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My Pregnancy White Noise Situation

Alright guys, we’ve talked about white noise machines before, but to give you a little refresher, Michael & I use one every single night. It lives on Michael’s side of the bed, & it really helps us wind down.

But let’s talk about what I’ve been doing lately. Since becoming pregnant, I’ve switched it up slightly & we’ll get into it. A little background…

ADMITTEDLY, Michael & I very much copied author & podcaster, Tim Ferriss, on the white noise machine. We bought the Marpac Dohm one & we love it- it’s not super pricey. We turn on our ceiling fan, diffuse lavender oil, & switch on the white noise sound machine.

The machine has 6 high quality natural sounds: rain, brook, ocean, thunder, white noise, summer night. The thing is that natural sounds mask background noises so you sleep better. Fall asleep easier, sleep better, wake-up refreshed. You get it.

I can’t even explain this weirdness, but it works!

I became even more obsessed with this white noise machine because my friend Gillian had a baby ( hi Coco – don’t mean to brag but she’s my goddaughter ) & she has these in Coco’s room & bathroom.

There’s something so soothing about a white noise machine. I can’t explain it, but even the dogs know when I turn it on, it’s time to rest & relax. We turn this on every night at 9:30, even while we’re watching TV & it just totally relaxes us & drifts us off to bed. I’ll usually turn it off at 8am after my morning routine. I like this one because it’s white- I don’t like a big black gadget in the middle of the room. This one is chic & calming & doesn’t raise my cortisol. LOL.

Playing off of this weirdness, I discovered something I need  to speak on. When I was in Cabo recently, & pregnant, I noticed that the sound of the ocean was super soothing to me. So there I was, using my huge ass pregnancy pillow, in tune with the fact that the sounds of the ocean were bringing me peace & serenity. Now, I don’t know if that was because I’m pregnant, or I was just paying extra attention. Regardless, I was into it.

Obviously Cabo has the real ocean, so I thought “how can I recreate this at home” & found this noise machine that plays different water sounds. The lake, rain drops, & my personal favorite, the ocean.

So now, like the psycho I am, I turn on the sound machine that’s white noise AND turn on the ocean one too. & when the baby comes I plan to move the ocean one into his or her room.

I just needed to tell everyone about the new situation because I like to switch it up. Always need to keep it spicy on The Skinny Confidential.


♡ helps shut down a busy brain.

♡ helps create a bedtime routine.

♡ drowns out other noises.

♡ helps you fall back asleep quicker if you wake in the middle of the night.

♡ is portable so it can be taken anywhere.

Anyways as you know I’m very specific about how I wind down. It’s very important- you spend so much time in your bedroom so it should be optimized.

If you’re looking for a post on how to wind down & streamline your nighttime routine, stalk this one.

With that, it’s time for me to make a cup of hot Kusmi tea, pop on my salt rock lamp, & turn on my TWO white noise machines, because I’m that fucking extra.

x, lauryn

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