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Whisper Method Manifestation and How it Can Work for You

Let’s get straight to the point on MANIFESTING. As we know, it’s all about tapping into the power of your

Le Depuff: Say Hello to Your Elevated Morning Spa Water

A couple years ago I was sent a bottle with a debloating supplement inside of it from a brand called

6 Cold Plunge Alternatives to Help You Chill Out

The trend of cold plunging actually isn’t a trend at all. Scandinavian countries have been big fans for a long

8 Benefits of Morning Meditation: Unlock Your Inner Zen

Taking time to relax your mind before your day starts is one of the best ways to achieve a nirvana-like

5 Non-Toxic Fixes From Darin Olien

Recently Darin Olien was on The HIM & HER Show talking about today’s ‘fatal inconveniences’ and minor changes that you

WTF is Mewing?

Have you ever heard of mewing? Well, it’s the easiest ever facial exercise that apparently has tons of benefits. It’s

Le Spoon: Your New Body Sculpting Tool is Here

Le Spoon: Your New Body Sculpting Tool The body sculptor of your dreams, Le Spoon, has ARRIVED.  You may already

The 15 Best Foods For Lymphatic Drainage

If you guys know anything about me, then you know that I am completely OBSESSED with the lymphatic system. I

The Benefits of Blueberries for Skin

BLUEBERRIES. The plump, juicy, delicious brain food & superfood we call blueberries are just fucking phenomenal for your skin. PHENOMENAL.

What Causes A Swollen Face & Puffy Eyes

Traveling, duh. In honor of traveling quite a bit already this summer, and getting ready for a trip to Italy,

Healthy, Easy Ways To Boost Your Energy

We could all use a bit more energy, right? Life is busy. For everyone. No matter your job, if you’re

What Is The Importance of A Daily Routine?

We all love a bit of structure, right?  Good habits are good for a reason. If you’re like most people,

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