So many of us love & admire you for that. In a platform lacking in powerful, confident women who are willing to discuss taboo topics, you are a rare gem & an inspiration. Thank you for being positive & loving & for promoting acceptance & realness. Love you Lauryn!

  109. Whoah. That sucks. I am so sorry that happened to you. I have never commented on here before, but I have to say, I love your blog and snapchats! 🙂 I value your opinions and advice… and really, I just love that you are a genuine person… I am the same. Like others have noted, I think people who tear others down like that are insecure in themselves… although, that is not a valid excuse. I will say that I love to prove people wrong if and when they are negative when it relates to me or those I care about, and I am positive this will only make you stronger. Stay strong and thanks for being real. If anything, I would rather someone be rude to my face than behind my back… not that I care for that, but I am sure you know what I mean. You did the right thing in reacting in the way that you did.

  110. You’re absolutely awesome! ? I got only love for raw, genuine people. We don’t all have to live the same lives or agree with all of our decisions to be kind and support one another and just to be a good person. Happiness and life and style of living is unique to each individual, and I don’t see anything wrong with sharing your perspective. I’m glad you can be honest with us! It reminds us the sometimes bitter taste of reality and inspire strength in continuing to be yourself no matter what shade is thrown your way. Thanks for being you chica. Xo

  111. Oh my GOD Lauryn! I am SO sorry that you went through that… some people are so mean and UGLY inside! You are truly authentic and awesome… you keep living your life out loud and inspiring others… not everyone gets you or anyone for that matter, and people who come from a place of meanness and ugliness don’t deserve the wonderful energy you bring to the table. I cried for you reading that post… we have all felt moments of humiliation personally and professionally, and how we move on and move forward makes us who we are. I haven’t known you that long but you have a beautiful soul and a strength in you that inspires others to live their best life… and FUCK whomever said that they don’t want to collaborate with you or need you… you are an awesome girl with a raw open style who doesn’t mince words… and because you share you… all of you… the pretty… and the face shaving Botox boob job vagina shit that we all deal with… the perfectly imperfect… of you and all women… that stuff we all deal with… that they clearly can’t handle… YOU DON’T NEED THEM!! Like I told you, I’ve never followed a blog before ever… and you are just fucking AWESOME, and I love reading all of your stuff and advice… you really do ROCK and don’t let ANYONE tell you that you don’t!!! XO- Heather?

  112. Lauryn,
    I’m truly sorry that you had to experience such low functioning behavior like that. I been following you for a few years now and I appreciate your honesty and openness. You keep it real which makes it easy for your readers to relate to you. I look forward to your podcasts every week and they inspire me to be a better person and up level my life. You and Michael’s snap snapchats make me laugh every day.
    Keep being your fabulous self! Botox and all 😉
    Love a fellow botox botoxer

  113. I can’t stand the bashing!! It’s hard enough for women with the age of social media…We need to build each other up, not tear each other down ? I’m especially upset with the hypocracy here. Sounds like it may be refinery 29? I’d love to know so I can’t promptly unfollow.

  114. Lauryn, you are an incredible woman. I can’t explain how much your blog means to me, those people are clearly jealous. Sorry you had to go through this.

    Keep doing you… xo!

  115. This post couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. Just yesterday i was told at Barnes and noble by a woman checking me out that no one will want to read my blog I’m launching and all the books I’m buying for research are a waste of time.

    Keep doing you & check out my blog launching April 1 The Twinkle Tribe

  116. I wish you would consider sharing this publication. I’d like to not support/follow/purchase from them. I don’t read your blog, so I don’t know who you are as a person, but I don’t care, either. If they are talking about women/creatives/bloggers/people just like me, I want to show my solidarity.

    Please consider sharing who this was. they weren’t just talking about you, they were talking about all of us. It’s personal now.

    1. Refinery29. Check their instagram bio. Funny enough, I stopped being a reader of them months ago. Their corporate. Lauryn’s post just sealed their fate in my mind.

  117. Girl. You fucking go girl! Also, mad props to Michael for keeping his cool and responding like a boos. You’re both amazing, keep doing what you’re doing and serving up the honest REAL SHIT!

  118. Do not let this negativity from these horrible people stop you. You have so many amazing people following you, because you tell it like it is, and get to the real rawness of life situations. This is why myself, and everyone else are so drawn to your blog. NO BULLSHIT AND REAL LIFE STUFF. Keep doing you. We love you ?❤????

  119. Bravo on staying true to yourself and keeping poise through this awful ordeal! There is no excuse for anyone to say those kind of things to any person ever. You’ve built an incredible brand by being true to yourself and that’s why you’re successful. I think its great to share this kind of information with your readers because it’s never easy putting yourself out there and this is proof. As someone who is an influencer and works with influencers in my workplace it’s utterly embarrassing to hear that a well known company has employees who are working with influencers treat them in such a way. If it’s not going to work out its not going to but there should never be a place to put down someone solely based on their idiotic assumptions of you. Stay strong and keep kicking ass!

