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Mini DeLites: ASPEN…& A Weed Massage

Weed Massage ASPEN | by the skinny confidential

Weed Massage ASPEN | by The Skinny Confidential { snow bunny pink }

Hi, hello from Aspen!

We decided to take a quick trip to one of our favorite cities to SKI. The weather is ideal right now & it’s also incredibly romantic. Of course Michael went crazy last November & bought too much snow gear so at last it’s being put to good use?

If you follow along on Snapchat you know we’ve been skiing, eating, exploring the snow…& EATING.

Since Michael is a way better skier ( don’t worry he reminds me every 10 seconds if I forget ) I decided to have a spa day yesterday & kind of shut off of social media while he hit the black diamonds.

No problem there because there’s really nothing better than a spa day.

Now here’s the thing about spa days: they come with different experiences.

To be real, you never really know what you’re going to get…

I feel like I’ve had my fair share of diverse spa situations while traveling: a male masseuse getting too close, the therapists who talked throughout the entire massage ( NOOOO! ), lots of lympathic drainage, & a facial with snail in China. Oh & we can’t forget my butt naked, aggressive, hole in the wall, scrub down for my friend’s bachelorette party?

I mean I’m all about trying new shit- anything & everything goes ( …but please don’t touch my vagina!! HA ).

& well, yesterday the spa got interesting.

When I arrived I undressed & laid on the table.

In walks this HUGE, BURLY MAN.

Ok, ok I’m good with that because I LIKE A ROUGH, DEEP, INTENSE MASSAGE.

None of that fufu shit.

So he starts to massage me & as he’s massaging he starts to kind of whimper & cringe whenever he rubs the cranial area of my neck.

Weed Massage ASPEN | by the skinny confidential
{ our hotel: The Little Nell }

Weed Massage ASPEN | by the skinny confidential

{ Aspen, showing off }

I asked him, “what’s wrong? Everything ok?”

He then informs me that he is a synesthete. The type of healer who can feel the pain on his own body when someone else has pain. He told me accidentally discovered this ability while in massage school. He was assigned to sit with each of his classmates practicing intuitive massage & when he sat with the first student, he suddenly had a horrible pain in his throat. Turns out she has horrible acid reflux. The next student, his knee began to throb. Well the man was in need of two knee replacements. Lastly he worked with a woman who had horrific back pain. Immediately his back started killing him.

So he discovered he had this ability & went full force into the career of massage.

The masseuse told me this ability ONLY happens when he can help.

So for instance, someone who has cancer won’t resonate with him. He doesn’t feel the cancer because he cannot cure cancer.

Interesting stuff.

He then told me he didn’t blame me if I didn’t believe him, he wouldn’t believe himself either.

I will say though: he REALLY HIT the spots on my neck that bug me from a lateral whiplash car accident.

So there’s that.

Anyway, you know me- I’m so intrigued & need to ask 100 questions to report back to you guys. Also I needed a good dinner story for Michael, apres-ski.



Weed oil.

Again instead of judging, I’m intrigued.

Here’s the thing: I don’t like smoking weed- it makes me lazy, hungry AF, & anxious. Also I’m not a fan of smoking in general- no judgement if you’re a smoker- I just don’t like it personally ( I’m more of a tequila girl ). HOWEVER I know a lot of people who have really benefited from weed ( that’s a whole other post ). I think if it works for you, do your thing.

As far as putting weed oil on my body, what do I have to lose? Nothing wrong with trying it.

He tells me that weed oil will kill all pain in my neck for 6 hours, that the benefits are endless, & this particular kind is fantastic for pain & all-natural.

So I tell the guy, “sure- lather me up!!”

Again, I’m thinking of mainly of my dinner story & TSC.

He proceeds to rub this magical weed oil all over my neck & back.

Nothing really happened other than I felt relief.

So of course, I took a picture of the tiny canister ( it’s kind of expensive for a few ounces!! ) & e-mailed it to myself to buy. I plan on using it on my neck when I’m in pain or on my wrists ( sometimes when I’m on the computer too much I get kind of carpel tunnel ). Also I think Michael will love a sexy weed massage. Debating on whether to tell him before or after the massage?

Weed Massage ASPEN 13 | by The Skinny Confidential

Anyway, when I came back to the hotel I researched the benefits for you guys. Check out this post ( << a great breakdown ).

Interesting stuff, right?

I’m feeling a follow-up post?

Before I go!! Some of you have Snapped me about these Aspen looks. Quick breakdown:

The two piece moments are from Sweaty Betty. I’m especially obsessed with the Christmas-y top & bottom but also LOVE the pop of neon on this top too. The pink faux fur jacket is INSANE. I scoured the Internet for this gem & only found it on this site. I wore a bunch of stacked necklaces the whole trip which are all by Belladaar. The black snow jacket is from Revolve- a real staple, every girl should own a good snow jacket. ALSO a bunch of you asked about the white furry jacket on Instagram- it was my grandma’s but you can stalk some similar ones at Nordstrom. To complete the look I added black Forever21 skinny jeans, super high boots, & this navy green hat.

