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Why I’m OBSESSED With My Laptop Stand

Laptop stands | by the skinny confidential

Hi, hi, hello!

Busy Sunday doing literally nothing because my body is taking its sweet-ass, leisurely time to heal.

Anyway, let’s get down to business: everyone that works with me on a daily basis knows one thing: I LOVE MY FUCKING LAPTOP STAND.


In fact, I don’t like using a laptop if I don’t have one to support it. AND if I’m in bed ( sorry Michael ), I’ll use a bed tray so technically I’m still adhering to the whole stand thing ( tip from a bed laptop pro: use two pillows underneath the laptop if you don’t have a tray, this also keeps radiation from the computer off your legs! ).

Ok so, as I’ve said before, I have a bad neck. Perhaps it’s from years of looking down at the computer or the whiplash accident I was involved in at nineteen years old. But who knows? Anyway, it’s BAD.

So the worst thing I can do is work ( & as you can imagine I’m on my computer A LOT ) while looking down at the computer.

Think about how horrible it is to be looking downward, instead of neutral, all day long.

I personally don’t want to look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame when I’m older so I’m taking preventative measures now.

So. These are my reasons for my laptop stand obsession.

And since we’re on the bizarre topic, let’s also discuss the fact that it’s so chic & creates more space, K? Really though, you can’t be surprised the laptop looks cuter on its stand? My poor laptop looks way cooler on a pretty, silver stand than on my desk.

It just looks legit, you know?

Here are some benefits that I found online:

♡ Raises notebook screen height to eye level for better ergonomics.
♡ Tilt design brings screen closer & improves airflow around laptop.
♡ Cable organizer behind routes wires neatly.
♡ Keeps neck neutral.
♡ Transforms your laptop into a comfortable work station.
♡ Helps prevent carpal tunnel & posture problems.

{ more reasons why a laptop can be a big pain in the neck here }

Laptop stands | by the skinny confidential

TSC is a place to share every tip/trick/whatever so I figured I needed to share THIS ONE with you guys because I know a ton of you are bloggers or work on the computer. If you don’t have a laptop stand, look into it. It’s kind of a game changer.

Oh, & this IS NOT sponsored, I AM JUST IN LOVE.

( MAN, AM I A FREAK or is it normal to be obsessed with a laptop stand? )

Now I just need a standing Treadmill, laptop-holding, desk! LOL.

Happy Sunday, see ya soon, off to watch Damages…it’s getting very juicy. – lauryn x

P.S. Michael went & copied me on this secretly. I went to his office the other day & he had three. I can’t.

favorite laptop carrier | pic 2


    1. Hi Alexis, yes definitely! Just check the dimensions on your tablet vs the dimension of the stand 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Nicole, you can use a separate keyboard if you want but it’s actually better for your wrists if they are elevated!

  1. This is awesome, I’ve been debating if I should get a desktop mac or a new macbook…obvs a macbook is 100x better for toting around, so this solves the hunch factor (I swear I will be a bent over old lady from my comp!!)

    1. Hi Jill! I know right? UGH! It’s so hard to remind yourself to have good posture when you’re working on the comp. This def helps though. Thanks for reading

  2. I have my laptop stand too and I loveeeeee it. I like it because I can put it up on my counter and work there too, standing ha.

    I cannot stand to sit on my ass all day I swear it makes it more flat.

    Now all I need are cute pups to finish the pic!

    Have a good week and rest up!


    1. Hi Krista! LOL! You’re so funny! It makes sense though. Sitting on your ass def probably makes it flat! Take butt lifting exercise breaks! lol :))

  3. Hey Lauryn! I found this from WebMD also: Researchers find that the optimal position for your computer monitor is slightly below eye level, about 20 to 28 inches away from the face. At that position, you shouldn’t have to stretch your neck or strain your eyes to see what’s on the screen. Put a stand next to your computer monitor and place any printed materials you’re working from on it. Then, you won’t have to look up at the screen and back down at the desk while you type.

