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Wedding: PART I

our wedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding invitations | by the skinny confidential

Well hello.

Welcome to our wedding PART 1. I can assure you there are a lot of photos so this might be a four part-ish series. I figured the best day to kick this off was the day of love, NO?

Since I’m a detail freak I want to be sure I share a bunch of them with you guys.

Here’s PART 1. A BREAKDOWN of the pre-wedding set up.

The day started with me very much hungover. You could definitely have guessed that if you read about my blackout, diva moment.

Basically I woke up looking like Sloth from The Goonies because I was SWOLLEN! Immediately I called down to the spa & they sent up a sheet mask…which THANK GOD for because BOY DID I NEED IT.

If you know me you know when I wear a mask, I commit. So this mask did not come off my face for hours. Unfortunately I forgot my trusty ice roller...UGH. So before makeup started, I proceeded to stick my face in a bowl of ice ( what up ICE FACIAL ).

The whole thing was very efficient because the swelling definitely went down.

For the beginning, the vibe in our room was mellow. All of my best friends & sisters are non-drama. They’re relaxed & love to kick back, relax, & enjoy a glass of champagne. Which is exactly what we did because HAIR OF THE DOG? We ordered a big breakfast because I sure as hell wasn’t about to black out ( again ) at our wedding. The order included avocado, steel-cut oats, berries, eggs, watermelon mimosas, & LOTS OF SPARKLING WATER.

our wedding | by the skinny confidential our wedding | by the skinny confidential

As far as beauty goes I started with a manicure/pedicure. I choose this Deborah Lippmann color because it’s like this dark eggplant shade that very much matched the wedding’s aesthetic. To be real, it took about 2378423408 minutes to pick a color, which is weird because I spent more time on my nail polish color than anything? As I got ready, sheet mask & all, we listened to Kygo & my sisters and friends got their makeup done by my two favorites who also happen to be my very good friends. Kelsey Long did makeup & Shawn Knudsen was on the hair.

I will do a full post on wedding hair/makeup but in the meantime the vibe was: natural-ish makeup with A LOT of coverage/contour, NO eyeshadow, just a little liner, a big lash, & a simple lip. Nothing too crazy. Brows were bold, but you know that already. As for the hair we did a Kim K. wedding tuck-back. I love a good tuck-back. Reason being: it takes the hair off the face & lifts the cheekbones for an instant facelift. LOL. In some pictures my hair was in the back & some it was in the front.

I’m just not a fan of going fucking crazy on hair and makeup for a wedding ONLY BECAUSE the guy falls in love with you exactly how you are. So why look like a different version of yourself when you marry him, you know?

our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential

Shoes were simple but chic: Gianvito Rossi sandals in black. The height was ideal for the wedding dress. Very high- very simple. And I literally bought them the night before I left for Cabo…LOL.

Of course I wrote my vows two minutes before walking down the aisle…because that’s what I do guys. I procrastinate until the last-minute & then get all inspired and creative…HIGHLY ANNOYING for everyone involved including me.

I quickly typed out my vows in my iPhone notes as I got my makeup done. This part was so easy because…it was easy? I just knew what I wanted to say. In the video of the wedding for The Skinny Confidential we kept certain vows but cut a lot because you know, we gotta keep some stuff private.


The video was shot by Christopher Tran & he just captured the essence of our wedding…which was FUN. I figured I’d show the video before describing all the parts so you guys can see kind of what I’m referring to. I hope you like it! We wanted to make it FUN, FUN, FUN. Our crew of 55 people was constantly laughing- which I love.

our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential

Anyway, so I did a sheet mask, mani/pedi, hair & makeup in my Cloud Hunter robe. I worked closely with Megan, the designer, to design a custom robe in black & white. The sleeve was this INTENSE, LONG lace sleeve. We also designed Rosé-pink robes for all the girls. Megan is AMAZING. She really got my vision. I wanted simplicity here with a little twist. Nothing that said BRIDE, just maybe something everyone could wear after the wedding. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for robes for your wedding. Her stuff is just rad & she totally gets it. Stalk her Instagram here.

As for bridesmaids…I had none. To be honest: too much work. Most of the girls who we invited ( keep in mind 55 ppl ) would have been a bridesmaid. Michael & I just didn’t want to make people stand next to us and do the whole traditional thing.

