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PICTURE THIS: you’re getting into an Uber, so ready to pay for you time- time where you can call Dad, recap on 213048234 e-mails, check Instagram, or perhaps even scroll through Daily Mail ( ugh, guilty ). AND THEN: the driver starts asking 19032 questions. All kinds of questions: where are you from? Where did you get your sneakers? Is it a right or left on La Cienega Boulevard? 

You get the drift.

But HAVE NO FEAR: Airpods are here.

I wanted to hate these guys. I wanted it to be a fad. I wanted to go against the grain & rebel & not have white ear plugs hanging out of my ears. However…I am a fan.

First things first, let’s talk about credit where credit is due. Michael, my husband, was the original gangster here: he’s the one that came SASHAYING into the house one day, like 4 years-ish ago to get specific, on a conference call wearing his Airpods.

Immediately I was like “what the fuck are you doing?”

He said it was going to be a thing & I needed to get on board. Confession: I didn’t get on board.

In fact, I waited. And waited. Like waited years. Untilllllll !!! Recently I was at a meeting with the beautyBlender team & one of the fab girls that works with the brand had this amazing little teal case with a giant pink heart on it. AND I NEEDED IT.

Let’s go off on a tangent, shall we?

I mean can we discuss these TO-DIE heart ear bud holders?!


First off these are about $5 bucks, sometimes on sale for 79 cents- just saying, so get 3- no really, I bought all 3 colors. They have teal ! baby pink ! navy ! Do you with the color.

Of course, if you’re not into the whole obnoxious, Jerry Maguire ear buds situation like I clearly am, use these adorable holders for  SOMETHING- ANYTHING. Just to have them on your Instagram feed.

Anyway, I always have my shit falling all around my purse like a chaotic psycho so pretty, efficient things like this keep me organized- you know what I mean? You don’t want to look like some bitch that doesn’t have their life together because the contents of their purse is all over the place ( hello me ).

Anyway, back to business: AIRPODS.


♡ YOU CAN USE THEM & NO ONE WILL ANNOY YOU:  like I said, if you’re in any kind of  social setting where you need to be working on your phone. This enables you to have power over your time. In my opinion, time is money. To have control over putting my energy into the task that needs to be done, is really a powerful tool. If I have a deadline that needs to get done, I can have full concentration ( I primarily work off my phone, so this is a real plus ).

♡ CHARGES FAST: Nothing worse than when your phone takes 500 years to charge. You G2G. Have no fear these babies charge VERY quick. So quick, you won’t believe it. I like that. I need quick in all areas. You plug them in & in like 15 minutes you’re out the door pretending you’re on a conference call so you can get your e-mails done !

♡ SOUND QUALITY: is on fleek !! It’s so clear. Especially when you’re listening to podcasts on the go. You can go grocery shopping or get your nails done while learning- efficient !!!

♡ CONVENIENT: I like anything that is grab-and-go, so to have something you can throw in your ears & listen to a podcast whenever, where ever is ideal.  Most of all I think it is so convenient to be able to learn on the go ( some podcasts I like to listen to can be found here). A book on tape is always a good way to go too ( some books I am obsessed with here ).

♡ FITS IN YOUR PURSE: I use them for: all my conference calls ( I like to walk while I do conference calls so this is perfect ), all my on-the-go podcast listening, chats with Dad, music, books on tape, etc. You get the drift.


If anything, it’s a great way to block out your boyfriend when he’s being annoying. I mean I know there’s nothing better than playing a juicy podcast while Michael asks me to do something I don’t want to do.

I can be like “sorry babe, can’t hear you!”

With that, we are currently in New York City. That’s right, writing to you from from NYC.

See you tomorrow, x lauryn

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  1. That Airpods case is the cutest!! I am absolutely obsessed with mine. I was on the fence about them, but tried my boyfriends for a week and fell in love. They’re amazing!

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

  2. These do sound handy – do they drown out the sound of screaming children? Then they are a must-have for me!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  3. I’m still debating if I want them. I just can’t get over the cost *sigh* However the case is absolutely adorable!

  4. I am the biggest fan of AriPods! At first, I was so against them too and just thought they were overpriced Apple headphones but ever since I got them I am OBSESSED!

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  5. I really need to get myself a pair of AirPods. Whenever they became popular I stopped myself because I didn’t think I really needed them, but they are just so convienient to have! and the situations you talked about I am all to familiar with lol. Thanks for sharing Lauryn, hope you’re having a lovely day.


  6. Crack me up! I just purchased a pair today. I also waited and finally gave in …..I already ? them.

  7. I just can’t get over the cost *sigh* However the case is absolutely adorable. Apple headphones but ever since I got them I am OBSESSED!
    anyway Thanks for sharing Lauryn, hope you’re having a lovely day.

  8. I’m torn because I can totally appreciate how they’re useful for blocking people out, but on the other hand, we’re already so isolated and atomized as it is because of our smartphones… I dunno. If wearing Airpods everywhere so no one ever talks to really becomes a “thing” that a lot of people do, it just doesn’t seem like a good thing.

  9. I love love love my AirPods! I actually never thought of buying them and kept using traditional headphones until I got my boyfriend’s old pair. They are truly WAYYY better. In my opinion, they are apple’s best invention since the iPhone.

  10. I also love airpods. These are amazing with great sound quality and lightweight. Also, they have good charging time. I ahve also heard about black pods.can you suggest me which one is good for use?

  11. My first airpods was 2nd Generation and then i wanted to experience in-ear type for its bass. initial impressions were not great. but just like airpods regular one, now i am unable to go out without my airpods pro. its just amazing and so convenient.

    Recently got a batman case for it and loving it more 🙂

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