  120. I am absolutely floored by what I just read. I waited to crawl into bed to read and I was definitely NOT expecting to read this. So disappointing, so mortifying, and so unprofessional on those employees’s part, but at this same time I feel like some light needs to be shed on the “cat-yness”/”mean girls” spirit going on in the blogging industry. And leave it to Lauryn to be that light! If what you share is just a snippet of what goes on, how discouraging for those of us who are trying to create our own path in the industry. But thanks to YOU, we are constantly reminded to keep truckin’ along and doing out own thing. One of your BEST posts and thank you for being who you are and for creating this community.

  121. Lauryn, this was an amazing post and I am so happy you shared it! I love that you are a real human and can share everything. That’s why I read your blog 🙂 Keep doing you because you are nothing less than amazing!! xoxo

  122. This was such an amazing post! Thank you for always being honest/being you and sharing your stories!! I am constantly working on “the subtle art of not giving a fuck” and this post was truly inspiring! You’re a bad ass!! <3

  123. Great post! We all know here you are strong, but still, hearing such mean and unfair things is never nice, no matter how tough you are. Still, you handled it very well. Let the haters hate. I am for women’s solidarity! That’s the only way to achieve (someday) real equality with men (on salary levels, etc). We women have to stick together and support each other, and if people need to criticize, it should be constructive and not hateful. I am so grateful I work with wonderful colleagues, mostly girls. Usually people say “uh, working with women is terrible” well not at my current job, and it feels so nice! As a blogger, these won’t be the last hateful/judging people you will encounter, as you already know. Ignore them! and keep sharing 🙂

  124. Seriously can’t believe that happened to you — but thanks for turning it into a positive conversation on using your platform. Taking that quote to heart!

    Do you, girl (and plz keep writing about it). Hope you have a great weekend!

  125. I don’t think I have ever commented, but today is the day. We are very different people (botox and boob jobs don’t even register on my list, I hardly ever wear make-up, etc.), but I love your blog. Your honesty, your explanations, the way you live your life is beautiful and intriguing, and it doesn’t even matter that it is not like mine. I have been following for a few years and you are one of the blogs I constantly want to read (and things like this post or when you told us about the Nanz really upset me). Be you. Because honestly you are awesome.

  126. Tell them to go fly a kite!! They have no idea how many women (& men) that you influence and inspire. You have taught me how to always believe in yourself and confidence. I am so happy that I came across your blog back in 2011 because it’s full of the type on content I want to read and is why I keep coming back. There are very few blogs nowadays that I actually read and yours is one of them because I know it’s going to be good! Not to mention you kill it on social media and love how real, funny, glam, and honest you are. So thank you for being you! It’s our originality which makes us who we are; don’t change.

  127. I am really sorry to hear about this Lauryn. I have been reading your blog since you first began many years ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed your content over the years because it really resonates with me. You are awesome, your blog is awesome, and you have inspired many. In fact, you inspired me to start a blog and turn it into my full time job. Thank you!

  128. Lauryn, what amazing strength you have shown and I love that you emailed them to let them know. This is not ok on so many levels and as much as I want to know where they work, I respect you keeping it quiet. People are so quick to tear each other down, it’s so sad and also scary. Like you said, there’s room for everyone and if they truly believed you weren’t someone that fit with their platform there is a kind and professional way to get that message across.

  129. A very wise sister that you have there! And the perfect reaction to their behaviour on your side!
    We empower woman, but only if they are what we want them to be?! If THAT isn’t fake, I don’t know ^^ Everyone can do whatever the heck they want – if it’s legal and not immoral, do it.
    Yes, women get their boobs done. Why hide it? You paid for it, you talk about it openly, you can. No need to be jealous or hateful about it.
    It’s your body and it’s your lifestyle (to comment on the Instagram part) and if someone doesn’t like it…well, comment on it, if you reaaally have to, but be respectful. Compassion seems to be very exclusive these days. It shouldn’t.
    This stereotype of women/people in general in the office, gossipping about everyone and everything. One of those “It’s funny because it’s true – moments”. Women do that, A lot, actually. And we can’t really change that. But we can observe our own behaviour and pledge to be respectful and compassionate with everyone. And not only the one we decide “deserve” it.
    Cheers to you, Lauryn, You’re doing a great job!

  130. Wow, I’m so sorry you went through this – how horrible! You and your blog and brand are fantastic, and it really does light up my day to read new content or see what you’re up to on Snapchat. Seriously love that you are so honest and real about things and that you took time to write a post about your experience with this. It’s really sad that anyone would talk about someone else in such a nasty way, but well done for drawing attention to it. Muchos love, R x

  131. Lauryn, you are an absolutely incredible woman who is a daily inspiration to not just me but thousands of other women! How people can speak of you and TSC – or any other person for that matter – is beyond my understanding. I won’t even try to understand such people. They are NOT worth our time!
    Just know that you are amazing, brilliant, inspiring and a million other great things!

  132. Oh hell no! That bums me out that there are such ratchet people in the world who are gainfully employed. I’ve been a professional for 15 years and have never heard people go in a bullying sesh like that. Did they make a burn book about you too? sheesh. People need to seriously check themselves, it’s not that hard to understand basic right and wrong and ethics in business is so important. I’m not going to lie, I have been critical of folks but there’s a way to do that without dehumanizing them. It’s not even about being PC, it’s about being a human and not talking about people like they are trash. Good for you for making this into a teaching moment. Makes me wonder what other “women empowerment” brands are this level of petty. P.S. We want to know which brand it is! Accountability matters.

