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Mini DeLites: Tha, Tha, Thanksgiving!!!

Although Thanksgiving was amaze, I still felt like shit the next day. I figured I’d drank too much bubbly, but

Resistance Stretching: The PT that Fixed my Screwed Up Neck

Hi, I’m Lauryn & I’m an addict…at least when it comes to cracking my neck. No BS, I am literally

Why B12 Shots are AMAZEEEEE-!!!

No one likes to feel like a tired, lackluster old fart. You know what I mean…when you wake up with

Soda: The Disgusting Drink that Does Nothing For You

I hate.hate.hate soda. In my opinion, it’s the most unhealthy beverage ever. A tip for kicking a poisonous soda habit:

Europe’s Top Fitness Blogger Talks Healthy Living

Ahhh! So excited to introduce you to one of Europe’s top fitness bloggers, Danica [ her boyfriend, Rasmus, also blogs

Taste Everything, Eat Nothing

[ @ the airport { wearing JNB shark tooth necklace, sunnies [similar ], & Wildlife Works tee } ] [ The Arc

Sicko, Disgusting Airport Food: How to Avoid it At All Costs

[ Pineapple chunks & a shredded carrot salad ] [ Veggies + cheese + grapes + hummus ] Man oh

Questions/Comments/Requests ???

[ Halloween ’07: Pixy dressed up like her mom ] Reader question!!!: do you guys have recipe, snack, &/or topic

My Workout Group’s Fitness Tips + Day 2 Cleanse Update

Since we’re doing the cleanse together, I found it fitting to interview my favorite girls who I workout with on

Ugh! I Hate Getting Sick

[ Westin, Michael, and I at Wood & Vine in LA ] Yesterday we had to go up to LA

Detox Results: Completing the 3-Day Juice Cleanse Challenge

[ Elena’s cleanse results ] [ Me post-cleanse {{ you can find my neon pink shirt here & the white

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