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What a Registered Dietician Eats in a Day to Keep Things Right & Tight

The 3rd part of Danielle Hamo’s 3-part series is here!

I initially met Danielle through my friend Neda of Healthy With Nedi & I wanted to follow her immediately.

She is beautiful, smart, has a charismatic energy ( through Instagram ), is always looking to better herself &!!! she is a Registered Dietitian & Licensed Nutritionist.

Her tips on Instagram Stories are INSANE. & I feel like she has some really unique hacks when it comes to eating. If you missed part 1 & 2, I got ya covered. Scope her post on adding more fiber to your diet here & healthy tips, tricks & hacks here.

With that, let’s welcome back Danielle!

Hi again guys! I’m back with my third post for this amazing community. I thought it might be helpful to share what I eat in a day so you guys can get an idea of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. Not a crash diet! Not starvation! Not a juice cleanse! Just a normal, everyday diet of making healthy choices to feel your best.

As a dietitian, I always try to push for a healthy lifestyle instead of crash diets. Embarking on a crash diet, like a juice cleanse, may result in quick weight-loss, but as soon as it is finished, you end up gaining all the weight back, & sometimes even more!

I work with clients individually to come up with tailored plans to help them reach their goals based on their needs. Everything below is just what I eat in a day. I’m not trying to lose weight or gain weight, or clear up any allergies/sensitivities. It’s just the everyday way that I eat & it might not work for you. Or it might!

First off, I don’t make any hard rules for myself. What I mean is that even though I believe that lowering my dairy intake is a good idea, I don’t say to myself that I won’t eat any dairy ( especially because I love cheese & there’s always room for the foods you love! ). Instead, I try to work towards one serving of dairy or less per day. This is a better goal than trying to avoid a whole food group ( unless it’s for a medical reason ) because it sets you up for success & is an easier lifestyle change rather than a “diet.”

Also, banning a food like cake, white rice, or bread gives that food power & makes it even more desirable. But having these things in moderation allows you to enjoy it in the right portion. This is so much more doable instead of restricting yourself, then giving into temptation, eating a whole cake, then feeling guilty & eating more ‘forbidden’ food.

I aim to drink 3 liters of water per day & I’m a grazer. I have small snacks throughout the day, & usually have 1 big proper meal each day.

Ok, let’s get into my food journal!

What I Eat In a Day:

♡ Thursday ♡

Breakfast ( at home ):

Within the first few hours of waking up I usually have just an Oat Milk Latte ( Nespresso with vanilla pod – you don’t need to add sugar, it’s already yummy! ). I find if I do this, I am much less hungry throughout the day.

**For those who are trying to lose weight, I recommend they have their coffee unsweetened almond milk so it’s kind of like intermittent fasting. I think I.F. is good even if it’s done only a few days a week. ( More on intermittent fasting here ).

A few hours later, around 12, I will have a more substantial meal:

1 whole egg & 2 egg whites scrambled with a side of ¼ an avocado with lemon squeezed on it, sliced tomato, & a small piece of multigrain toast ( I like the one from the bakery at Whole Foods ).

Lunch ( around 2-3 pm, out ):

I ordered a tuna pizzetta ( raw ahi tuna on a thin crunchy base ) & minestrone soup with a small amount of freshly grated parmesan cheese. Also, a side of arugula & tomato salad drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

For dessert, a few chocolate covered almonds & a green tea with fresh mint leaves.

Dinner ( at home ):

1 sea bass filet baked in the oven ( brushed with olive oil & topped with lemon slices ) with oven baked broccoli, carrots, snap peas, & ½ of a small sweet potato. I also made a salad of butter lettuce, tomato, cucumber & radishes with a mustard balsamic dressing on the side. To make this super easy & low calorie dressing just whisk olive oil, balsamic, Dijon mustard, whole grain mustard, garlic powder, salt & pepper. Easy!

eat more fiber

♡ Friday ♡

Breakfast ( at home ):

A Nespresso Oat Milk Latte, then a few hours later: plain Greek yogurt ( 2% fat ) topped with 1/3 cup Nature’s Path Smart Bran cereal, a handful of blueberries & a drizzle of agave syrup.