  133. There’s nothing more bad ass than being real! I love that you always own it. I can’t imagine taking 5 minutes of my day to throw dirt on someone! My energy doesn’t vibe like that. I’m happy you responded the way you did. You’re gold Lauryn!

  134. Lauryn, you’re a gem. Your personable platform trumps fake corporate beauty sites. And you’re what keeps people coming back! I don’t have the same style as you, but I love how you have your own thing. You know what you like and you rock it. I appreciate and am inspired by that and always come back to you for your specific take on things and beauty adventures. I knew exactly what women’s site you were talking about from the start and seriously, they are the fake ones. They profit off women. You connect. Your readers genuinely care about you. This post made me feel so protective over you! You’re a better person than me too, my email would have been more cold and directly to their higher ups, though I don’t have much of an opinion of them either.

  135. WOW! I can’t even imagine how upsetting that would be! Good for you for being upfront with them though rather than talking behind their backs as they did. I don’t know why women are so mean to each other.

    That’s one of the reasons I am a huge advocate of female sports. It teaches women team work and community.

    And really, who gives a s*** what they think? Your followers LOVE your personality and your realness, so what if it wasn’t for them? I enjoy the hell out of your honest posts!

  136. That is so so wrong. I am so incredibly sorry these individuals felt like it was acceptable to judge and bad mouth you. I commend you for writing such a strong post and not falling apart (I probably would). Anyway, keep doing and being you. You’re beautiful and talented and creative and better off without those people and that partnership!

  137. This was such a heartfelt and inspiring post, Lauryn! I’m so sorry that those people were assholes to you. How very unprofessional and unkind. You’ve worked hard for everything you have, and they don’t have to like everything you do, but they should respect you as a person.
    I’m over people tearing people apart too. Being a blogger myself, I see it ALL over the Internet.
    A similar situation happened to me the week I was graduating college. I was emailing some professors about times for my jury, and somehow ended up in an email thread where they were talking to each other ABOUT ME. It wasn’t kind, what they were saying. But they are just another reason I’m going to work even harder in life to achieve my dreams. And they are another reason why I will work even harder to be kind to everyone I come in contact with. I never want to leave someone feeling shitty.
    Great post!

  138. A smart phone world with some really not smart people.
    Not nice! Heads may roll!!

    Practice what you preach!
    “An Instagram with a million followers & a bio that talks about women inspiring women. An Instagram feed full of quotes empowering women to be their best selves. To live life on their own terms. “

  139. I have so much respect for you for posting this, Lauryn. You addressed this prevalent issue in such a classy way, everyone take notes! You did it without putting out names, calling people out individually, something I don’t think a ton of people would do. Hopefully those two people learn the importance of staying humble and not being so judgmental towards someone they don’t know (and not butt dialing lol). Your readers support you and at the end of the day it seems like you avoided partnering with a company that is not true to what they say they stand for, which is so off brand for you anyway =)

  140. Girl you are beyond amazing! I’ve been following your tips since Jordan would stand up in our chapter meetings at ASU circa 2011 (ish) telling our sorority tips from you (like benefits of green tea!). I have never been able to follow a blog like I do yours – you are so real and I value that over anything. I even met you in Vegas one year and I was so emabarrased to say hi cause 1. Not much of a fan girl (everyone’s just doing their thing, right?) 2. I figured you were one of those mean girls and I was SO wrong. You were beyond sweet and it made me love you/your work even more. Thanks for being real, I think all these comments are a testament to how appreciative people are of who you are and what you stand for. You are truly killin it and whoever this other platform was I can say with no doubt in my mind that they are definitely the ones missing out on that collab!

  141. I’m so sorry you had to deal with this, Lauryn. Like so many other people who have commented, I’ve been a faithful but silent reader for years until recently. I had to comment on this post to say thank you for your constant inspiration and authenticity, including in sharing about this topic. I love coming to your blog each day to read new posts, and your constant honesty is a huge reason for that! I loved what you said towards the end of this post, “Don’t let ANYONE’S negativity dictate your life & journey.” Thank you for creating such an amazing space for women, and for being a stand for living your truth and embracing who you are; I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that it inspires me to strive to do the same.

  142. Lauryn, you are divine. Your realness is what has made you who you are and the type of followers that you attract. Their content is some of the most hypocritical BS I’ve ever read. It’s no surprise they did this to you. It’s a sad reality that fake and nasty women exist like this, but at the end of the day you just do you and all the the rest will fall into place. Xx

  143. Wow that’s an absolutely horrible experience. Thank you for sharing and for also showing how you graciously dealt with the situation. I personally read your blog and follow you on isntagram because I love your honest and TMI posts. Not everything is for everyone, but that’s no reason to bash anyone!

  144. These are the kinds of people that lack confidence of their own. So they try to use someone else to gain a spot for themselves. It not only happens to women in our world but to anyone that is achieving their goal. It happens from grammar school forward and even into our churches of today. Continue your EARNED good work and forget about
    the bullies of this world, they will only drag you down, that is their main goal. CHEER-UP AND STAY ON TOP.

