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What I Eat In A Day and The Bowl of Meat I Keep Talking About

What I Eat In A Day and The Bowl of Meat I Keep Talking About

Last week I put up stories on my Instagram that showed you exactly what I eat and drink in a day, and the specific way I eat my bowl of meat that I always talk about.

Eating more protein has a been a game changer for my body. I’m satiated, I have energy and you’ve heard it before – my hair the healthiest it’s ever been.

Anyway, to get everything all in one place for you, here is my entire day of food and supplements.

What I Eat In A Day and My Bowl of Meat:

+ As soon as I wake up I remove my mouth tape then I scrape my tongue (my fave is this one by Wellnesse). You should do this before consuming anything so you don’t swallow the bacteria that grows in your mouth overnight. Then it’s right into hydrating with tons of water that I keep right beside my bed.

+ Once I’m downstairs I’ll take Just Thrive probiotics, because they’re one of the only ones that actually survives the trip to your gut. And I’ll also do a water with fresh lemon juice, unflavored electrolytes or Kroma’s Cranberry Hydration Elixir, depuffing drops (sold out but get the debloat pills), apple cider vinegar, Quinton minerals, and colostrum (listen to this episode to learn more).

The tumblers I like for water concoctions right now are these glass ones and the Simple Modern 40oz ones.

+ After the kids have breakfast, Townes and I go for our circadian walk. When we get home I’ll have an Owl Venice bone broth with lemon, turmeric and Celtic salt.

+ Approximately 90 minutes after waking up I’ll do an iced coffee with raw milk. So many coffee beans contain mold and chemicals so I like Kion the best. Huberman says “you need to let some adenosine fix itself on receptors before you consume coffee.” You can get raw milk from the Farmer’s Market but do your own research. Most days I add the coffee alkalizer by Get Off Your Acid (use code SKINNY for 20% off your first purchase and get the strawberry kiwi minerals too).

primal kitchen ketchup
venison meat sticks

Michael and I think it’s the perfect pre-workout drink because it gives you a bit of protein, carbs, and fat, plus amino acids, antimicrobials, vitamins and minerals. Oh, and an iced coffee is best served with nugget ice. This is the machine I recently bought and I fully recommend it along with this white W&P Porter tumbler.

+ Around 9:30/10 I head to the gym to lift weights with yet another drink concoction. Creatine is the most studied supplement in the world and it helps increase your performance and strength. Momentous is the one I use and I have 5 grams with a school of Kion mango amino acids and I’ll sip it during my workout.

+ When I get home I’ll have a protein shake with Thorne fiber. The protein I like right now is Paleo Valley vanilla. I do 2 scoops for 26 grams of protein and 1 scoop of fiber which is equal to 10 grams.

+ After that I’ll have 3 poached or scrambled eggs with a bit of Primal Kitchen ketchup and a slice of sourdough with grassfed butter. Katie has been making sourdough for me, but I also love this one.

+ For lunch and/or dinner I have a big bowl of meat. I take Force of Nature ground beef or venison, cook it up and then top it with Yellowbird hot sauce, raw cheese, and Siete chips. For snacks I like venison meat sticks by Maui Nui, but Chomps and Paleo Valley have delicious clean ones too.

+ In the afternoon I’ll have a protein matcha with almond milk. Kroma’s matcha has 10 grams of protein and is ceremonial grade. Matcha is such a good coffee replacement if you’re looking to cut down on caffeine.

TSC Lauryn What I Eat In A Day

+ For something sweet, almost every single night I have 2 square of Hu Dark Chocolate almond crunch. So satisfying. helps me with my meal plans so I’m always feeling satisfied and eating what I want.

Throughout the day I take supplements like AG1, Armra Colostrum, Quinton minerals, Cymbiotika and Ritual vitamins. You can check out all my supplements here.

Upping my protein intake has been a game-changer and if you’re struggling with unhealthy cravings or just never feeling full, I highly recommend eating more protein. I’m a creature of habit so this is literally what I do every single day. Finding something that works and sticking to it is the way to go and not thinking about what you’re going to eat every single day saves so much time.

x, Lauryn

+ check out this specific skinny margarita recipe.

++ how I started losing pregnancy weight here.


  1. Hi Lauren, what do you mix with your protein + fiber shake? Just water? Do you froth it or mix it in a blender? All the deets please 🙂

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