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Why You Need a Scalp Massager and The One To Get

Why You Need a Scalp Massager

SCALP MASSAGE. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Recently I heard that Paul Newman used to do scalp massage and it could be why he never went bald. LOL. I’m so into it.

Since going from blonde to brunette I’ve been really into hair and scalp health. Just wanna do whatever I can for thick, healthy hair that grows, ya know? Don’t ask for much.

After trying some plastic scalp massagers I realized they were just too rough on the delicate scalp so I found this silicone one and MY GOD this is the move. I use it on Michael and myself and we’re obsessed. It feels so good and has so many benefits.

Why You Need a Scalp Massager

♡ increases circulation

♡ stimulates hair growth

♡ it can also help with eczema or psoriasis via exfoliation

♡ helps hair products absorb better

♡ prevents dandruff, flakes and also itching

♡ helps relax the muscles in the head and neck area

♡ it feels so fucking good & is the perfect addition to any ritual or routine.

As I said, make sure you get a silicone so it doesn’t rip out your hair or scratch your scalp too hard. Michael and I love this one but I’m sure any silicone one works.

Do you scalp massage? Let me know any of your tips for long, thick gorgeous hair. I’ll do anything to keep it up.

x, Lauryn

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