    XXX, Anna

    1. Hi Anna, OMG love this!! That’s a good idea. I’ll just have stands all over the house, ha!! Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

  4. I really need to get one of those bed trays, I do a lot of blogging in bed in the morning so that would help a lot!


    1. Do it Susie! I’m obsessed with mine I use it ever day. Let me know if you get one! Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

  5. That’s too cute that Michael had some too. I love the way your stand looks. I feel like i take my laptop around everywhere with me too much for a stand though…. Maybe one for home base would be cool though!
    xx, Pia

    1. Hi Pia! I know Michael always copies me, lol! JK! Anyway, I take mine everywhere! However I do mostly use it at home, I figure using it most of the time at home is still better than not using it at all. Thanks for reading babe

  6. just wondering, did you ever go see a chiropractor to check your spine? i had X-rays taken and my neck doesn’t have its normal cervical curve…this explains my bad neck! he said i most probably injured it following a trauma some 10+ years ago. i can’t recall this trauma, but your car accident would be the perfect cause…maybe it’s worth checking!

    btw, it’s Notre-Dame 😉

    1. Hi Kat! Yes I see a chiropractor, I’m obsessed. Hmm interesting! Isn’t it so crazy how car accidents can have such long lasting effects? UGH! Thanks for reading babe!


  7. Hey Lauryn, I have been following your blog on and off for a long time and really appreciate what you do! I have tried bee pollen, Loving Tan and just today a coffee enema. LOL. What an experience. Anyway, I love the info/tips/inspiration you provide. Keep it up!

    QUESTION: what blogs do you love to follow? Would love to see a post about this. Thanks <3

    1. Hi Katie!

      First things first. HOW WAS THE COFFEEING??!! I must know what you thought! Did you get a burst of energy? Do you feel detoxified??? Do tell! LOL!!

      Second, I follow a ton of blogs! Basically anyone on my interview’s list that is a blogger I follow. See here:

      Thanks for reading babe

  8. God, I could really, really use one right now!! I’m in bed with the flu and am trying to get some work done on my laptop… My back and neck’s already aching!

    1. Ugh, yuck! So sorry you’re sick babe. I hope you’re taking time to rest and get better. Def check out the stand. It’s perfect for surfing the web in bed!! xx

  9. This is great – I use a tray too! lol I’ll have to invest in a stand now.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  10. I love what you mentioned about …”who wants to be looking down all day long”… It seriously puts a huge strain on the neck. Taking that into consideration my sister who is handicap uses her phone by wearing it on a necklace which unfortunately causes her to have to look down allllll day long in order to use her phone independently and privately.
    Anyways … This post has left me wondering if there is any solution for that type of issue. Thought it’s a different / still somewhat same issue w/ the neck and etc. I now want to research that further!


  11. No. We don’t want to look like a hunchback. I like the stand, too. I wonder if it will help keep laptops cool. I’ve had a problem with overheating laptops.

  12. Hey Lauren! Do you ever stand at your desk? I recently had an internship at a foundation that does A LOT with worksite wellness, and every employee had the option to use a standing desk. It changed my life. I hate sitting at a computer all day, so my standing desk made the situation so much more bearable!

  13. First off, I love your blog and your dog and you! You’re so beautiful and I love how you write.
    Secondly, I just got a laptop stand. When you work on your laptop, without using a laptop stand, you tend to get tired quickly. This is essentially because of poor posture and lack of eye strain. However, as soon as you start using a laptop stand for home and at work, your stance improves drastically and there are lesser chances of strain to the eye. This ensures that you do not get tired too quickly, which makes you more productive.

  14. If you’re a freak looks like you are in good company as lots of love for laptop and bed stands here. They make great ones for ipads and tablets also if you haven’t seen those yet.

  15. ???

    I just bought one last week! And my body is already thanking me. Def thinking the same about the treadmill desk!!!


    PS I turned my phone on the red light filter last week & haven’t turned it off. Every time I switch back to the normal unfiltered screen, my eyes scream.


  16. I’d love some stickers for my soon to be new laptop! My old one was stolen last week so I’m going to by a MacBook Air in Rose Gold!

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