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Why I’m CRAZY About SPF {!!!}

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks all about sunscreen and how to avoid the sun.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks all about sunscreen and how to avoid the sun.

Hi. I’m Lauryn and I’m a SPF addict. A total bat-shit crazy, sunscreen psycho.


1.} I paid to get my windows tinted. Not to be cool. Nope, nope. This isn’t a I’m-too-cool-for-school-so-I-black-out-my-windows-like-rapper situation. It’s to protect my hands & chest area from the sun.

2.} There’s a trucker hat in my oversized purse. I use it daily.

3.} I put SPF on my hands, fingers, chest, face, neck…everyday.

4.} Like, it’s so bad I won’t even let my boyfriend open the sunroof.

5.} I asked my vet if there’s sunscreen for dogs. Pixy desperately needs it- she’s a total sun worshiper.

6.} I’m petrified of UV lights at the DMV, underground offices, &/or super markets.

7.} I use a SPF protector on my hair. Because yes, the sun is harmful for hair too.

8.} I’d rather die than go in a tanning bed.

9.} My sunglasses cover my whole face. Literally.

I’m seriously, serious.

The sun scares the shit out of me.

Why am I so psycho?

Instead of giving you a long, huge explanation, let me just break it down quickly:


Skin cancer.



Fine lines.

Sallowness ( a yellow discoloration of the skin ).

Benign tumors.

The destruction of collagen— buh-bye youth!


Don’t worry, even if you protect your bod from the sun you’ll still get a daily dose of Vitamin D. AKA when you’re getting in and out of the car, walking to the mailbox, &/or opening windows in your house.

Recommendations: I’m OBSESSED with Colorescience’s powdered, colored sunscreen called ‘Sunforgettable’. I literally swear by it. It’s a TOTAL game changer. Once you try it, you’ll fall in love. However, when I’m applying makeup I’ll also use this SPF tinted foundation. For my hands/arms/neck/chest/etc., this all-natural brand is my favorite.

Lather up!


P.S. I’m not saying never lay out again- just take proper precautions. Wear a hat, tons of SPF, and body sunscreen ; )!

  1. As someone who had skin cancer on my nose, I can’t agree with you more! Definitely sharing your post! 🙂 I keep a spf moisturizer in my tuck and the minute I get in I lather up my hands and arms!

  2. Alba sunscreen is totally the best! I’m a reformed sun addict myself. I haven’t transitioned all the way to an SPF addict yet but this post was an excellent reminder of why I should!

  3. Yesssss, I love these tips. I never want crazy freckles/ wrinkles/ leather skin.
    I’d die without Kate Somerville sunscreen & my Kentucky Derby hat.

  4. I totally agree!! There is nothing more important that to protect your skin from the sun! I SPF every day and I keep a giant sunhat in my car that I wear every time I go outside for something. I also have oversized vintage sunnies that I just cant live without. I have incredibly fair skin so I have to be super careful when I go out in the sun. Expecially because I live in Australia and man do we get A LOT of sun!!

  5. LOL so funny. I won’t let my hubby open the sunroof either! Love love love being outdoors but I always wear a hat, and I too put tinted SPF on very first thing in the morning. even when it’s raining! they can make fun now, but we are going to be lookin’ good when we are fifty 😉

  6. OMG we love sunscreen here too. We are an amazing dermatologist office in Solana Beach (Art of Skin MD) We love colorscience here!!! We are hosting a Skin Cancer awareness Fundraiser on Saturday May 18th. We will have discounted shopping in the day (colorscience will be there also Jet Rhys will be selling a UV protectant hair product) with free skin cancer screenings and a party at night with food, drinks, a band and silent auction. Hope you can come to any of the fun on Saturday!

  7. yep! I’m the exact same way…I’m terrified of the sun haha. I want to stay youthful forever 🙂 SPF all over, on the daily!

    I’m the girl by the pool continuously rubbing spf 70 all over myself, wearing a huge hat, and sitting under an umbrella haha

  8. I’m big on sunscreen too! Okay, I’m not as psycho as you are, but I probably should be. I’m definitely not a sun worshipper though. I have really light skin, so I make sure to keep it protected. Don’t forget about SPF lip balm! Wrinkly lips…ew.

  9. If you’re such a SPF goddess, would you like to explain to me how in the world you stay so tan?! All this time I thought you hit the beds every day or something… you’ve got gorgeous, bronzed skin. Tell me your secrets doll!

  10. Lol love your posts you make me laugh. You’re so honest and straight to the point. I’m big on sunscreen too. Keep up the good work.

  11. What type of exfoliater do you use? What type of peels, or treatments do you recommend? Your skin is fab. xo

  12. OH MY GAWD!!!!! I’m a sun psycho too. I wear sunscreen everyday and when I go to the pool I huddle under an umbrella. When I go outside sometimes I freak if it feels like my skin is roasting. I don’t what to be a baked sardine. Ewwwwwww. Gawd the run is so freaky. I love shade. <3 And sunscreen. Sunscreen is my life.

  13. Re:vitamin d: my derm advised me that we actually DON’T get enough typically through running to mailbox, house to car, etc. she advised me to wear screen allover my bod AND take a vitamin d3 supplement on the daily.

  14. OH my gahhhh were twins…literally beyond addicted to sunscreen. I wear SPF55 everydayy…quesiton, have you ever tried the powdered Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Powder SPF 45? Or only the colerscience? Thanks!!

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  16. I love coola sunscreen. The creme is mostly free of the baddies and it rubs in better than most. And in a pinch the spray is awesome though it does have chemicals.

  17. What brand was your favorite tinted sunscreen? I looks like Ulta doesn’t carry it anymore 🙁

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