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What’s In My Summer Gym Bag

The Skinny Confidential shares what's her in bag.

The Skinny Confidential shares what's her in bag.
There have been so many times when I’m out & about and don’t have what I need.

Like I’ll be at a meeting, planning on Pilates afterwards and forget my sports bra. Soooo annoying. I don’t want to give the guys a peep show so I end up having to head home.

Or some friends will be at the beach & I’ll have everything in my car besides bikini bottoms…ugh, so annoying.

This is why I’ve finally decided to become an adult ( oh, the struggle of growing up) & actually plan ahead with an emergency gym/beach bag.

SO. I’ve shared what’s in all my other bags but never my 911, backseat of the car summer-ish gym/pool bag.

The Skinny Confidential shares what's her in bag.

Here we go:

1.| gym jacket: I get cold, guys. Like I’m just a perpetually cold person. I’m that girl who’s complaining I’m freezing while in the jacuzzi. I like my water scolding hot…sooooo a sweater is a must for me. This gym jacket is perfect & it’s navy which I love!

2.| bikini: this one is given. Everyone needs a bikini because you never know. Unless you’re a fan of skinny dipping…which is chill too. This green & black one is super cute & provides support for “the girls.”

3.| white gym tank: I’m obsessed with white. White home, white shoes, white clothes, white teeth. White is my color. So having a cute, white gym tank ( this one’s cute too ) is perfect…especially when I don’t feel like working out. Cute workout clothes make all the difference.

The Skinny Confidential shares what's her in bag.

4.| underwear: how many times in my life have I forgotten underwear?! Geez. Or what about this one: you wear granny panties with tight black leggings & forget to switch underwear? Story of my life! Having a couple different kinds of underwear just makes life easier!

5.| cute sandals: I’m loving these skin colored sandals for summer because they’re flattering. Sometimes I feel like strappy sandals can make legs look bigger than then they are…so there’s nothing like a FLATTERING sandal, you know?

6.| light perfume: If I’m at the pool or the beach I don’t want to wear anything too strong or overpowering. This light scent isn’t overwhelming. Like if I were on an elevator, people wouldn’t be dying to get off a floor early. Plus this scent is kind of berry-ish. YUM.

The Skinny Confidential shares what's her in bag.

7.| sunglasses: Total given. I can’t even count the times I’ve been in the car & forgotten sunglasses. Ew, I hate that. My sunglasses (another color shade found here ) are my favorite makeup, lol. I don’t have to apply a bunch of sticky cream, I can just throw my sunglasses on for an Audrey Hep look.

8.| snacks: Snacks!!! Almonds, bananas, chia seeds, crackers, etc. Anything to grab on the go goes in my summer bag. You never know when you’re going to be hungry. I’m a DEVIL when I’m hungry.

9.| sports bra: A good sports bra is key. There’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot a sports bra & having to tough through sweating in a Victoria’s Secret push-up. So not cute. I keep it basic in black.

10.| headphones: A little music adds the vibe. I use headphones every day (I even like to talk on the phone through my headphones because I’m weird like that). These ones are in my bag 24/7. LOVE them. Oh! And since I’m a blogger, I carry around this cute white camera. It’s definitely one of my favorites because it’s lightweight & takes amazing pics.

11.| yoga mat: Gyms have yoga mats to offer but I prefer to bring my own. However, I don’t recommend bringing one to the beach. It gets warm and uncomfortable to use afterwards. Also hard to get the sand out!

12.| hand sanitizer: THE gym bag essential.  Lots of people go to the gym so bring a hand sanitizer for safety measures. Really great to bring along with your other bags.

13.| water bottle: Some gyms do have water dispensers, however, there are some that sell water or energy drinks. Bring in extra water bottles if you’re planning on working out a lot.

The Skinny Confidential shares what's her in bag.

Oh, and of course everything is kept in a lightweight, nautical bag! Just because it makes the whole situation feel that much cuter, ya know?

What’s in your beach/gym bag? Anything I’m missing & going to regret not adding?

xx lauryn

P.S. Share your flatlay pic on Instagram of what’s in your summer bag with the hashtag #athletainthebag to participate in Athleta’s summer bag campaign!

+ This post is brought to you by Athleta. As ALWAYS, all content, ideas, & words are my own.

The Skinny Confidential shares what's her in bag.

  1. Obsessed with those sunnies!!! I’m dying for a similar Chloe pair I fell in love with when I was freelancing there!

    Great tips. I keep Joise Maran Argan Color stick literally in my pocket. Well not literally but basically. It’s super moisturizing on my cheekies and the color it gives me is the bomb dot com.

  2. Scary being so grown up and organised.

    Amazing for digestion, your skin and hair.

  3. A summer gym bag is such a great idea… and I need to learn to start carrying sweaters with me too because I am always cold! The light perfume is a nice touch too… it’s always good to smell nice 😀

  4. Love Athleta. If I could live in their clothes I totally would. Those headphones are pretty awesome, are those the Frends headphones?? *__*

  5. OK, about the underwear thing, when I pack a bag for showering/getting ready for work at the gym, underwear is ALWAYS the one thing I forget. SO annoying, but I should take your advice and just keep a few pairs on hand so that doesn´t keep happening:)


  6. Because I’m a total clutz and super accident/spill prone, the only other thing asides from your list that I’ve got in my bag is a Tide stick. I adore those headphones, I keep my rose gold laylas in my bag at all times and a pair of the gold taylors at home. I know, I have a problem.

  7. Oh those sandals are SO cute… and the ear phones.. and the sunglasses… FORGET IT! It’s ALL adorable! Love love!

  8. oh gosh! I LOVE those clear round sunnies!! Anyone know who makes them? The link is to a black prada pair so I was wondering if anyone knew?!! <3

  9. I really need to do this, basically just leave a mini survival kit in my car haha! And one at my desk at work!


  10. Those headphones are so chic. Love white and rose gold like that. I need to start packing an emergency gym bag too on the go because I am constantly forgetting things. Plus, being over prepared can’t be a bad thing. Love all of this as usual.


    Sarah |QueSarahSera

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