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Wedding Wear Tips Coming At Cha

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

Ok, so I guess wedding season is technically over.

But since I’m the worst bride-to-be on the planet, it’s very much fitting I’m a little late on this post, right.

Also, it works because I learned this summer.

Since attending a bunch of weddings this year ( I’ve been to more weddings this year than I have in my entire life! ), I picked up a few tippity-tips, ya know?

NOW if something is a faux pas on my recommendation list, please ( PLEASE ) let me know. Again, I am most certainly not QUEEN OF WEDDINGS.

In fact, I’m kind of clueless. Literally though, if one of my friends came to my wedding wearing white, I wouldn’t care ( what is wrong with me?! ).


I get it.

I guess I’m just not that savvy to what’s ok & what isn’t. So feel free to add extra education below.

Favorite ways to prep for weddings:

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

Ok, let’s get started, shall we? Going to discuss wedding wear to the max: hair, brows, lips, dress, shoes, makeup, tan, nails, you name it.

Hopefully I’m not committing any wedding crimes with my recommendations (!!!).



Ya, ya, ya, we all know I love a good tan. But not a sun tan. EW. I like a spray tan or at-home tan. I know there are a ton of chemicals in some spray tan products, but that’s the price I pay for staying out of the sun. Huge fan of balancing life like a checkbook. Especially when it comes to the sun. Personally, I’d rather spray than go in the sun. Do what works for you.

When it comes to wedding season I need a glow or I will look like Casper asking the usher for a brochure. No bueno.

I wrote a full-on blog post about a new vegan, organic, at-home sunless tanner that I like AND of course, it’s no surprise that I LOVE MY MYSTIC LEVEL 3’S.

Oh, & try leg makeup if you’re pinched for time. Trust me.

Nails!!! For weddings I like a light, pretty nail. Especially if I’m wearing a bright lip. Right now I’m loving Ballet Slippers or Marshmallow by Essie. Simple! These colors are described as sugary, soft, & sweet. Oh, & if you’re showing toes, do white or red ( because EVERYONE looks good with white or red toes ). If you’re not showing toes, who cares. LOL.

I love a pop of color on the lips. Maybe not right now…because I have full-on green rubber band braces, but when I’m brace-free? I love a hot lip. My favorite lipstick on the planet right now is ‘American Doll’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills— not sponsored, just obsessed. I talk about it every second but it’s just the best red ever. In this blog post, I’m wearing it with a red MAC lipliner ( I used the ‘overline’ trick, found here ).

To wrap up the makeup look, I always contour when I go to a wedding. You can find my whole tutorial here. When attending a wedding I like to do big lashes & mascara with no other eye makeup AND OF COURSE, I LOVEEEE a good, thick brow ( my friend, Kelsey did my make-up here— I just filmed a YouTube makeup video with her, so stay tuned for a fun Kelsey tutorial! ).

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


In these pictures I’m wearing this dark navy blue dress. I’m OBSESSED. It was an investment piece BUT I can wear it to tons of different black tie & wedding events. I absolutely love it. Navy blue is just the best color ever really. Plus it comes in ‘English rose’ pink too ( wedding appropriate, no? ).

If you’re looking for something less expensive & just as chic, check out this bad boy. It’s super pretty for weddings & looks so similar to mine, it’s kind of crazy!

AND if you’re looking for a pop of color, I’m very much about this deep red dress. I have it in purple-ish blue, but I think I like the maroon better for a wedding soirée.

For hair, I like it straight. Straight is always in. It’s not overwhelming & you want to let the bride shine so you don’t want to show up with full on bombshell curls. Sleep bun curls, maybe. But don’t go overboard ( I would never want to insult the bride! ).

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


Personally, I’m a huge fan of keeping it simple. A nude pump or a black patent leather pump is perfect for a wedding, in my opinion. If you’re wearing a super plain dress you could add a pop of color with a red kitten heel though.

This nude pump has been on rotation for me all summer & I’m definitely not mad about it. Plus it’s under $100 bucks.

