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We’ve Launched Our Ambassador Program. Sign Up Now!

Ambassador Program TSC

Are you a content creating, skincare fanatic?

Do you love your TSC beauty tools?

Have you seen influencers open our PR boxes and been PINK with envy?

Today is your day because we’re opening up our ambassador program to 100 TSC community members.  

We’re looking for people who eat, sleep and breathe preventative beauty to join our Ambassador Program. And what better place to look than right here, to our circle of self-care gurus.

In exchange for content you’ll receive free products, exclusive perks and early access to new products. 

We’re fans of our biggest fans – YOU. So if you’re a content creator who loves the camera, join our ambassador program, it’s super easy. 

How to Join Our Ambassador Program

STEP 1: Apply using the link below and tell us why you love The Skinny Confidential products. We’ll stalk your profile and check out your content to see if we’re a match made in heaven. 

STEP 2: You’ll receive a special PR box.

STEP 3: Create content, get rewarded with more products and perks. 

If you’re passionate about skincare, love TSC and creating content for your own community, this is the gig for you. To start, we’re choosing 100 ambassadors so be sure to enroll and start the process asap.

Join the pink party.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

+ learn how to sculpt your body with Le Spoon.

++ more on how to use an ice roller here.


  1. The Skinny Confidential was the first podcast I ever listened to, and still listen every single week. Anything Lauryn recommends, I buy/do. She is the one who got me onto Replenix tinted sunscreen years ago! I am competing for Miss NE USA this year, as well as getting married, so doing all the skincare and beauty treatments. The Miss USA system got rid of the age limit this year, so at 34 years old I could be the oldest winner in history. I need all the things to help me stay young!

    IG is @miiichellelove

  2. Hi! I am so excited about this program. I am a new creator but growing fast on TikTok! @carolinewaynee I am a mom focusing on all things motherhood including prioritizing my health and wellness and self care! I am an og TSC listener and when I saw this opportunity I was so excited. Is there a date you will be selecting your ambassadors? And will you notify those that aren’t selected?

  3. Hi! I am so excited about this program ! I am a new creator but growing fast on TikTok! @_1kimberlyy I am a fashion and Marketing major focusing on all things makeup and fashion including prioritizing my health and wellness and self care! I love all things pink when I saw this opportunity I was so excited.!!

  4. Would love to be a part of the influencer ambassador program!! Absolutely love The Skinny Confidential and would love to promote the products through my Instagram (@zosbooknook) and share with my 20k+ followers!

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