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5 Items You NEED In Your Pantry

lauryn evarts of the skinny confidential | by the skinny confidential

lauryn evarts of the skinny confidential 3 | by the skinny confidential

Well hello there.

Gearing up to do a full-on what’s in my pantry post but in the meantime, let’s start small & think big- shall we?

As you know, I’m like a fucking witch doctor. If I invited you over for mimosas you most definitely would think…I’m a bit crazy. I mean who wouldn’t with an ACTUAL smoothie cupboard, 281 elixirs, & random powders, herbs, & spices.

IN MY DEFENSE, each potion serves a purpose so don’t judge until you try.

Now for the big reveal, here’s a breakdown:


A peek inside my pantry:

Ghee Indian butter
Beef gelatin powder
Oregano oil
CALM Anti-Stress powder
Ashwagandha ( Indian herbs )

lauryn evarts of the skinny confidential 4 | by the skinny confidential

If you have to pick ONE thing off this list, go with the gelatin. Here’s why:

Firstly, did you see this post? Basically it’s a supermodel’s best kept secret. In a nutshell it helps boost collagen ( THE FREAKING BEST EVER ), reduces wrinkles, boosts the metabolism, & is just amazing for hair/nails…so YES, I AM SAYING IT’S A MIRACLE PILL/POWDER. But don’t worry it’s all natural. None of that fake, weird pill-y bullshit. Oh, & not a fan of a powder? Try bone broth. Yes indeed, bone broth is packed with gelatin.

Pair your gelatin powder with a probiotic & you’re golden.

Basically these are my two favorites of life.

…OH & if you’re a total stress case ( HI!!! ) then try CALM ( the lemon/raspberry flavor is where its at ). Really, it’s nature’s Xanax. Sometimes I mix it with hot tropical green tea & a little apple cider vinegar. Once I gave it to my sister & she literally passed out at my house. It’s better than sorority jungle juice, trust me.

Plus it’s full of magnesium ( SO IMPORTANT ) which gets everything moving & grooving in the AM, winky-winky, if you know what I mean. Basically it will flush all the toxins out. Thank me later.

lauryn evarts of the skinny confidential 2 | by the skinny confidential

& lastly, I must know, because I can be kind of voyeuristic: what’s in your pantry that’s well…different. Something random that really gets the job done? Perhaps something that one wouldn’t expect? Shock me.

I’m well aware these items aren’t really food so next time I promise I’ll share more food-friendly options…I should have called this post: what’s on my witch doctor pantry shelf…but it didn’t flow as well, you know?

For more healthy tips like this check out TSC Bombshell Body Guide.

Ok off to drink my fourth cup of peppermint tea & watch House of Cards.

– lauryn x

+ wearing: this black body suit ( very much OBSESSED ).

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  1. My boyfriend is Indian.. so same thing, right?

    I love oregano oil for sickness as well! Swear by it, Moringa has also been a staple of mine for a while. Check it!

  2. Sadly, my pantry is not this healthy, but I wish it was! Just started making juices, so I’m heading towards the healthy path. Also, your outfit and hair are perfect! <3

  3. I would totally try all of these! I’m such a fan of the bone broth trend <3 Thank you for being my smoothie/witch doctor guru.
    xx, Pia

  4. These are my favorite posts! I just had to tell you I have been using gelatin for about 5 years now. It has helped tremendously with Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and joint fluidity! Then, I saw in on your website years ago and was excited to hear all the other benefits of it too. My hair definitely grows fast! Thanks for your amazing info 🙂

  5. YES to ghee!! I discovered it last year, and I’m a huge fan. Crazy how butter had a bad name for so long, glad that science spoke for itself! I really need to give the Calm a try, a 500mg magnesium tablet is a little…tooooo effective haah.

  6. I have been drinking the Calm at night and I am sleeping like a baby! Love it. At this point I will basically try anything you recommend. Thanks for keeping it real 😉

  7. Hi Lauryn! Great tips, thank you for sharing! I was wondering, is there a difference/benefit in taking the gelatin in power form vs the gelatin capsules? Thanks so much 🙂

  8. This might be a little crazy, but I keep a small jar of ground eggshells and ground avocado pits (thx for the tip!) to throw in smoothies and the like. I don’t drink/eat dairy and usually forget to take a calcium supplement and eggshells are chock FULL of it. Also loving ghee lately – just started cooking with it!

  9. Great post, I’ve been taking the supplements you mentioned since my Ayurvedic dr asked me to take them and I feel 100 times better! I actually most recently wrote a post about Adaptogens to share my findings! Sending love xo C

  10. My secret is GT Chromium. My acupuncturist/herbalist gave me this when I told her I have a MAJOR sweet tooth and can’t resist any sweets/ bakery items. Since I started taking this a couple months ago- BAM! All sweet craving gone. Haven’t had anything in 2 months and haven’t wanted it! I also take Vitex which has been helping me regular my hormone levels since coming off the pill a couple years ago (bc that is some scary, fucked up shit- no thanks!). Its really helped me with PMS and regulating my cycle.