I have to be honest here: never once, LIKE NOT ONCE, did I look at wedding etiquette or Pinterest. Because YAWN…& I didn’t want to be swayed. No Mason jars. Overall I am not super traditional. I like to do what I like to do. So bridesmaids just seemed like too much. All my friends & sisters know I love them…& they were bridesmaids in spirit. The girls all got robes, chilled champagne, & presents so they were all smiles…& buzzed. HA.


Also you should know there was a riveting man there: Dax. My sister, Faye’s baby. He’s the cutest little man on the planet. I’m so obsessed with him. He was SO good for being 3 months old in Mexico. He was always smiling. DAXTON IS CUTE RIGHT!

So for the gifts I worked with jewelry designer, Christen of CAM Jewelry to design diamond bras. Basically we designed this gold chain with little jewels on it. IT’S KIND OF MY FAVORITE PIECE EVER. I will be rocking it all summer underneath tank tops, dresses, bathing suits, etc. We did little pink TSC boxes for the girls & they all loved their jeweled bras. You can stalk the bras here– I am obsessed ( if you remember I also designed a choker and hand chain with CAM Jewelry for my Bachelorette Party & Bridal Shower too.)

our wedding | by the skinny confidential

The guys were obviously in a separate room downstairs…the same room that Michael was supposed to sleep in until I forced him to sleeping with me ( hey, I was drunk- LOL ). All his best friends gathered in the room & took tequila shots. I feel like they got kind of buzzed up but I loved it.

Their music was more heavy metal & rock. Definitely not the same vibe as our room. He didn’t do groomsmen either. Like I said we kept it simple.

our wedding | by the skinny confidentiallaurynmichaeltopselex-69laurynmichaeltopselex-70-gt

THE SECOND EVERYONE got to the wedding, I wanted them to have pomegranate margaritas ( half rim of salt, do you see the detail here? ).

There is nothing worse than going to a wedding & not having a cocktail.


So I made sure there were trays of pink margaritas for everyone waiting. AKA I wanted everyone drinking a fucking chilled margarita with a nice lemon slice while we got married. Mission accomplished…& I have to say they’re kind of really pretty:

our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential

We’ll talk about the black table-scape/black balloons next, there’s a lot to it. Also I’ll explain more about my gothic veil, wedding dress, ring bearer, & ‘minister’ in tomorrow’s post. Basically we had our best friend, Chris, marry us ( WHO WAS INCREDIBLE ). Watch the video & you can see a sneak peek.

Ok so much more to tell but wanted to get the ball rolling here.

If you’re planning a wedding be sure to check out the invitation process ( << because it’s such a fun way to get creative ).

our wedding | by the skinny confidential

Huge shoutout to Esoteric Events ( << table design ), Del Cabo Event Design ( << rentals! ), One & Only Palmilla ( << venue! ), & Arete Florals  ( << florals! ). More to come on all of these amazing companies.

Ok on that note: it’s Valentine’s Day so I really should get off the computer. I really want to watch Real Housewives with a cup of tea. For those of you who tuned in to Instagram LIVE- thank you! I had so much fun breaking down a date night look with you guys. I’ll definitely do more LIVE video- what do you want to see?

Hope you enjoyed PART I of our wedding…until tomorrow!

x lauryn

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{ photos } 

our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential

  1. Wow, getting emotional watching that video!! haha
    Absolutely beautiful wedding from the flowers, to the dresses to the drinks. Every detail spot on! And it looked like a lot of fun with A LOT of shots haha I like that you opted out of having groomsmen/bridesmaids. I struggle with this because I don’t want to feel like its a competition between my friends and it’s my mans second wedding so I also don’t want to go over the top. Maybe no wedding party would work for us too!

    Congratulations again you two! Cant wait to see what the Bossticks have in store next.

  2. So much YES. Every single detail of your wedding was amazing. From the first moment I saw your dress I was in love, and I’m STILL obsessing over it. You were a stunning bride. Can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding week posts! ♡
    xx Taylor | | @taylorwinkelmeyer

  3. I loved this so much and how you stayed true to you as a couple. People tend to get caught in the hoopla. Your minister was hilarious! xo NM

  4. What a fun video!! I’m obsessed with your wedding colors. Everything looked gorgeously perfect!


  5. Thank you for sharing your wedding video! WHAT AN AMAZING WEEKEND. I don’t think I could possibly get tired of your wedding content….its all so inspiring and all so you.