  145. WOW. Can I just say, that after reading this post, it has ignited a fire inside of me to uplift women all around me even more and not give any attention to the bashers out there. You’re right, so over people treating other people like crap and gossiping about people behind their backs. This petty shit needs to stop. LOVE that you wrote about this! I love your blog/podcast/brand so much, you KEEP DOING YOU! Love you girl and keep being the influential woman you are!!

  146. Thank you so much for this post, needed this today! It seems INSANE to me that anyone would think that way about you if they’ve read your blog and how open and honest and intelligent you come across when sharing personal experiences. In today’s world, an “idiot” or someone who is “fake” simply could not have built a brand and huge following like TSC. And, ugh, you’re just so right that women can be so snooty and demeaning to other women, especially behind closed doors or a computer screen, which is heartbreaking. Little reminders like this to check yourself and be mindful of how hurtful words and thoughts can be are what creates change. So again, thank you.

  147. You’re incredible.
    Thank you for being so authentically, unapologetically you. It is more inspiring and uplifting then you will ever know <3

  148. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this, and EVERYTHING else that you share! I love The Skinny Confidential because it’s raw, real, and you never hold back. We need more people… more WOMEN… like this in the world. Life isn’t perfect, and if this shit is happening anyways… why not talk about it?

  149. Dear Lauryn, thank you for your vulnerability and courage to broach this unfortunate but real issue. You’re right, women bashing sucks. It’s unfortunately a culture that starts much too young and is made worse many times by social media and mainstream media. However, people like you, with a platform, who take a stand against negativity and promote love and acceptance, TRULY make a difference. I am the co-founder of a girls organization that helps young women, ages 13-17, develop compassion and self-love through an all girls empowerment program, called GROW… Girls Ready to Own the World. Let’s talk!,


  150. Lauren, they should be embarrassed that they spoke that way not only about a woman, but a woman as inspiring as you are. You help readers realize that they should feel empowered being who they are, and your confidence motivates others to be who they are. Never change who you are.


  151. I just had to comment after reading this post. I am so sorry you had to hear those people talking about you like that! That is so unprofessional and I can’t imagine how hard that was to listen to. I just wanted to tell you that you are one of the most inspirational bloggers I follow. I’ve been following you for years, and I trust all of your reviews/recommendations/advice etc. because you have always been so authentic. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to keep supporting you while you kick ass! xx

  152. Haters are always gonna hate. You know who you are, you do all your works with integrity. Like you’ve always mentioned how to let negative energies to fuel you is the key! You’re truly a powerful and small women! Remember you inspire so many others out there! 🙂

  153. I hope those two lose their jobs–they obviously are incompetent. I am a 38-year-old female who has never dyed her hair, worn heels or even make up…and I still love your blog and podcast! You have mass appeal, girl…THEIR LOSS.

  154. This is so upsetting! I cant believe that there are people out there that would talk like this about others! Disgusting. I am SO glad you shared this through a post, I think a lot of people can relate and it brings a lot of awareness to bullying in general.
    We love you!! Keep on doing what you’re doing.


  155. Ah, Lauryn. Thank you for sharing your heart in this post. I’m so sorry this happened to you – how embarrassing for them, really. I appreciate your honesty in all you do! And, I can personally say THANK YOU for how sweet you’ve been to me, especially since my mom passing. I’ve so appreciated your care in your emails & texts. Love you girl. Love, Paige xo

  156. Lauryn– you’re amazing.

    Obvs you already know this, but fuck those fuckers who are incapable of seeing the bigger picture and so stuck on putting ppl in boxes. You’re inclusive and empowering and so fucking real.

    It REALLY does suck that so many people who advertise themselves as supportive communities or brands or individuals are too often the actual antithesis of this, but that’s also why I’m so happy you created your blog/brand/everything bc the energy you (and Michael and Mimi and everyone on your team) are putting out is very clearly different than what the typical brand is doing and it is not going unnoticed.

    Keep fuckin’ killin’ it girl. Lots of love!

  157. THIS is why I love you! PLEASE never stop being REAL, realness is the reason I love this blog so much. I think its ridiculous that those women thought your realness made you fake… like wtf. We love you Lauryn!!

  158. Keep doing what you are doing. You are so inspiring. Since the day I came across your blog I have not stopped reading, researching, and feelings so inspired by you and everything you talk about. I love you and support you!!! Haters make the world go round yes it hurts but it also shows you who you are not and don’t want to be. Thank you for your blog, podcast and your social media I learn something new each and everyday from what u do for us Ladies and Gents. xoxo

  159. I love the fact that you listened for as long as you did… and did not cry about it! Instead you took care of it like a boss bitch! ??
    I my self, don’t always agree with all you write but I keep coming back because your “don’t give a fuck, do as you like, be happy and healthy” attitude is REAL! Nothing fake about it! Way to take something so f’ing ugly and turn it into such a powerful message. Keep it coming!

