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Sexy, Lil Child of Wild Giveaway !!

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgreen host a giveaway for WildChild Jewelry.

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgreen do a WildChild giveaway!

Hiiii babes! Child of Wild & I are hosting a sexy, lil giveaway. My GF, Eileen Lofgren, is the owner of the vintage-y, hippie chic line, Child of Wild & lemme tell ya, her stuff is rad. Two months ago she sent me this necklace:

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgreen host a giveaway for WildChild Jewelry.

And honestly, I can’t stop rocking it.…

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgren do a WildChild Jewelry giveaway!

Allow me to introduce the babe, herself- Miss Eileen Lofgren:

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgreen host a giveaway for WildChild Jewelry.

Oh, & here’s her looking hot in CHILD of WILD jewels:

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgreen host a giveaway for WildChild Jewelry.

Told ya! This necklace is a must-have!!

Also forgot to mention…Child of Wild is not just jewelry; Eileen handcrafts skulls too. Check out the insane skull she made for me to put above my bed! I’M DYING {!!!}:

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgreen host a giveaway for WildChild Jewelry.

Isn’t this guy so sick?! More of her skulls can be found here.

It’s safe to say past customers have been satisfied. I mean, here’s a past customer’s room + Eileen’s custom-made skull:

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgreen host a giveaway for WildChild Jewelry.

AMAZE >>> right?

So. Here’s how you enter to win the necklace:

To win, make sure you: 

+ Follow @Child_of_Wild on Instagram

 + Follow The Skinny Confidential on Bloglovin’

 + Leave a comment below & tell Eileen & I know how you’ll rock your Child of Wild piece!

{ * Winner will be announced: Thursday, 11/15/12 }

{{ To contact Eileen, e-mail }}

  1. I will rock my my WildChild piece with any outfit and all over Charleston, but especially with my faux fur fest and boots! 🙂

  2. Hola Eileen and Lauryn!! If I win the wild child piece I will rock it any and everywhere! Will be PERFECT with my chic and adventurous wardrobe…. and plus all my friends will be super jealous!!! XO

  3. It would make me oh so HAPPY to win a WildChild piece! I’m in Seattle and since it’s cold up here I would rock it with a button up lace undertank, leather jacket, tight skinny jeans, and my favorite pair of leather booties . SO CUTE!!

  4. Hi loves!!
    I adore your blog and the Wild Child jewelry is gorgeous!!! I would rock my Wild Child out on the town with my friends or during my everyday life helping those in need as a visiting nurse. The Skinny Confidential inspires me to do better each day and treat my body like a temple. I would look at my Wild Child piece and it would remind me why I work so hard to stay healthy and fit.


  5. First of all, all of your jewelry pieces look fabulous! I have been looking for a turquoise necklace to go with my vintagey white dress and turquoise pumps for my 21st birthday and your necklace is to die for!! So obviously I would rock it on my birthday, but honestly it would work with so many different outfits it is perfection.

  6. I’m going to The Black Keys Concert @ the end of December! Rockin’ a WildChild piece on this night would be totes appropriate! Love the cow heads- got one in my room too!

  7. Such awesome pieces!! throw on a white tee and some camo skinnies with her necklace and it’s the perfecttttt outfit!

  8. Hi Lauryn and Eileen,
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the pictured WildChild jewerly….as a huge fan of the bohemian look (I am totally obsessed with free people and vintage shopping) I know that I would wear those beauties ALL of the time. I love throwing on some chunky, layered necklaces over an oversized sweater paired with motorcycle. boots when I go to class (at UCSB). xx

  9. This Fall/Winter, I think it would be perfect to pair the Jewelry with pieces like an Aztec sweater and dark leggings with moccasin booties. In the Summer/Spring I would pair the jewelry with a crop top or lace top and distressed denim shorts. SO CUTE! Wonderful giveaway!! 🙂

  10. I want to win because I never win ANYTHING 🙂 lol. But, seriously, what better way to ROCK IT, than to REPRESENT the amaze pieces in MUSIC CITY, Nashville, TN!