Oh & lastly, I kept my makeup minimal with CC Cream ( a bit of powder too to set it ), an insane mascara, a good brow pencil, & MAC’s latest highlighter. Too much makeup in the snow is a no-go because I feel like it melts off.

OK that’s all. Have you guys tried weed oil ( apparently it’s actually called CND Oil )? Have you heard of it? This was news to me. I have to say I liked it. I would use it & recommend it to someone in pain. Stay tuned for when my shipment gets in…I’ll just be over here experimenting.

Happy Monday! XO lauryn

SHOP THE POST: pink jacket | holiday top & bottom | neon top & bottom | black snow jacket | green wool hat

Weed Massage ASPEN 2 | by The Skinny Confidential

{ I wanted to wear these everyday…but that didn’t happen! }

Weed Massage ASPEN 5 | by The Skinny Confidential


Scoop the snow look:


  1. Please do write a follow up post on the use of marijuana and it’s medicinal effects – would love to know about any experiences you’ve had!

  2. Those pictures are beautiful! I’ve always wanted to go to Aspen. Your massage sounds wonderful. I HATE when I get a massage and the girl is afraid to go too deep or hard. I almost always request a man because I feel like they really get in there. Never heard of weed oil but I wouldn’t be opposed…

    1. It’s beautiful there! I know I totally agree LOL. I love a good deep tissue massage. I’m glad I tried the weed oil. Definitely interesting learning about all of the benefits! xx

  3. Interesting. I would love to read more about it and how it works in comparison to other essential oils. Your pink fluffy jacket is the bomb!

  4. Hi Lauryn! Glad your researching the wonderful benefits of weed oil! I have massive neck and back issues do to an accident 7 years ago and weed oil is theee only thing helping me relax! But not the ”hemp cream” crap but the CBD oil, basically you have 2 different kinds of weed oil.
    1. Weed oil with THC (you will get high as fuck)
    2. Weed oil without THC but with CBD
    I use number 2, off course 🙂
    CBD has the following benefits:
    Anti convulsant
    There are thouuusands of stories all around the world about the benefits of CBD, it has cured cancer, some children with epilepsy started taking it and are seizure free! There are people with severe pain that don’t need any medication anymore, just the cbd oil 🙂 I just don’t know if its legal in America.. I live in the Netherlands so everything with the ingredient weed in it is a celebration over here..
    You should most definitely write a post about it!
    xo ries

    1. WOW that’s so interesting! I’m glad there’s ways to use it that have so many benefits for people. xx

  5. Cannabis has so many uses besides smoking it! Edibles with high CBD concentration are also amazingly effective for your body as we have our own endocannabinoid system to metabolize it – CBD is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, also helps you sleep well. 🙂 I know my dad who has bad back issues has benefitted a lot from topical treatments. Glad you enjoyed Aspen, I loved vicariously living through your IG pics!! xx

  6. This is me:

    Here’s the thing: I don’t like smoking weed- it makes me lazy, hungry AF, & anxious. Also I’m not a fan of smoking in general- no judgement if you’re a smoker- I just don’t like it personally ( I’m more of a tequila girl ). HOWEVER I know a lot of people who have really benefited from weed ( that’s a whole other post ). I think if it works for you, do your thing.

    Everyone is SO OBSESSED with CBD oil here in LA – seems cool tho??? Glad you tried it!!!

    Also love the Kim K fur vibes.


  7. I just loved this post. What a fun story! I’ve never even heard of weed oil but if it works I’m all in though!
    Btw – those S’Mores look sooo good! I am really craving one now 🙂

  8. I have never heard of weed oil, but I’ve heard of a bunch of celebrities using weed cream on their feet to numb the pain when they are on the red carpet for hours! I’ve heard it works wonders! Maybe something new to try?

  9. I loveee that pink coat ! So pretty ! Such an interesting story haha, I’m glad it worked ! Funny how things randomly happen like that lol !


  10. GIRL — you need to try weed lube! Endless orgasms. You can make it yourself with coconut oil and some weed, or buy it at a dispensary! 🙂

  11. First off – I love that pink coat! Second, I hadn’t heard of a weed massage before. However I know that there are many benefits to CBD oil – it is a great anti inflammatory. Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is something I’ve never heard, read or even imagined before, weed for massaging? Interesting! I am just curious how it looks or smell?

  13. Hi Lauryn! Just wondering where I can find a follow up post on this! I’d love to check out the weed oil, but the link you posted to the tiny canister/CND oil, is showing an error message on Amazon. Would love to know what brand your masseuse used!

  14. This looks like an incredible trip – I have to be honest, the weed oil massage really sparked my interest. An I know you said you don’t like to smoke, just dial in your dose love!

  15. I have also wanna try that massage that will give me a facelift because i really want to look myself out of being aged or looked old i want to stay young thank you for sharing.

  16. Amazing post, Which you have shared here about the weed. Your article is very interesting and I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing this article here. Pineapple Express Seeds

  17. I loveee that pink coat ! So pretty ! Such an interesting story haha, I’m glad it worked ! Funny how things randomly happen like that lol ! buy Cactus Cooler online

  18. It is true that cannabis can alleviate pain. It is also one of the medical recommendations by health professionals. Thank you for sharing this. I will tag this post to my family and friends.

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