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Wheatgrass Benefits

Appetite Suppressant information from Lauryn Evarts, fitness and weight loss blogger

Every now & then it’s fun to mix up life’s daily routine, but normally I enjoy the structure. One small, essential part of that routine is a shot [ or two ] of wheatgrass at Juicer’s in Solana Beach. The benefits compensate for the odd/gross taste of juice. Beauty is pain!

P.S. Many places will provide an orange slice to counteract the after taste. Don’t eat the orange! It ruins many of the advantages of the wheatgrass. Also, drink it on an empty stomach.

[ Wheatgrass Juice ]

+ Antibiotic: rids unfriendly bacteria.

+ Appetite Suppressant: naturally shuts off the appestat in the brain.

+ Body Cleanser: reduces toxins stored away in cells or fatty tissues in the bloodstream.

+ Body Builder: it’s high in enzymes and chlorophyll.

+ Deodorizer: reduces or eliminates offensive body and breath odors.

+ Diuretic: reduces bloat by frequent urination.

+ Energizer: builds energy levels because it’s assimilated in twenty minutes.

+ Sinuses: clears up congestion and give immediate relief. Also works for colds.

See? Now go have few shots of something other than alcohol!

Appetite Suppressant information from Lauryn Evarts, fitness and weight loss blogger

Appetite Suppressant information from Lauryn Evarts, fitness and weight loss blogger

Appetite Suppressant information from Lauryn Evarts, fitness and weight loss blogger


  1. I couldn’t agree move about the benefits of wheatgrass. I’ve been drinking wheatgrass now for over 10 years and try to do so on a daily basis. I have two juicers – a manual one (Lexen) and an automatic juicer (Samson 6 in 1). I tend to use the manual juicer more as it is easier to clean. I really find it helps my sinuses the most, but my energy level seems to also be higher when I drink it regularly.

  2. Nice little post, many people use wheatgrass daily it is a great addition to any wellness program. I remember the first time I used it years ago after a week of using it I felt new fresh and alert it is a great detox for the body and blood. It does help shed the pounds too. When your body is clean and free of toxins it functions so much better and with far less food consumption. It is also really good for the skin. Anyway great post about wheatgrass keep on sharing the good stuff!

  3. hello,

    I am dying to try wheat grass, however I live in a rural area where it is not available fresh? I have found liquid and powder forms online, what would you recommend for me to purchase?

    Thank you

    1. I know this post was from a long time ago, but I was looking at Lauryn’s recipes and came across your comment… I would recommend frozen wheat grass shots from whole foods if you live in a rural area 🙂


    2. I too love wheat grass and its many benefits. I usually do most of my supplementing at breakfast (except things like wheat grass which I do at points all day) and that involves a mega multi-vitamin, Omega 3 6 9 burpless fish oil, and other various ones. It’s my main diet where the wheat grass plays a role along with my core diet of fruits, vegetables, lots of melons, lots of steamed broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc.. One thing I was wondering about was if anyone has used Macro Greens and Miracle Reds by Macro Life Naturals? I use this along with my wheat grass, sometimes mixed together with it, but I love this stuff. Together they form a complete supplement routine all their own and they taste good too if you mix them with some honey sweetened green tea (same goes for the wheat grass) .

  4. Hey! I just moved to Dubai and wheatgrass isnt the easiest thing to come by- at least not as easy as it is in the US. I went to the vitamin store and bought some powder wheatgrass to add to my water. Do you have any comments on the powder version? Its obviously not as good as fresh juice, but do you know if it has the same effects?


    Laila xx

  5. Very nicely explained! the benefitsof wheat grass, really its a super food.
    thanks for sharing informative post. keep posting.
    I work in it also has many varieties of super good natural products and seeds.
    You can also buy wheat grass powder from there at very reasonable price:

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