  11. I love this piece! If I win, I’ll be rocking it in Miami next month! All my friends will be jeal 😉

  12. I will rock my wild child piece by rocking it out with some high waisted shorts and a cutoff tee. I would also rock it with a dressy outfit on a night out. I have fallen in love with her jewelry and would love to win a piece.

  13. I will rock the jewels in my hair or doubled up with some funky LBD for a wedding in December!

  14. I would rock the Child of Wild necklace with a tight heather gray tank, leather jacket, black skinnys, and my wild and crazy curly afro. I’m also IN LOVE with her custom skulls!! PLEASE pick me 🙂

  15. Will rock while student teaching next semester!! Have to add a little edge in my professional science teacher attire!

  16. I would throw up a skull in our master bedroom to accessorize my fiance’s and my room, and/or I would rock the jewelery with studded and shredded shirts… punk rock princess 😉

  17. ohhmahhgosh. I would love to rock WildChild to school, parties, when I’m grabbing a cup of coffee at my fave coffee spot. I would love to own some of WildChild’s beautiful pieces- super chic!

  18. I love following the skinny confidential, so I know any of her
    References are going to be fab! Just by these pictures they style looks
    Just like mine! Can’t wait to see more!
    Xoxo Kaci

  19. I love jewelry and I love this piece in particular. I plan on rocking this necklace at school at work as well as showing it off when I head to New York. When I find something I really like I wear it all the time and that’s exactly what I would do with this piece!

  20. You could basically style this necklace with any outfit and it would look adorable, personaly I would rock it with skinnys and boho crop top, im obsessed with these necklaces<3 pick me:)

  21. I’d pair my Wild of Child jewelry with all of the long black maxi dresses I’ve been accumulating this year. I can’t get enough of them, and the long cross necklaces would complete the look.

  22. Hey Ladies,
    I would rock my awesome Wild Child jewelry down here in my little country town in South Carolina. Girls down here do not care too much about style, much less accessories, but I have always embraced my love for fashion and passion for being my own person. Blogs like these remind me to always be who you are and rock who you are FEARLESSLY.
    Would love to rock these jewels!
    xo, L

  23. I’d rock this necklace on a night out with the girls, with my leather trousers and a print top!

  24. I would rock the necklace with everything because it looks awesome!! I think it’d be especially cute with Frye boots, skinny jeans, a place tea and either a blazer or a leather jacket.

  25. I would wear my WildChild piece with tanks and jeans, and tight black dresses here at UCLA. I am pumped to bring home this style to Chicago because my friends always want the accessories clothes they can’t get there 🙂

  26. I need some cute jewelry to wear for a fun date night with my fiance (and just to look smoking hot on a daily basis!). It’s amazing in the pictures above how much it transforms your outfit! You girls look GORG!!

  27. LOVE IT ALL! But I’m really digging the Mary Magdalene with a white tee, cut-up leggings, black booties, and leather jacket 🙂

  28. I will wear my Child of Wild necklace with my bright blue skinny jeans, black tank top and motorcycle jacket, on the back of my bf’s motorcycle! 😉

  29. i’d rock it with my vegan leather shorts, a slouchy vintage concert tee, my beat up boots & floppy hat because it’d add just enough femininity to an otherwise tough look. all of her pieces are absolutely amazing!

  30. I’d love to have an awesome Child of Wild piece to rock. I’m a new mommy so adding a cool signature piece can spice up a simple outfit like a t-shirt & jeans. Rest assured that when other mommies see how stylish it looks and how easy it is to pizzazz up an outfit, they always ask where you get your stuff from and I would happily promote Child of Wild. Please pick me! If not, maybe next time…keep making awesome pieces…and always loving the blog, Lauryn! <3 Jen

  31. I’d wear my child of wild jewelry with a below the bum top, tights, leg warmers, and some combat boots, oh and of course my leather jacket, no child of wild is complete without a leather jacket 🙂

  32. I will ROCK the Child Of Wild jewels as my go-to daily staples. They are perfect for combining/ layering with other pieces which makes any outfit edgy and unique. I adore these standout pieces and can’t wait to flaunt them in Ohio!