  11. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know you could buy gelatin like that and will definitely be adding it to my smoothies! I heard about Calm awhile ago and have kept an eye out in grocery stores, but haven’t been able to find it, so will be ordering online! Awesome tips 🙂

  12. CALM is the most incredible product ever created. I use to only drink it hot but my boyfriend recently turned me on to drinking it iced…so yummy!

    Something random I use every day is Amazing Grass’s Green SuperFood powder. I add it to my morning smoothie! It has greens, fruits, grasses, probiotics and so much more.

  13. Random: Have you tried castor oil for growing your eyelashes and eyebrows? I’ve been using it at night, but veryyyy inconsistent so I haven’t noticed any growth, just wandering if you’ve used it and what are your thoughts.

  14. You’re such a babe! I love the randomness but very helpful things you share. Keep them coming!


    Tamara –

  15. Hey Lauryn,

    Great post! Curious to know what kinda lighting you used for these photos? Is that natural lighting or is that a light source?

    Leme know!


  16. Love this post (As usual!). So question – do you know if there’s “too much” magnesium to take at night? Are you taking Natural Calm and magnesium pills at night, or just one or the other?

    1. The tolerable upper limit for women is about 320 mg per day assuming you aren’t pregnant or lactating.

  17. hey gorgeous! first of all, you look ahhhmazing. Love this video. I bought Calm after seeing you drink it in your snaps. I have no idea how much to take because the serving size varries so much by person. I’m going to give it a whirl tonight and I’ll let you know how it goes! I’ve been meaning to try ghee but haven’t yet…will definitely pick some up.

    Seriously love this video…your the best! XO


  18. Love this post, I am voyeuristic too. So fun to see what’s in people’s kitchen, bathrooms etc! I literally slather coconut oil on my face twice a day. Just started using Avocado oil too. Love ghee, even trader joes has it! Need to get some gelatin stat! Fish oil and magnesium r my other faves too! Always tea before bed..we could be bff’s xo ?✨?

  19. These are my favorite posts! My uncommon pantry staples…
    Psyllium husk to throw in my green drinks
    Great Lakes collagen powder
    A gallon of apple cider vinegar
    Good grade diatomaceous earth – this is great paired with the collagen! DE is a natural source of silica, which is the building clock of collagen! It also cleans up your gut. I take a tablespoon every single day!
    Lastly, super clean organic coffee beans that no one is allowed to touch because it is only for enemas!

  20. Hells Yeah! Loved this post,random but not lol Big fan of ashwaganda & ghee!
    My #1 for stress is rhodiola. Lately I’ve been using pine pollen in my smoothies for hormones as well as shilajit for energy.

  21. The weirdest thing I keep in my pantry, is Colostrum powder- makes my fiance gag but it is meant to heal leaky gut 🙂 xxx

    1. BTW I am SERIOUSLY obsessed with all things TSC right now. Talking everyones ear off!

  22. Yes! I have a cabinet dedicated to smoothies as well with all the witch doctor mix ins. My favorite right now is mucuna pruriens. I ordered a jar from Moon Juice — it’s like nature’s Zoloft. I actually love it mixed with cold brew and almond milk in the morning as it’s got a light cinnamon caramel taste to it. I’m gonna order that Calm stuff to try next!

  23. I use everything on your list plus 1/4 tsp diatomaceous earth (food grade) every morning with my gelatin. Those two work synergistically together plus 90-95% of people have some form of parasite and DE will scrape it out of your system. I’ve worked in Asia and the Middle East for over 5 years so I know I had inevitably picked up something funky. I had been on probiotics, clean diet, and handfuls of properly calibrated vitamins to keep me fresh and clean out here. I added DE and BAM! Went to a whole new level. Try it ladies!

    Also, Marine Phytoplankton (Sunfood/Ocean’s Alive) 1 dropper in the morning, tastes like whale spoog, but is such an amazing superfood and packed full of 9 serious amino acids.

  24. Thank you SO much for posting about this calm tea, it has been LIFE CHANGING. I’ve been to numerous doctors for issues with “regularity” and this has been a game changer! Since you’re not shy, what about a whole post on the subject / gut health in general? I’ve learned first hand just how absolutely important it is for anxiety, depression, energy, mood, everything!!! I always look forward to your research 🙂 xoxo

  25. SO,

    I’ve been feeling stressed lately with grad school/work/life balance so I ordered CALM… but then realized that it is Mag Citrate… a very strong laxative! The first day I felt good but now I just think it is too strong and don’t really feel any different. I have been putting 1/2 tsp in my water. I’ve been reading about all of the forms of magnesium for their calming capabilities and I am not sure that this is the best form for me! BUT am I doing something wrong? I have no problems with constipation and take my daily probiotic.

  26. I really need to stock up on some of these. I always start to make something and find that im missing one or two of the things I need so I just give up.

  27. Everything about Ashwagandha is beneficial to man kind. the health benefits are just super as it could correct so many disorders. the only problem is that, the all-rounder plant is not popular and people are not aware about the so much benefits.
    These materials would also help to know more about Ashwagandha

  28. Awesome list! I just found your blog the first time one another post about Ashwagandha review. And noticed this other post you have and also recommend ashwagandha.

    In the picture I see you use another type of ashwagandha compared to your first review – which brand would you say is best?

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