If you’re feeling FIESTY, try out a leopard heel ( but not like a Vegas, bandage dress leopard heel… ). Just make sure to keep it simple up top. Also, if you’re doing leopard YOU HAVE TO DO A RED LIP. It just goes, you know?

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


I love a pretty clutch to complete an outfit. I fell head over heels in love with this gold-lamé clutch & I’ve used the hell out of it. It fits my phone ( YAY ), lipstick, mints, & a cell phone charger ( don’t kill me, Michael ).

You may notice the pieces I invest in are always staples that I can wear to black tie events. They’re forever pieces. Nothing trendy!

For jewelry, I keep it simple with my engagement ring, men’s watch, & maybe some little studs. Too many accessories is overkill, especially to a wedding. A thin anklet is always fun too.


wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

SO YAY! Those are my wedding recommendations. I hope I got it somewhat right. At least I know not to wear white, right?

A little wedding update for us: we currently have a wedding Dropbox folder and we…wait for it…did the guest list. AND we may or may not have booked a venue, more to come.

Ok, anyway please, oh please leave any wedding prep recommendations below. I kind of need all the help I can get for next summer’s round of weddings!

From bed…trying to relax ( really though, trying ), lauryn x

+ my pathetic attempt at a wedding update can be found here.
++ wedding pics are from my friend, Richard & Julez Fowler’s gorgeous wedding. 

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


  1. We’ve been invited to 5 weddings which are all happening in the next few months. I never know what to wear, what’s okay and what’s not. Great tips!

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for reading. I know, right? Who knew there were so many rules for weddings?? It’s hard to keep track of everything! Especially when you’re not like, super into weddings in general. lol! xx

  2. This post is definitely not too late for me!! My cousins wedding is next month and I haven’t even started thinking about what I’m going to wear or how I was going to do my makeup or anything really. Thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely be using them next month! xoxo

    1. Hi Sara! Nice! So glad this post wasn’t too late for you! Where is she getting married? Is it a big or small wedding? All that kind of stuff matters when picking an outfit too. Let me know, and thanks for reading! xx

    1. Thank you Steffi! Have you read by post (more like rant) about tadpole brows? Let me know what you think

    1. PERFECT! I’m glad I’m not too late for you! Tag me if you post a pic on insta!! I love seeing what you guys wear

  3. Lauryn, you are so incredibly beautiful! You always look gorgeous and stylish! & I can’t believe you aren’t excited about wedding. Maybe it’s because I have never attended to a wedding I am so obsessed with them? Anyways, whenever I actually do go to a wedding I’ll use your tips! 🙂

    1. Aww thank you so much Heidi, you are seriously so sweet. You’ve never been to a wedding? How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? I feel like when I hit 24/25 all of the sudden EVERYONE was getting married. I’m sure all of your friends will start getting married soon enough! xx

    1. Hi Melissa! LOL I know, right?? And I have posted about brows, lol it’s more of a rant than post, but here is the link:

      thanks for reading

  4. I like your approach to weddings with keeping it simple and neutral! I tend to go the opposite way, with fun colors and patterns – kind of like how the British express themselves with crazy hats at weddings! I feel like it’s okay since the bride is all in white and it’s so opposite from that. Always paired with neutral accessories, shoes and makeup though. 🙂

  5. OMG. I was shopping online yesterday for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, and thought to myself that you would have some great tips. Girl we must be on the same wavelength. I ended up getting this one from LuLu’s but can’t decide between a nude or white clutch!!

    1. Hi Erin!

      Loooove the dress! SO PRETTY. I think you really can’t go wrong w either nude or white. I would personally pick nude I think. But that’s just me!

      Let me know what you end up deciding!


  6. Yeah, I don’t know about this. Unless it’s a SUPER formal black tie wedding at a SUPER fancy venue that starts after 5pm, I would try to avoid wearing a black dress if at all possible.

    1. Hi Chelsea! This is just what works for me, but yes day time weddings you can totally go with a lighter color if thats what you’re in to

  7. How exciting!! I just finished up wedding season as well. I hope you caught the bouquet. 🙂

    -Heather M.