  33. I left a comment, but I don’t see it published so I’ll leave another cause I’d love to win. I’d rock my Child of Wild piece all the time as a signature piece. I’m a new mommy and I need something that can quickly add to simple outfits like skinny jeans and a t-shirt with boots. One of these pieces would give high impact to a simpler outfit and makes it easy to look stylish. ..and trust me when I say, when you have something like this on at the park, a play date, or story time at the library, all of the other mommies will ask where you got something so awesome! I’d love to rep Child of Wild and tell all of the other moms how to step it up! Always loving the blog, Lauryn and love this new line your introducing us all to!

  34. Hi lovely ladies! I would rock my new bling everyday! I have a earthy-crunchy style and my boyfriend jokes that I should model for Kashi… all of your pieces are so different and unique and I know I would wear them daily to give a little oomf to my simple style 🙂 Xoxo keep up the good work

  35. I’m a singer/songwriter and I’m gonna be rocking my Child of Wild piece all over LA and Orange County at my upcoming showwwwwws!!!

  36. Dressed up or dressed down, layered with other pieces or alone, I would wear the hell out of my Child of Wild piece. I am a massive jewelery fan and am so happy to find a new line to obsess over, courtesy of one of my fav blogs (fashion and fitness: peek into my psyche much, Lauryn?). Most importantly, since Eileen’s pieces are meant to be seen, I will not let her gorge creation languish on my jewelry tree, but will wear it out and have it as the perfect accompanist to all my adventures, big and small

  37. Hi Ladies!
    I will rock this beautiful necklace with oversized, off the shoulder shirt and skinny jeans with boot heels during the day. Then change into a low cut shirt at night, but nothing too sassy so it takes away from the necklace. With my blunt bangs and long wavy hair, this necklace is perfect for my style!

  38. I will ROCK the sexy jewlery with all the must haves for fall!!! With boots, vests, leather, and most importantly LBD!!
    LOVE TSC!!!!!

  39. As Eileen knows, I am a huge fan on Child Of Wild. Her jewelry and decorative hand crafted pieces have given me such inspiration to create and discover new/old ways to spice up my daily outfits and my room decor. I have been planning on purchasing some vintage jewelry from Child of Wild and eventually invest in a decorated skull, but at the moment monetary restrictions are holding me back. Help a girl’s dreams come true, decorate me with style and sass; make me a Child of Wild.

  40. Ahh, I love that necklace! Child of Wild is easy to love. Crosses are my favorite shape (for more reasons than one), and I would love to pair that necklace with a long-sleeve, black lace dress…BUT I certainly wouldn’t limit it to just that. Awesome work, true talent! Keep it up 🙂 God bless

  41. I would splash my neck up with this little hippie necklace with my daughter on my hip and flowers in our hair! #hippiesforlife 🙂

  42. Love the jewelry – I would rock it year round with lots of layers and moto boots when its chilly and a flowy maxi when its warm 🙂

  43. Hey Girls!
    It’s getting cold here in Canada so my wardrobe has had to change from summer to fall/winter but no matter the season, I LOVE wearing all types of jewelry! I would definitely rock a Child of Wild piece any time of the year!

  44. I just found out me and the hubby are going to have a baby! I would rock that necklace with my upcoming baby BUMP like no other!!!! 🙂

  45. Hi Lauryn and Eileen!

    Thank you Lauryn for always inspiring me and for introducing me to amazing chics through your blog! I love all of your interviews and this one is no exception. I can’t wait for Eileen’s website to be up and running. Her vintage hippy pieces are to die for! Love! I would rep Child of Wild with pride! The best thing about hippy pieces are that they work with everything. In Kansas, I would rock her pieces with faux fur jackets, ankle booties, mittens and cozy sweaters. You both are awesome!