  160. Holy. Shit. My mouth literally dropped open while reading this. Basically I’ve been following you for years and I know how REAL you are. As a woman who is anything but fake and quiet myself, I can relate so much better to you than some of the other bloggers who don’t always keep it real. I’m so so so glad you decided to share this with us. It’s motivation to keep myself in check for sure. Thank you, thank you! Keep it up girl! <3

  161. Wow! Their true colors showed! That is totally unprofessional on their part and it is a shame that people like that are successful in what they do. I love your blog! You heard that stuff for a reason. Now you won’t waste your time with them because something so much better will come along to focus your energy on!

  162. Wow Wow Wow! I so appreciate all you do for us. Love following you are on Social Media. Look forward to it.
    I am using products that you recommend and I love them. Don’t change a thing. F those bitches!!!!

  163. Lauryn,

    That’s so disappointing. It’s a terrible thing but most people who behave in that manner are insecure. You’re such a confident woman they are probably just a bit jealous. Your readers love you because you are open and honest and most of all REAL about your life.
    It’s great you did not allow people like that to bring you down.
    Women should always empower other women!! ????❤️ Spread the love!

  164. So sorry this happened to you. You don’t deserve it, and they were clearly just jealous. You are amazing and beautiful and inspirational. Keep doing you, girlfriend! Sending positive vibes your way – xoxo

  165. You are inspiring Lauryn – in so many ways. When people behave in this way, it’s a reflection of THEM – not you. Keep being awesome. AND real. X

  166. This is the best post I have ever read. The next time I’m hurt by something catty I will remember to try to be as strong as you. Thanks for setting a great example for the rest of us.

  167. It’s sad, yes, but it doesn’t surprise me that it happened. There is so much hypocrisy in certain genres of life and media. (Ex. “Let’s love and accept everyone’s life and choices…except people we disagree with.”) It’s a shame and I’m sorry you had to experience that! I’m glad you’re taking the high road and reminding us all that we are all in this together and should be working together for a better future.

  168. Obviously I want to know the website so I can avoid them forever and spread the word! I am great at research hopefully I can figure it out!

  169. This is magnificent. I love your platform so much because it’s not the kind of thing I would “usually” follow, but it is very direct and honest, and I respect that- and I learn and grow a lot from your honesty! Please keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve learned so much from you. Fuck anyone who wants to step on your life. I will never understand how people have so much time to shit on others but none to make their lives happy or successful on their own. This is so real. Love it.

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  171. Love this post!
    I have been a silent reader for a few years also and wanted you to know I completely support you and so glad you have the courage to share what many will not. You have helped and supported me on many occasions because of your real and heartfelt words.

    If you don’t have haters, you aren’t doing it right


  172. Lauryn, I really appreciate your honesty and your call to lift up other women. I’m sorry you had to listen to those people putting you down on the phone but you have done a great service here, finding the strength to show others the impact of being judged.

    I have a very different style than you but I find the reason I keep coming back to your blog is because I trust you: you provide an authenticity and an openness that’s really endearing, and rare. I appreciate your vulnerability and hope you keep doing what you are doing.

  173. L,
    I actually have a little knot in my throat after reading this. First of all let me say I want to give you a huge hug, figuratively of course I’m pretty big on personal space, for turning this episode of assholeness into something that we as women and as human beings can learn from. We need to be supporting one another not tearing each other apart. Second, your confidence is so inspiring and long to one day be as happy in my skin as you are in yours! Third, F those people!!!!!! I love the Skinny Confidential website, podcast, fake boobs and all that goes with it. ❤

  174. Lauryn, your blog is one of the most honest and women empowering blogs I’ve read. All of your social media is so chic and classy and the content you write about is stuff REAL WOMEN want to hear. Love how you never sugar coat. You’re literally an inspiration to me as a young woman.

  175. I love this post, and I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Here’s a wonderful article that really inspires me to support women, rather than pin them against each other:

    The Skinny Confidential rocks- and you are an incredible leader and female role model- YOU GO GIRL.

  176. I think you handled this SO well and with a lot of grace. You turned an ugly, negative experience into a learning experience for so many people.

  177. That’s awful, I’m sorry you had to go through that. I just wrote a post on body-shaming, it’s never okay. You’ve embraced your idea of beauty and that’s unfortunate that those people think there’s only one way to be beautiful. You’re amazing

  178. It always helps me to remember that people who engage in that kind of bashing behavior are usually the kind of people who are unhappy with themselves. It allows me to actually feel a sense of empathy for them. The old adage of “hurt people hurt people”. You are incredible. You are loved for your realness. Never stop being you! xx

  179. I’m so sorry this happened to you. BUT so glad you wrote this post and shared this experience with us. When you are being yourself there are always going people who won’t like you. Heck, when you are being yourself and getting famous for it? Some people are going to have a *very* strong negative reaction. Especially when you are a woman. It is really hurtful when it comes from a brand you thought you admired and that stands for supporting women no less! Eh, you had a boob job and botox?? (hello? what’s wrong with that?) but you are the most-real and honest blogger I know. I’ve been following you for a long time and even emailed you a couple of times and, though I am not famous (yet!), the response from you or your team have always been supportive and gracious. It really speaks volumes about your true character. Thank you for being yourself.

