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giveaway | by the skinny confidential

Finally ( finally, finally ) announcing the winner of the $1500 dollar TSC Favorites giveaway:


Please e-mail me at to collect your goodies! Stay tuned for another fun, HUGE-ass giveaway coming very, VERY soon =). You guys will love the next one, promise. It’s VERY similar.

Oh, & the 5 winners of the Gary Vee Book x The Skinny Confidential Book giveaway are:

Please e-mail me at so I can send you both of your books! x

Akansha Agrawal
Allie Clark
Andie Hilliar
Taylor Griggs
Kati O’Brien

  1. yay~! congrats everyone! I can’t wait til the next giveaway! I have been hoping to win one of your books and some of your fave products for a while now 🙂

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