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Hottie Honeymoon Vibes

Told you we were getting bridal on the blog… Trying to get in the spirit, if you know what I

The Best Damn Bride To Be Jumpsuit. Festive!

YEP, it’s finally TIME. We’re going to start getting REAAAL bridal on The Skinny Confidential. Not like in a gag

How To Dress After One Too Many Tacos

[dot_recommends]Wedding season is HERE. I mean, can’t you tell? I feel like love is in the air. The weather is

Another Little Wedding Update…REGISTRY 101

WEDDING POST. I told you guys I’d bring you along for the wild wedding ride SO here’s another peek inside

Oh La La, Sexy Wedding Lingerie ( NEED YOUR HELP DECIDING! )

Well today we’re getting personal. Real life: lingerie is a part of weddings. A huge part…right? I mean you gotta

Another Kind Of, Sort Of Wedding Update

You know what gets me excited about weddings? The dress. The right dress, of course. Like most girls I’m very

Wedding Wear Tips Coming At Cha

Ok, so I guess wedding season is technically over. But since I’m the worst bride-to-be on the planet, it’s very

A Pathetic Attempt At a Wedding Update

WELL HELLO!!! So I’ve decided if there was an award for worst bride to be ever, I would win. It’s

Date Night: Part II (AKA A 20 Minute Look)

So, you guys already read up on ‘Date Night: Part I‘…& well, didn’t want to leave ya hanging so here’s

How To: Style A Badass Mimosa/Candy Bar

OOOOOOOHHHHHH YESSSSSS, you read right: A MIMOSA/CANDY BAR. YES. YES. YES. Think: candy x herbs x music x berries x

So I Totally Interviewed My Fiancé <3

As you guys know I’m engaged to my best friend ( cliche? Sorry it’s true! ), Michael. I am VERY,

Date Night Details x Video

Sometimes I blog about my throw-together-last-minute-because-who-the-hell-has-time-to-plan-a-full-blown-sexy-date-night-once-a-week experiences, but I’ve never gone in to full detail. SOOOOooo today I put together a

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