  6. Love love love that video! You look so incredibly happy, just smiling the entire time. What a fun wedding! xxxxx

  7. I love everything about your wedding! So beautiful, chill, fun and all the details are spot on. Love!

  8. Love your wedding video – so raw & real and cool. Can’t wait for more wedding content.. we are doing a destination wedding in Mexico as well and love getting inspo!

  9. Thank you for sharing that video! It was such a treat to get an inside look at the wedding that we’ve been hearing about. It was so wonderful to see all the love and laughter. What a greta way to start my morning!

  10. Oh my god, babe! That video is incredible. What an awesome way to remember your wedding! Epic. <3

  11. so, typically I’m not impressed with weddings… same old, same old but I LOVE this so much. from your teasers on IG I expected 100% vampy but you balanced the feminine side well. BRAVOOOO!

  12. You look STUNNING!! Love everything. Decor, Hair, makeup, dress, everything turned out beautiful! Can’t wait to see the rest <3

  13. Loveeeee it! Wedding Goals for sure. I am getting married in two weeks and am loving these posts 🙂

    Do you happen to know the brand/type of sheet mask you used??


    1. Thanks so much Lesley! Congrats on your wedding! I can’t even remember I own so many! It was probably just one from Ulta. xx

  14. Incredible! Best wedding video ever, hands-down. Your sweet, sincere and hilarious vows were my favorite part…And the dancing is a very close second. So nice to see you so HAPPY!!! 🙂 Congratulations, you two!!

  15. Love the table settings, love the decor, the videography is great, and you two are the funniest couple ever!!! Love it ! Congratulations. xo, Alisha Ricki | Life(Style) &Travel,

  16. I never comment. I know i should . But this was worth pausing over. Wow. Really incredible and the video was just amazing. You nailed it.

  17. Awesome, awesome, awesome post! Your wedding was stunning. I love that it was on the beach too. The mesh balloons I think are my favourite detail. I’ve never seen that before! Also loving the shoes with your dress!! Thanks for sharing the video with us too – it was like being there with y’all! Everything is so you, I hope you both are loving married life & can’t wait for more updates 🙂

  18. Fuck yes to the crown.

    Fuck yes to no bridesmaids.

    Fuck yes to the BLACK on the beach.

    F yes to doing YOU on your wedding day.

    I LOVE.

    Keep it up mama

  19. Thank you for taking all of us along this journey…. The video was fantastic!!! Congratulations to you and Michael!

  20. This video was so sweet and lovely–it made me tear up! I also LOVE that your guests were greeted with a marg for the ceremony. Perfect!

  21. I loved seeing everything about your wedding!!! I am actually in the process (very early stages) of planning a destination wedding. We are still debating Mexico or Hawaii, but I think to make it easier for our guest were going to go with Mexico. I would totally LOVE a post about actually planning a destination wedding from start to finish. I feel like I am lost in some ways! Everything looked so beautiful and relaxed which is exactly what I am going for small and intimate and basically just to feel like my fiance and I…not a stuffy traditional wedding!

  22. Even if a friend or relative can make a decent fist of the filming, they will surely come unstuck when it comes to editing. Without professional editing equipment and knowledge of what works when it comes to editing and producing wedding videos the final result will look very amateurish and certainly not provided a true reflection of such a beautiful day.

  23. Sometimes, even the best pictures takers cannot capture every memory because of the different lighting and angles that change during the wedding and reception. You also do not want to miss some of the funnies that may happen at the reception.

  24. Hi lauryn! I love your wedding dress. What designer is it? Could you tell me where you found it?

  25. I absolutely LOVE your wedding video. I am in the process of planning our wedding and have been on the fence about a videographer… your video gave me the push I needed and I am now emailing the photographer to make sure we add that on to the contract. So, THANK YOU for wonderful wedding inspiration. I love that you had a “non-traditional” (what’s traditional when it is your own wedding, anyway?) wedding theme – my fiance and I are similar in that while we are going to be practicing many of the Jewish traditions during our wedding, we really want to make sure that our own unique personalities shine through. And seriously… FUCK wedding pinterest. People keep asking me if I’ve checked it out and I’m like, HELL NO, that shit would have me WAY too stressed out. Thank you for providing some wedding inspiration without the anxiety-producing pinterest purgatory!

  26. Hey, you give amazing, something interesting, amazing, photography and blog and I love photography Everyone is looking to capture wedding moments. Here are some awesome wedding Photography in delhi at an affordable price

  27. Such a beautiful wedding! Would you mind telling me the name of the resort this was at? I’m struggling to find one for my wedding!

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