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Weeeeeee! It’s the Weekendddddd!

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.


I’m so sore from yesterday’s workout; I can barely walk up the stairs, tie my shoe, or open a bottle of water.

So. My weekend will be spent in complete relaxation mode. Pixy & I are going to spoon, watch TV, read, & cook.


Hope you all have a healthy, happy weekend!

Love.L (& P)

  1. If you want to be happy do happy things. if you want to be heathy do healthy things. If you want to be loved do loving things:)

  2. Hi Lauryn!
    I’ve been reading your blogg so long, but now I have a question to you. Do you have any good tips or simple moves for hips? You know, I like my body all way but I feel my hips are too big. I’m not at gym, I like training at home, so could you tell how to get slimmer hips?

    I really truly love your blogg, it’s been helping me so much to motivate myself to get my dream body! Thanks Lauryn x 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for being a loyal reader, Elli! I would definitely incorporate Pilates three days a week. It will slim your hips up ASAP. Also, lots of water, stay away from too much alc, lots of veggies/beans/protein, & a low-sodium diet! XO.

  3. I know the feeling!!! After a particularly grueling kickboxing class this week I couldn’t move! Today was my first day back at it since Thursday. Xo

  4. Hope you got to chill! What workout left you so sore? Usually being super sore means you worked muscles that haven’t been tested in awhile 🙂

    1. I took a barre class and I haven’t taken one in a month. So it was all the teeny, tiny muscles. Lots of isometric movements. Needless to say, I’ll be incorporating more barre workouts into my weekly sch! : )

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