  180. This post is so real, and it equally breaks my heart and inspires me. I feel sick to my stomach imagining how you must have felt hearing such an awful response to something you had initially felt passionate and positive about. It says a lot about you that you were able to take such a situation and turn it into something that can inspire readers to feel empowered despite difficulties and negativity. It’s so hard to not let things get to you sometimes, but by sharing your story you will help so many women (and men). I am glad you have Michael and your other amazing friends and family (and even us) to lift you up. Nobody deserves to experience that. Keep being your amazing self! I have been following for years because you are so genuine, honest, and positive. Even when talking about things that aren’t particularly positive (anxiety, death, etc) I still leave your blog overtime feeling like I’ve learned something and have new tools to better myself in some way. I often think about your posts long after reading them- something about your voice really resonates with me and I think so many readers would agree. We all care about you, respect you, and love you! Xx

  181. you’re amazing Lauryn and such an inspiration to women out there. i’m so sorry that you had to endure listening to that. as someone who personally experienced your genuine authentic good-hearted nature while supporting my bodysuit line, i was so impressed with the way you handle yourself and your business and your willingness to support an unknown line, gaining absolutely nothing for yourself. i hope this only made you stronger and so happy you channeled the trauma into this incredible post. unfortunately i find this situation very common these days, even in the media with people constantly pitting women against each other for no reason… Selena Gomez vs. Bella Hadid, Beyonce vs. Lady Gaga, Melania vs. Ivanka Trump. so sad.

  182. Thank you for writing such a great post! You are dead right on – and proving that you indeed are the authentic one. So glad that you got to hear the conversation so you knew who they really are (and unfortunately the complete opposite of what they are pretending to everyone else to be). Thanks so much for your genuinity!!!

  183. Wow I cannot believe that they were so awful and malicious. That is so disgusting.I’m actually lost for words, they said such hateful things. We all need to lift each other up and not tear each other down. I’m glad this didn’t break you but encouraged you even more. You’re amazing. xx

    Coco Bella Blog

  184. You are a beautiful person with any even more beautiful soul. Thank you so much for sharing your story and settling an example for all women. LOVE

  185. Wow, I’m so glad you took the time to write this. What’s sad is that this company has this on their back forever now. No, you didn’t say who they are, but I’m sure they’ll see this and think “wow, we screwed up.” It’s hilarious to me that they call you fake yet they are the ones trying to promote some image that they CLEARLY don’t believe in.

    It’s ironic because on International Women’s Day, I received some really hateful comments on my blog and it just made me think, “Wow, how can women be SO cruel to each other?” This was a person who knows nothing about me or my situation (despite what they read on my blog) but chose to tell me I’m “doing it wrong.” She kept coming back and commenting the same thing over and over again. As if once wasn’t enough to rub it in. I don’t get why people are so bent on hating others. I think it just comes from insecure on their own part and nothing to do with us.

  186. Omg! Am so sorry you had to go through that, on Women’s day. That sucks but yeah like you said turn the negative vibes into something positive. I think this should also be an eye opener for you to do make more posts like this because there are so many women out there going through shit but don’t know what to do. Personally I’m going to make a blogpost about stereotypes feminists and your opinion on that is important to me and I think to many other women on this platform. You could reply me directly on this comment or make a blogpost. Before I would never have shared what am going to blog about before I did but like you said, the internet is a big place and we all have different opinions.

  187. Thank you for sharing this post. I am sure it was not easy to write. I was shopping at the Bloomies outlet while reading this story. I am disappointed that women in business with a business model to empower others would be so petty. I often find myself defending my occupation ( makeup artist) to women who think what I do is superficial. Please keep doing what your doing because you are my cup of tea. XO Libbey

  188. First off you look absolutely gorgeous in this red slip dress!!! I love it on you. Secondly, I am seriously appalled that they said such mean and hurtful things about you. I get maybe they don’t understand your brand or what you’re about that’s fine but to say such awful things is just so so sad. I am so sorry you had to hear all of that because you are such an inspiration. Blogging and being on social media is so hard and frustrating I mean I’m no where close to doing what you do or any of the other huge bloggers and lots of times I just want to quit because I feel like some of the people out there are so mean and don’t want to help those like me who are starting out, like they’re too good for us ‘low people’ but every time I read your posts or watch your snapchats you are always so real and down to earth and I live and love all of your advice! It’s is seriously so motivating and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing this story and continuing to be YOU and not let them or anything hold you back or change because YOU are the lol!! But really!!

    Xoxoxo, Steph ||

  189. Wow, that’s awful. Sadly, these types of people are now running our country. Just be Michelle Obama…they go low, you go higher. It’s the healthiest and most productive way to be and rest assured that you are a better human being all around for this experience despite them.

  190. Lauryn,

    This should have never happened to you, but I am so happy you took the high road and also stayed close to your family on this one. You handled it in the most professional way anyone could.

  191. Wow, I can’t believe these people were so hypocritical and downright mean. I appreciate the class and grace with which you kept the employees’ and the website’s information confidential. We can all hope that the behavior of these two employees is not indicative of the entire organization. I’m sorry you had to hear them say those things but you have so many readers who support you because of who you are so don’t stop! Thanks for everything you do!