  8. I still have 2 more weddings this season, so this post is definitely not too late! Looove your makeup- you look stunning!! I will be reviewing your You Tube videos before my next wedding for sure! Good luck on your own wedding plans AND on resting/healing!!

    1. YAY! So glad I caught you before your wedding season ended! And thanks for the kind words about resting. I am working on it!

  9. I was just in a wedding last week, and I agree with what you have pointed out above. I think it used to be a big no no to wear black to weddings, but I really don’t think it is anymore. I know I have, and have seen many others, do it before. Keep the wedding posts coming. I’m currently planning my own wedding too….or avoiding planning??

    1. Hi Annette, ahh are you having trouble with getting to work for planning as well??? What have you planned so far? What are you planning? So good to know I’m not alone in procrastinating planning my wedding. Thanks for reading

  10. i personally hate to wear a dark color to a wedding – i follow that old school etiquette edict that a wedding is a happy event, so you should wear a bright color to emulate that. not everyone follows that anymore, which is an even better reason for me to follow it – i’m not thousandth girl in the room wearing a dark (black) dress, and i’m not wearing white!

  11. My best wedding tips–

    For attending weddings where you are not in the wedding party– wear something that will photograph really well, which usually translates into something simple, classic and figure-flattering. There will be so many pictures, including ones the bride and groom will look at forever, so go for something that photographs best if you are torn between options.

    For your own wedding– look into a special wedding perfume. This is basically a new-to-you scent that you wear for the first time on your wedding, and throughout your honeymoon if you want, and then after that only on special occasions. Scent is such a strong memory trigger, so every time you where it in the future you and your soon-to-be-husband will be reminded of your special day. If you do this, of course test it before choosing and casually wear it around your fiance once (don’t mention what you are doing), just to see if he has any reaction, positive or negative. This saved me from almost buying one my husband HATED.

    1. Hi Whitney! I loooove the perfume idea! How fun! Such a good idea, thank you! Def a good idea to be sneaky and wear it around him a few times. Love it! xx, thanks for reading!

  12. A) You guys are the hottest couple. Like ever.
    B) Love all those shoes!!
    I’m also such a big fan of clutches and big statement jewellery to dress up simple dresses. Good luck with the wedding planning! I believe in you!!!

    1. Thanks Pia! You are sooo sweet! i really need to get on the wedding planning, like, SERIOUSLY need to get on it. Thanks for reading

  13. Thanks so much for these lovely tips! My cousins wedding is next weekend in Santa Barbra and I’m stressing big time on what to wear. Do you think a maxi dress with a good statement necklace is appropriate? Thanks so much! ?

  14. Perfect timing as usual! I was legitimately texting all my friends asking if wearing black to a wedding is okay, and if I could wear a white patterned DVF dress (I’m soooo bad at this). I’m so glad to see you in a red lip and a dark dress, it’s my go-to look for life so that’s perfect. Buying one of those dresses today!

    Girl those brows, I need to do whatever I can do get some brow game like yours.

    I love it.

    Thank you, hope you’re feeling better, and resting 🙂


  15. It’s disgusting how excited I am to hear about your wedding updates! But I think this post was PERFECT! I wouldn’t mind if someone wore white to my wedding either (GASSSSSSP!) I think that’s the difference between someone who is high maintenance and hung up on petty issues and a person who is confident in themselves and their love with their partner.. just looking to celebrate and have a good time! Like WTF cares what you wear to my wedding?!! Haha

  16. Hi Lauryn! Thanks for the tips! Question: is it okay to wear red to a wedding? I’m attending a wedding in October and have a red dress, higher scoop neckline ( no boob showage) and skater skirt. Thicker fabric, but bright red. Thoughts?

  17. This is perfect! I think your wedding wear tips are spot on! I love how you are so careful not to insult the bride. Thanks a bunch for sharing, lovely pictures, and wonderful tips, as always!

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