Lunch ( at home ):

I made a lentil salad with a ½ cup of cooked French lentils mixed with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, & spinach with a dressing of lemon juice & vinegar. I also had 4 ounces of pan fried chicken breast with salt & pepper.

Snack ( at home, 2 hours after lunch ):

2 tablespoons of oil-free hummus ( Roots is a good brand but currently sold out on Amazon. Hit up your local Whole Foods to see if it’s in stock! ) with small Persian cucumber sticks & 1 mini whole wheat pita.

Dinner ( out at Nobu ):

I started my meal with miso soup  (very filling ) & then with the table I shared the following:

Yellow tail jalapeno ( a couple of pieces of raw fish with sauce ).

White fish dry miso ( a couple of pieces of raw fish with sauce ).

Crispy rice spicy tuna ( 2 pieces )

Spinach salad ( dressing on the side )

1 wagyu slider in a tofu bun.

For dessert I had green tea & one ice cream lollipop ( quite a small portion so it’s a perfect dessert ). I should also probably mention that I had some sake with dinner ( around ½ of a bottle ).

♡ Saturday ♡

Breakfast ( at home ):

2-3 GG high-fiber crackers topped with a thin layer of mashed avocado, 2 hard boiled eggs ( I take out half the yolk from each egg because it reduces the calories, fat, & cholesterol but still tastes the same ), a lemon squeeze & red chili pepper flakes.

Lunch ( at home ):

I made tofu tacos. I cubed firm tofu & sautéed it with taco seasoning on the stove. I had one whole-wheat tortilla ( or high-fiber tortilla if I can find it ) & 3 more tacos with butter lettuce shells.

I filled the tacos with tofu, Cholula hot sauce, a small amount of crème fraiche ( plain Greek yogurt works too ) & pico-de-gallo. Pico-de-gallo recipes are everywhere online. It’s a salsa made of tomatoes, lime juice, onions, & parsley & it adds tons of flavor to dishes for very little calories. I love making it!

Snack ( at home, 2 hours after lunch ):

A handful of raspberries stuffed with chocolate chips. I know this is a favorite of Lauryn’s too!

Then a bit later I had a small handful of cashews ( 5-10 ).

Dinner ( out ):

I had an appetizer of steamed globe artichoke & used a small amount of the sauce it came with. Sauces are all fat & usually over 100 calories per tablespoon, so being mindful of sauces & dressings is always a good idea. Order them on the side!

For the main dish I ordered chicken paillard with arugula & tomato salad. I usually eat half of the protein portion that is served because most restaurants will give you almost double what you need ( which is 3-4 ounces ). I asked for olive oil & balsamic on the side & put a little of each on my salad.

eat more fiber

So there you go! As you can see sometimes I have snacks, sometimes I don’t. making little lifestyle changes with tips & tricks is much more attainable than being on a diet. This way you can still enjoy your favorite foods & eat out with friends.

Eating in restaurants or on the go is a huge problem for some of us. We tend to get there hungry & so we crave a big burger or order a whole pizza for ourselves. One of my favorite tips is to share those treats ( pizza, nachos, cake ) with your table. For example, if you feel like a pizza, order one for the whole table to share as an appetizer. Then when it’s time to order your main, make a healthier choice like fish & a salad.

Also, fill up on fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, & high-fiber grains during the day so that if/when you go out to dinner you’ll be full of the good stuff! This way you can enjoy your treats in proper portions.

I hope you all enjoyed this post & thank you for having me back on The Skinny Confidential!

Hope you guys enjoyed Danielle’s post. Again, be sure to read her other posts on how to add more fiber to your diet, & everyday tips & tricks.

Keep up with Danielle’s Instagram Stories too. She provides so many quick tips & so much value.

x, lauryn

+ if you have trouble getting your water in, I have a trick for you.

++ scope why you have to get into GG crackers here.


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