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Weird Shit I Carry In My Purse

You guys know I love to keep it weird, always.

Today I want to share with you some of the random shit that’s in my purse. Maybe it’s weird or unusual, but for me, all these items are super useful.

Whenever I’m on the go, I just need to know that these are in my purse & easy to grab. We always want to keep things easy & efficient over here.

Ok, let’s get into the standouts & WHY these are perfect for your handbag.

pink vibrator for your face

This is in my purse at all times for when I’m feeling extra puffy from jaw surgery. You never know when you’re gonna need it ( but only use this if you’re not wearing makeup ).

FACIAL MASSAGERS ARE EXPENSIVE. They’re real expensiveeeee. I love my facial massagers more than my future first-born, but when I was in college there was NO WAY- like no way, I would have been able to afford a $399 facial massager. It just wasn’t in the cards, you know?

Mimi actually discovered this gem. The hack of a lifetime. The idea of the century. She’s basically Columbus.

You should know, Mimi helps coordinate my packages & one day this cute, tiny pink vibrator came in the mail…for me. TMI: I ordered it off Amazon, but like to have fun with- you know? ( That’s a whole different post, if you want it? ). ANYWAY: she had an A-HA moment & recognized that a $9 VIBRATOR is actually THE PERFECT FACIAL MASSAGER.

Not only does it fucking it work, IT RULES. Plus, it’s perfectly pink & tiny enough to keep in your purse. ( For more on this GEM, check out this post ).

lume cube

This was recommended to me by Thomas of Gal Meets Glam. He takes pics of Julia at night with this little Lume Cube. ( Listen to their podcast episode here ). I find this extremely helpful when I’m out at night or traveling. It’s so tiny & easy to use with your iPhone. It really helps fill in fine lines & wrinkles & is extra pretty with the Kirakira app on top. It’s waterproof, has a magnet, & has Bluetooth so you can wirelessly control the brightness.

eyebrow brush

You should know, brushing your eyebrows UP is more important than brushing your hair. These little pink eyebrow brushes are everywhere & anywhere in my life. I always have AT LEAST one floating around in my purse. These are great to have on hand because everyone could use a brush UP now & then…like Michael, always.

hot pink GG cracker case

This is actually a pencil a case. I carry my GG crackers in it, in case I want some extra fiber. I’m always low on D3 so I carry those pills in there, amino acids, cinnamon & a tiny bottle of extra virgin olive oil & champagne vinegar. Being prepared with this hot pink pencil case is perfect for traveling & on the go.

inulin vials

Having inulin fiber in my coffee every morning has become such a habit that it’s actually more like a ritual. So perfect when practicing intermittent fasting. I like to be prepared with these little vials that I can fill with inulin powder to take with me. I found these on Etsy, they fit perfectly in the pink GG cracker holder, & I feel like they’re very on brand. You could also put protein powder in here, or cinnamon, turmeric, dried herbs, any spices really- whatever floats your boat.


Because we always want to keep the teeth clean & the breath fresh. I drink so much mint tea to make sure everything is always nice & minty but having wisps on hand is so important I feel. You never know when you’re going to need a quick breath freshener. These clean in between your teeth & on your teeth. They’re small & easy to keep in your purse. If you’ve never heard of wisps, they’re these little prepared toothbrushes that are just the best if you’re always on the go.

♡  egyptian musk oil

Abdul Kareem Essential Oils Egyptian Musk is the scent. It comes in a small bottle & is avail for a cool $16 bucks. That’s right $16 bucks will make you cool as shit just like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Apparently it was her favorite scent & I find myself always trying to channel Carolyn.

I carry this in my purse always & put a dab on my wrist plus a dab on my neck. SEXY. Light but elegant & super chic. It’s a day-or-night fragrance & one you can wear alone OR with something stronger. Pick your poison. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to smell like a flower shop on crack, you will love this understated, effortless smell.

pink frother

You might already know about this from This is for the high maintenance psycho who can’t live without inulin, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom in her coffee. Hi…that’s me. No one wants cinnamon clumps in their mouth so this little device helps blend everything up into a smooth, frothy, delicious drink. AND, it’s pink. You need one of these if you don’t have one & love to add tons of shit to your concoctions. I have more than one if I’m being honest, & just like to have one in my purse at all times.

Hope you got at least one weird tip out of this post.

What’s the weirdest thing you have in your purse? The weirder the better- nothing can shock me. As always, get specific.

x, lauryn

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  1. So cute! I need to check out the lume cube, inulin vials, and wisps!!! I’m not really sure if what I have is weird, but I carry 10 of the same one pen and 4 of the same chapstick/lip balm LOL. I always feel like I’m going to run out/lose them!

  2. I carry ginger candy in my purse in case I get an upset stomach (I travel a lot and am prone to seasickness, carsickness, etc). I also love paw paw ointment which is an all purpose Australian ointment that you can use as chapstick (which is my primary use), as well as bug bites, burns, wounds, etc. Apparently Natalie Portman is a fan of it too. Lastly, I am never without my kindle because I am a total bookworm.

  3. Ok, so a few things I need to say. I need the Lume cube! Like how is a Diva ring fitting in my purse lol!

    I heard your interview on the Beyond Influential podcast and you described your target reader. It is LITERALLY me. Like, effing crazy how you nailed it. I’d love to hear how you came up with this “person”. As a content creator myself, I am wondering if I am writing to the right person, ya know?

  4. I definitely have my fair share of weird things as well. Great post, thanks for sharing!


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