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Seriously, there’s nothing better than when I find HERO PRODUCTS.

Like those ones that are just major.

Today’s situation is three products everyone can use.

One of those products being the Dr. Dennis peel pads. I feel like you know all about this though if you’ve listened to the latest podcast ( also!! GO RUN to IG Stories, I did a whole breakdown there too ). I am going to do a long-ass post ALLLLL about these pads but in the meantime: TRY THEM. Trust me here. They make your skin feel like a baby’s ass which I am just all about. The pads are a two-step process & something you can use every day.

Dr. Dennis very much breaks them down on the podcast too if you’re in a hurry for answers.

The other two?

Well, you’re going to have to watch to find out:


How fun are these products? Like you have one for skin, one for insane coverage, & one for moisturizer. You can bring all three of these down to your neck too.

The balm is by a TSC reader- I love supporting you guys! If you have a small business, leave me the details below so I can stalk you.

Ok let’s get into where you can find these three winter favorites.


+ Alpha Beta Peel Pads

+ Secret Concealer #2

+ Bless Beauty Balm

We are in Aspen. I have these three products on hand which is ideal because it’s dry as shit here. Soooo dry. I’m like a prune.

Now don’t get me wrong here: I’m doing everything on the planet to combat the prune-ness. Every time I travel I set time aside to go to a local facialist. I give them strict, annoying instructions: “please can you massage my face. Lots of lymphatic drainage. Yes, lots. Down my neck too. I need to stimulate to fight bloat from jaw surgery.”

It works like a charm every time- it’s like you lose ten pounds in your face after an hour. Your face is all tight & contoured which is what dreams are made of. Heaven.

We are curled up by the fire watching a new show, working & sipping hot chocolate. I’m ready to go home tomorrow to see my dogs- I miss them VERY much.

Hope you’re all having a productive week. See you tomorrow!

x lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast with Dr. Dennis Gross- it’s one of my favorites!

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  1. love the term “HERO PRODUCTS” lol. just ordered and listened to dr. dennis. thanks and happy holidays lady!
    would love to hear your 2018 resolutions!

  2. First off, you look stunning. Love the top. And second- I am totally going to step up my skincare routine because I want to look as good as you the rest of my life lol.
    xo, Meghan |

  3. Loved the podcast with Dr. Dennis Gross! BUT my burning question on this post… what is the lip color you’re wearing in this video? I LOVE IT.

  4. I’m obsessed with those peel pads! I got them as a Sephora point perk + after going through them in like 4 days I bought the 30 pack! I’ve seen SUCH a diff in my forehead + cheeks especially. Great recc.

  5. OBSESSED with the peel pads. I’m using the ultra gentle ones now since I’m pregnant (avoiding glycolic and salicylic acids) and they are a game changer. I keep getting complimented on my pregnancy glow, but I know it’s the peel pads. Can’t wait to try the regular strength ones after I give birth next month. As always, thanks for the great recommendations!

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