  46. The necklace is gorg! And so is she! I would wear it layered like you did with an oversized chunky knit, some skinnies and some lace up ankle boots! Crossing my fingers!

  47. Love it! Since I live in sunny Hawaii, I’d rock it with a maxi cover-up (over my bikini) and a floppy sun hat! For a “fall” look, definitely over a crop top, denim mini, and leather cowboy boots. 🙂

  48. I would rock mine with a LBD im wearing to a wedding in a couple of months! And probably many many other times too (:

  49. I’d rock my Child of Wild necklace with a Kelly green maxi, studded short leather jacket, barefoot!!! I would really wear it with EVERYTHING! Xo

  50. Absolutely adore these jewels! Not to mention I’ve been looking for a skull like that for AGES!

    I would totally rock these pieces with my winter fur, skinny’s and heeled boots. extra layered!

  51. I would rock this piece every day!! It could go with so many cute outfits, it’s an amazing piece! Love it!!!

  52. Your jewelry and custom skulls are gorgeous!

    I will rock the Child of Wild necklace with my warm knit winter sweater and my favourite black skinny jeans up here in Canada! xo

  53. Hi Lauryn!
    I just recently started following the Skinny Confidential and you have inspired me to get back into shape! 🙂 I would loooooove to be able to wear some hot Child of Wild jewelry to beautify my new in-shape bod!!

  54. I’d rock that sexy piece of jewelry with my newly bought faux leather skinny pants, with a button up white collared top, red lips and a top knot! And I can’t forget my chunky black booties …….. Oh wait, that’s what I’m wearing right now but missing that necklace!!!!! I want, I want. 😉

  55. Oh my gosh I am coveting that necklace – I would wear it just like you with lots of layered pieces!!

  56. Oh my gosh I am coveting that necklace – I would wear it just like you with lots of layered pieces!!

  57. i’d wear it day & nite, at home & out clubbing as these gorgeous bits will go with anything & everything! I love love love the look, and I bet I would wear it in bed too :p

  58. Ok — this has nothing to do with the jewelry.. But, that bedding is to die for! Anyway you can find out where it’s from?

  59. I will rock the Child of Wild jewellery with everything! And show it of for everyone living in sweden!

  60. I’ve fallen in love with her jewelry (and her skulls are pretty rad too!), and I don’t fall in love easily! I would rock a Child of Wild necklace with a maxi skirt, white tank, and lacy vest, and of course aviator sunnies. Of course it’d also look rockin’ with skinny jeans, thank, hoodie, and a faux leather jacket. Hmmm it’s too hard to decide which way will look best.

  61. I would rock it at the NYE old crow medicine show concert in Nashville, TN with a denim jacket, black motorcycle boots and a sequined dress

  62. I love the necklace!! I would rock it in everything from heels to flats! Would be perfect for every occasion!

  63. I’d love to wear it with my favorite jeans, top and heals on a night out! Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. I would style my Child of Wild with some distressed skinny jeans, cowgirl booties, a graphic tee and an army jacket. I love the skulls too!

  65. ChildofWild jewels look presh! As does Eileen! What a great giveaway to add some flare to your look year round, casual or dolled up! hosting a fall frolic in a few weeks….and planning to wear an ivory tulle skirt with a plaid button up and my suede mid-calf frye boots….the necklace seems like a perfect match! 😉 Xo!

  66. Gorgeous necklace! The skulls are awesome too! I would rock this piece with a patchy maxi skirt that I made myself and a cropped tee! Or with some leather-ish skinny pants and a flowy top (I’ve got just the one in mind, but it’s hard to explain!) Basically, I would wear this with everything! It’s just that cool.

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