  192. Girl you are the and people who talk like that about other people are miserable beings. I wish I could figure out what the platform was just so I can make sure I don’t follow or can unfollow them. Keep doing you. Sending love from Minnesota <3

  193. I hope this unfortunate event doesn’t get you down! You are so beautiful, real, interesting, and nice! I don’t see how anyone that reads your blog, snapchat, instagram and podcast could think or say those terrible things about you. It comes across so clear that you have a passion for the topics you discuss, and you share great information! Their loss not being able to work with you!
    Keep being great!

  194. I’m so sorry you had to go through this but thank you for sharing with us all. I’m rarely ever exposed to this kinda of childish horrible shitty behavior but its a good reminder to think about our own actions and who we surround our selves with. Also I really like what you always say about putting blinders on and not paying attention to what others think. Because sometimes I’m my own worst enemy in the comparison area. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Love you & never change! xo

  195. I bet it was refinery 29, which is ironic….just came across this article:

  196. You are literally one of the most inspiring, empowering, uplifting, badass women I know. And even though we haven’t met, I say “I know” because you are so incredibly open and real and thus I feel like I know you. Insecurity. That’s all that was. And the fact that you didn’t retaliate by bashing them just reinforces the fact that I see you as one of my biggest role models. I had a post similar to this ( that received a lot of positive reactions from women. And I hate that we all know that girl on girl crime needs to stop and yet we can’t collectively bring ourselves to stop. Thank you for writing this. And thank you for being unapologetically you! xox

  197. Lauryn, I’m so sorry that you had to experience this. But I think if anyone was meant to share a story like this, its you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for always sharing your most authentic self with us readers. And for never letting situations like this stop you. THIS is empowerment. Fuck em. You do you. That’s why we all love you, xx

  198. Lauryn,

    First and foremost I want to say how much more I appreciate you for writing this post. I have been following your blog and listening to your podcast for a few months now and I am absolutely OBSESSED. One thing I love about you is that you always stay true to who you are and you do not give a FUCK. I, myself, am very much like that and at a very young age I was taught to never let the words of others get to me. It is so important to support one another in everything. Just because we may not like what someone is wearing, the way they look, or just simply do not like a person, does not mean we need to go around spreading such negative and bad energy. Who gives a fuck what people do or what they look like or what size they are…that shit is not important. I just felt like I also needed to vent a little bit after reading this post and I am so grateful that I can share my thoughts with you. You are extremely brave for sharing so many things that happen to you, and I appreciate it so much. Keep being the REAL and FABULOUS woman you are.



  199. I just read this. I’m so sorry you had to experience that. Women should empower one another. Life is tough enough. I love your blog and how real you. Don’t stop ever over sharing. Your amazing. Xoxoxo


  200. Thanks for sharing! I’m sorry you had to experience that but you’re smart enough & strong enough to see it for what it was! I too, am passionate about sharing my real feelings & who I am but not an “in your face kind of way” more subtle (I think)
    The playground can be tough & some of the kids can be mean, so I’m proud of you for letting them know you heard & fueling your passion & sharing here…

  201. What disgusting behavior on their part. However, I am for holding people accountable for their actions, especially if they are popular and influential as you say. I don’t know if you didn’t mention them by name in order to avoid litigation (if its true its not slander) or to take a high road, but reading your story with names omitted kind of makes me feel powerless. I refuse to support brands with my time and money if they do not line up with my core beliefs and values. I would absolutely hate it if I were to now unknowingly support these guys after reading about the way they treated you. If you could at least e-mail me their name so I could make that choice on my own, I would really appreciate it. Stay strong & positive 🙂

  202. I’m so sorry this happened to you, but you’re completely right: bashing is a total waste of energy. Way to go for taking the high road ❤️

    Allie |

  203. First of all, I think it is absolute utter bullshit this happened to you and I am sorry for that. I have to say I was moved by this blog because I happened to read it fresh off of a “woman bashing” moment I experienced this weekend. I am still bothered by it. I sing in a cover band and a couple of times a year we get together and play at a bar in our town. A suburb of Chicago. The point is, I know a lot of the faces that come to hear us. During the gig, one of my friends headed front and center with a shot for me. Sidebar, probably should have politely declined. Ha. Anyway, this particular friend is an artist and a thespian and she is unique in her look and her heart is made of gold. I love her. She is a city girl with edge and she lives life to the fullest. Anyway, after we were done, I stopped and chatted with a band mates wife, who I question has a moral compass to begin with and she immediately began to judge and make fun of my friends appearance. I was completely dumbfounded and then I found myself feeling really really bad. I said, “That ‘lady over there’ is my friend and an incredible person and an amazing mother of twins. Not cool.” I left the table and was quickly reminded that at the core most people are good and only wish well upon others and that is because they themselves are okay and happy in their own skin, in their own world. It is people like those magazine peeps and this dick at the bar that simply aren’t good with who they see when they wake up in the morning and that to me is far worse than the shitty thing that happened to you. That is what they get to live with. I say fuck em. Actually, what I really say is, “I have zero fucks to give.” Be kind and keep living your authentic life. It works and good things happen to those that do. xo Michelle

  204. Uplift each other in times of need Find a path to accommodate others Never try to do it alone. Bond like sisters and brothers Uplift in time of Trials.

