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Don’t Listen To Negative Nancy & Debbie Downer…

Quotes by The Skinny Confidential.


I heard this quote a while ago from Michael’s dad, Gary AKA Gar-Bear ( my name for him ). There I was complaining about someone who was talking shit about me & he simply stated:

“Lauryn, the coyotes howl, but the caravan keeps moving.”

I had a minor heart attack. The quote is just goosebumps good.

So what’s mean exactly? Ok well, where should I start?

Let’s start with social media. The other day I was browsing a celeb’s Instagram. I went to look at her comments & I kid you not, 90% of them were people bashing the celebrity.

These negative naysayers are the coyotes.

The celebrity ignored the trolls & posted another positive Instagram a few hours later…AKA her caravan kept moving.

Sorry, coyotes!!

Point: life goes on, even if some will try to stop or talk against progress.

Make sense?

So as I’m reading these negative, rude, cruel comments, I started to reflect. In life everyone has an opinion about what you should do in your relationship or how you should wear your hair or why you should stick it out in a job that’s not for you or in general, just has negative things to say about your life.

My opinion? Do you. Do what works for you. Not someone else.

Let’s take this to a more serious place, shall we? This quote reminds me of when I was a bartender a couple years ago. There I was polishing glasses, making people drinks, carrying boxes, busting ass, etc. Basically doing everything I could so I could focus on building The Skinny Confidential during the day.

While tending bar I made some great friends…but I also had some…hmmm, interesting customers.

They would ask “what do you want to do with your life?” I’d say “I’m a blogger half time, but I hope to make it my full time career.” They’d then look at me as if I had ten heads & I was an alien from outer space attempting to abduct their children.

“What, HA are you crazy? You can’t make good money off that? What about working in an office setting? Working at home can be tough. How do you even make that a professional? I’d recommend having other options, Lauryn.”

Or they would laugh. Like, laugh & laugh & laugh. As if it was the funniest thing ever.

I’d simply smile & think “keep going.”

So I kept going & going & going…& years later, I blog full-time.

In all honestly, there was never any plan B. I set out to do something with TSC & I never had a back-up plan. This was always the goal. I kept my caravan moving, despite what these people had to say.

FYI, if I listened to what everyone said about blogging, I’d be bartending still. Sorry for the honestly, but I’m just trying- to keep it real, raw, & unfiltered.

( ALSO, I have to mention: when someone looks at you like an creepy alien, you’re doing something right…because honestly if everyone was doing it, it wouldn’t be as lucrative or ahead of the curve ).

Keep going.

In any case, coyotes are noise. Keep your caravan moving.

Later Negative Nancy & Debbie Downer! Vroom, vroom.

x, Lauryn

  1. Seriously, this is exactly what I needed to read. I’m trying to start up a little blog and was just talking to my best friend today about how I was going to need a lot of encouragement. As much as I have moved away from caring about what people think, I still do find myself caring at times. I’ve been so back and forth about starting this blog because it makes me feel so vulnerable. This quote is amazing and this post is just what I needed! I’m going to find a crafty way to put this quote up in my room!

  2. THANK YOU X10000 for this! I’m trying to find my way with the job sitch right now, and it’s so annoying to deal with the fear/doubt that comes from following what you should truly be doing. It is so wonderful to know that it’s so possible to do anything if you are willing to work for it.

  3. Amazing advice! I totally understand the whole speculation about being a blogger full time – I told my parents that’s what I wanted and they jumped right to, “that’s not a real job”. But I’ll keep on moving, and keep on working hard! Thanks so much. xx

  4. This is so true! Thank you for sharing! I’m glad you never gave up because I love TSC and your book! People always look at you funny when you step out of the norm and try something different but most of the time, that’s where you find the most success and fulfillment!

  5. Love this! Thank you so much for the inspiration and motivation to keep going! I too am hoping to make blogging my full-time job eventually; just started, but it’s something I’m passionate about so why not push myself and see if my dream comes true?

    You’re right about the last part too… if someone looks at you like an alien you’re doing something right!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this!! You are truly an inspiration to all girls out there. Your blog has changed so many lives and I’m positive it will go on changing lives for years to come

  7. Love this! You totally hit it on the head. People look at me funny when I say I’m a blogger too. My gf & I were talking about this a while back and I told her my fav quote about haters- You can be the sweetest, most juiciest peach but there will still be someone who hates peaches.

    Can’t please em all so why bother. Do what makes you happy!

  8. It’s crazy how the comments on anything on the internet are usually so super negative. It’s a bad head space to get into – thinking of the critics as your audience.
    p.s. found B12 methylcobalamin melt-in-your-mouth tablets! Thanks for the great info!

  9. Lauren – this is just what I needed to hear. I get the same kind of negative criticism from my parents about my career and life choices (I’m just trying to move to a new state dammit, not become a hooker) and it’s really hard separating that criticism from “they know what’s best” since they’re my parents. Thanks for sharing this quote – I’m really going to try to apply it to what I’m doing!


    1. Hi Sarah! It sounds like you’re doing what works for you and not for anyone else ( which is GREAT! ). xx

  10. This is SO good! I’ve never heard that quote before but I love it
    This was exactly the type of post I needed today, thanks for the motivation!
    XO, D

  11. lauryn this quote is amazing, thank you so much for sharing. in mexico they say “el alacran no tiene alas” to it 🙂

    i don’t know when i started reading your blog, probably years ago & its still the only one i literally check every day <3
    i am really happy you kept going! and this quote really helps me, when i started posting all my clean eating creations on ig, one friend said bad things and i was so upset, i totally stopped all of it. then i realized: this is what i love doing & made an ig besides my private one & i now i receive so many compliments.
    thank you a lot, for every post, theres a lot of work behind it!!!! & keep going 😉
    i will definately keep following your blog & your ig forever! 🙂 (my ig is @brainfoods)

    love from vienna (austria)

  12. I love, love, love this quote. I opened my own personal training business earlier this year and got a lot of unnecessary side-eye and unsolicited remarks about “still being able to find a real job” when I was ready. Nine months in, the coyotes are still howling but I have yet to have a single regret about leaving my law career.

  13. I absolutely love this article. I feel a bit the same right now I only have my blog as my one and only plan for my life and I’m freaking out coz I’ve just started and I’m going no where fast. It’s so disheartening I get like 0 traffic =(
    But I’m going to keep on trucking along and hopefully one day my blog will be as awesome as yours =D

  14. I so needed to read this today! I love that you just kept going. It’s really easy to give up and blame it on the negative nancies, especially when it’s difficult to tune them out, but to keep going…that’s something to look up to.

  15. Hey Lauryn,

    I have to say that you are just awesome. I had been planning to start a blog of my own for a while and frankly your inspo section helped me A TON! Thank you veryyyy much! After much thinking, I’ve finally published it….

    Hope you like it and please let me know possible areas of improvement. Again, thank you very very much for your wonderful blog!

    Love, love and more love,

  16. Love what you said about no backup plan.. Very Elle Woods: “What are your backups?” “I don’t need backups. I’m going to Harvard.”

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