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What’s In My Skincare Fridge

skincare beauty routine essential products by tsc Wait….

Do you guys want to know what’s in my skin…… FRIDGE?

Yes, you heard that exactly right. I’m talking about what’s in my skincare fridge.

Guys, I have a pink skincare fridge that I’ve been using for the last 3 months and now I feel like I’m ready for the big reveal.

You know I had to test it out before telling you guys about it. I have to do that with everything. I really want to have details and be sure of what I recommend to TSC community.

skincare beauty routine essential products by tsc

OH! You haven’t heard of skin fridge? Not a lot of people have, don’t worry. I’m just so extra. But moving into 2019 I think every girl needs a pink skin fridge, no?

I was getting very much annoyed that I had to walk to the kitchen every single time I wanted to get a chilled skin care product. You know, like my eye pads. It was annoying to do in the morning- you know I like to keep it efficient!

Now with my special skin fridge I can keep all my products in there, wake up, grab & go.

Let’s be honest, what’s cuter than a pink skin fridge in your bathroom? I mean, how retro is this mini fridge? So cute decorated with Woo stickers. We all need one.

skincare beauty routine essential products by tscskincare beauty routine essential products by tsc

Stay tuned because Michael will DEFS copy me on this- per usual. I’ll come home one day and all his Dr. Dennis products will be in a blue skin fridge. Let’s just wait for that.

Ok with that, I need to give a tour of what exactly is in my skincare fridge:

Glam Glow Masks

I love a mask that’s a little cold. Putting masks in the fridge gets them cool and kinda tingly. I feel like it just makes the masks works better, and REALLY tightens the pores. These masks were created out of necessity to work instantly for Keanu Reaves and makeup artists.

My favorite is the Gravity Mud mask. It leaves your skin feeling tighter and brighter plus it’s a beautiful silver.

Peter Thomas Roth’s Gold Eye Pads

I’m a huge fan of is Peter Thomas Roth’s gold eye pads. They are so good! I mean, 24k gold you guys! Gold’s anti-aging properties go back to Cleopatra’s days, which I’m very much about. These are firming, give intense hydration, and have caffeine to reduce puffiness! You know I’m here for it.

I’ve been known to wear these to the coffee shop and to restaurants on a date night. You guys know I have no shame when it comes to my skin.

Pink Ice Globes

I like to use these ice globes when I’m hungover or after a really upsetting night. You know the ones where you cry and then cry some more because you know your eyes will be puffy in the morning? These really help with inflammation.

They can be kept in the freezer but I like them in the fridge better to avoid cracking. These are so good for reducing redness after peels or waxing or microdermabrasion. I like to start at the nose, move out, and then down the neck. These help you look contoured, just like a Kardashian.

Collagen Drops

I love this little dropper that drops this amazing collagen on me. I like to put it on the tops of my hands, on my neck and on my boob area. Keeping these in the fridge and using the little dropper makes the whole experience very luxurious.

Watermelon Sleep Mask

It’s so nice to go to sleep with a cooling sleep mask on. It’s like getting a facial while you sleep. Now that’s efficient! This smooths the skin and fixes skin tone and dullness. It’s breathable and leaves your skin so soft in the morning. I interviewed the founders so if you haven’t listened yet, you should. It’s a good one.

I like to switch up what’s in my fridge, but these are my current faves. Oh, I also keep my gua sha tools in there, of course. Gua sha is just the best for ironing out wrinkles and reducing inflammation – it even helps relieve headaches. You need to watch the video with Mo to know more.

skincare beauty routine essential products by tsc
skincare beauty routine essential products by tsc

Keeping products in the fridge just adds an extra flair to self care, don’t you think? I keep my Ritual vitamins in there too.

So do you guys think it’s totally extra to have a skin fridge or do you want one now?

There are no rules! Have fun with it. You can find my exact one here, but if you want something a little less retro, there’s another version to check out.

I want to see what you guys put in your skin fridge, so post on Instagram and tag #tscskinfridge so I can stalk all of you.

Hopefully by 2020 I’ll have a huge, pink skin fridge in my bathroom to go with my makeup installation. Hint, hint Michael.

Chat soon!

x, lauryn

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  1. I love this idea although my husband would think I’m crazy and probably put his snacks in it instead. The perfect gift for a dedicated skin care lover!

    Angela |

  2. Lauryn, you mentioned on the podcast you could keep an ice roller in the fridge – do you think it’ll get cold enough for the roller? For some reason I thought we needed to keep the ice roller in the freezer?

    Thanks for the help 🙂

  3. Lauryn, you mentioned on the podcast you could keep an ice roller in the fridge – do you think it’ll get cold enough for the roller? For some reason I thought we needed to keep the ice roller in the freezer?

  4. Thanks for posting this Lauryn , just brought mine from and I love it

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