  205. I just came across this post (okay, obsessing/playing catch up on all your posts from the last few months!) I’ve been a silent reader for years- even when life gets crazy, I always find time to come back and catch up on what I’ve missed. To put it simply: You speak to me.

    ANYWAY, I am so glad I am just reading this post now because I had a very similar/yet different situation last Friday during an informational meeting for a position that opened up at my company. So basically your post came into my life at the perfect time.

    My experience: In a nutshell, this woman told my supervisor I should schedule an informational meeting with her before I applied. She cancelled the original meeting and re-scheduled the meeting 2 weeks later, after all the “normal process” interviews were setup. She told me about the position and asked me what my skills were, and THEN interrupted to tell me they found their ‘perfect person’ yesterday and that I wasn’t a good fit and wouldn’t be successful in this position (the irony of this is that my previous supervisor told me the same thing about my current position- I am now the first person in the department to ever manage the two biggest and most challenging projects). The Mean Girl digs were in every part of the conversation, and in every part of her body language towards me. Without going on a rant & into too much detail, her basic message to me was: you’re not smart enough for this position or this department, I don’t care about what you do in your job now because we’re more elite over on this side of things, and you’re wasting your time even trying for this position because you wouldn’t be successful.

    Okay I kind of ranted… but I guess I’m trying to say: THANK YOU for writing this post and bringing this to attention. Not only does it make others aware, but it also takes some serious balls to admit that. I had a hard time repeating my story to my own boyfriend, and I could only manage a text to my mom about it, whom I share EVERYTHING with. It feels like a million steps backwards at first- “I worked my ass off and that shows in my work, but you’re STILL pre-judging me based off my appearance?! And instead of going by my experience/successes/pitch, making a decision before I even had a chance?!” Your realness is always refreshing, but this post was beyond that for me. I’ve been trying to use my experience as fuel, but it’s so hard getting motivated after something like that (especially when it’s still fresh). After reading your post, I feel inspired and motivated once again. Thanks for being the reminder I needed to keep aiming beyond what people expect, and to never let someone get inside my head who is clearly not out to support me anyway.

    xo Caitlin

    PS My current boss (comparable to a biker/mountain man so you have a visual) has adopted the phrase: ‘YOU GO GIRL!’ for our team, since he manages mostly women. Hearing that childhood 90’s phrase, however, just feels so empowering in the most simple way. It’s also a reminder to not take yourself too seriously, something my boss has always demonstrated and advised for us to do as well. SO, passing it along to you, Lauryn: YOU GO GIRL!!

  206. I love this endlessly. Being open and authentic is so challenging in this day, it is refreshing to see you doing it.

    “Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.”

  207. Thank you. Merci beaucoup. Gracias. This post was everything. Beyonce is queen because she doesn’t just talk about it she is about if. Thanks.for owning who you are, what you talk about and wearing the crown high. Keep slaying.

  208. Thank you. Merci beaucoup. Gracias. This post was everything. Beyonce is queen because she doesn’t just talk about it she is about if. Thanks.for owning who you are, what you talk about and wearing the crown high. Keep slaying.

  209. Love! Love! what your blog does and brings to others. I am a huge fan and would take your realness any day! Looking forward to more from you!!

  210. You handled this with such class. It’s just SO unfortunate when our positive bubble is popped by people like this.

    Such things make me sad because these two actually may be in the position to make impactful decisions, like hiring someone, deciding on which influencers to feature in stories, etc. They NOT well suited for that job at all, as they are clearly close – minded and will end up hiring and working with people just like them, while still paying lip service to their “company motto”. The result is publications supposed to be for “everyone” who end up featuring content from the same clique of people, actually excluding most of us.

    You are so brave;; keep working hard, rock your amazing confidence and just ignore the ugliness. It’s a sign that you got to hear this; use their hate to fuel your fire. ❤️❤️❤️

    cattiness should have been left in high school; when people

  211. Ugh, I’m so sorry this happened, Lauryn. People can be jerks but you’re the bees’ knees.

    Also, I’m stealing your sister’s quote because I legit care WAY too much about what others think of me. <3

  212. What a phenomenal post, so raw and real and authentic. I do wonder where gratitude and kindness have gone. So important to be kind to people you work with and everyone deserves a smile, even if a stranger smiles at you, you can’t help but smile back! Spread kindness.

  213. After a horrible bashing of my business on social media today due to a break-up in two members of my gym (something I had nothing to do with but somehow I am now being put on blast for not kicking a guy out of my business).. I googled how to handle critics skinny confidential (because I look up to you so much) and this blog came up. It made me feel so much better. I see you as absolutely perfect and to know you two have been bashed by another woman is just unbelievable and it’s unbelievable that a brand would not want to work with you! You are such a power house and force in social media. But anyways I just have to thank you so much for this post. Not only am I dealing with the social media bullying but also my dad had a stroke today on top of all of it 🙁 been a hard day but your blog post made me feel better. Thank you so much for this.

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