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Why I Got My Implants Removed

Why I Got My Fake Boobs Removed

A few weeks ago I removed my implants.

You’ve probably heard me talking all about it on Instagram, and maybe you’ve already listened to the podcast episode with my surgeon, Dr. Whitfield. But as always, I want to recap on the blog too.

Why I Got My Fake Boobs Removed

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The idea to remove my breast implants started about 1.5 years ago. The extra weight was starting to bother me and after tons of research and really thinking hard about it, I decided that they weren’t for me anymore. It was just the right decision FOR ME. I’ve had implants since I was 18, and had them redone a few years ago too, and to be honest, I went too big last time. DDs were really affecting my back, and just ‘pulling me down.’ I do want to shout out Dr. Barrett though. He is truly an artist and so good at what he does.

Anyway, I was feeling matronly, top heavy and like it was aging me.

It was just time, I was over it. Don’t know how else to say it really.

After extensive research on surgeons who specialize in removing implants, I landed on Dr. Whitfield. He’s done so many implant removals and what I loved about him is all the testing he does. We did stool samples, urine samples, saliva, gut health, blood, just all the tests. Down in my gut, I just knew that all my inflammation was coming from my implants and after Dr. Whitfield ran some tests, he confirmed that I was really inflamed. I mean, you guys have been on this inflammation journey with me for years.

Lauryn Bosstick Why I Got My Fake Boobs Removed

Dr. Whitfield removed my implants and I asked for a perky, youthful lift too. The team was so supportive and comforting, they’re truly incredible. After surgery I made sure to do a lot of lymphatic drainage because Dr. Whitfield doesn’t use drainage tubes (and fine by me, seriously) so you really want to help your body detoxify. We used this lymphatic drainage suit which uses air pressure to get your lymph going. Big fan.

Now I’m on the other side of it and I feel amazing.

I have so much energy, no more brain fog, I’m down 12 lbs (a lot is water weight & the implants being gone), I look slimmer and less bloated, my thyroid levels have changed (which needs it’s own post/podcast), my eyes are whiter, my cheeks are rosier and my face is naturally more moisturized. It just feels like all things in my body are aligning better. Like my body is breathing a sigh of relief.

IF YOU DO HAVE IMPLANTS, this blog post and podcast episode and MY experience is not meant to scare you. I’ve had implants for almost half my life and I loved them. I had so much fun with them. No judgment here, EVER. The purpose of sharing my experience and having Dr. Whitfield on the podcast is just to start the conversation and maybe help someone who is having some of the feelings I was having.

In Dr. Robert Whitfield’s episode he talks about his scientific and holistic approach to care, what & how implants can cause illness in the body, why many people are starting to have them removed, what you should know before and after having surgery & more.

having breast implants removed

This is a really informative episode, even if you LOVE your fake tits!

It’s just nice to always be informed, know what to watch for and hear other sides, even if you bank it for down the road.

So far I’ve kept up with Dr. Daryl’s gut protocol, Just Thrive probiotics, Kroma electrolytes, Armra colostrum (should we do a whole post?), eating tons of protein. Plus, Brooke and Kaita from The Road sent me the most thoughtful care package of things they knew I’d love. Think Mayde tea, Yinna d├ęcolletage treatment and Le Prunier plum oil.

If you want to see some BTS check out my IG highlight BOOBS. There’s even a fun q&a with Dr. Whitefield on there.

Have any of you had your implants removed? Are any of you about to get fake boobs soon? Tell me everything below. All of your support and comments have been so nice. THANK YOU.

x, lauryn

+ stalk how I went from blonde to brunette.

++ hear Candice Barley’s experience with implant removal here.


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