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Remember that one time I made my whole family reshoot my wedding photos?

Who does that, you ask? Me. No shame here at all.

I was late to the wedding so the light wasn’t where I wanted it.

Plus if we’re being totally honest my vision was a black background & Cabo’s blue ocean & green grass just wasn’t cutting it.

So I did what I do best & set out to create the vision I had in mind- HA.

This included an annoying group text to my entire family. What do people hate more than having to get dressed up on a Thursday in wedding clothes to take pictures? Group texts. But I digress.

They’re both pretty bad.


Just can’t help myself.

ANYWAY! I should mention: YES, it IS a week-ish after my anniversary but this post has been on my to-do list because why not? I like to bring you guys along & feel like you got the experience of the wedding reshoot on Snapchat & IG Stories but not on the blog.

So here’s a post showcasing just how crazy I am!! TRUE COLORS ARE OUT. Michael, of course, complained the entire fucking time & then proceeded to post the pictures on Instagram because he loved them. Such a guy right. They complain & then they claim the image as their own. Like he was basically the creative on the shoot in his mind.

While we’re talking about weddings you should know we’re featured in Exquisite Weddings too- so pick up a copy if you see one! Or read more here. Sneak peek:

lauryn michael bosstick wedding feature lauryn michael bosstick wedding feature lauryn michael bosstick wedding feature

For those of you who asked, I wanted to do a quick breakdown a la Into The Gloss-style of the wedding day prep ( by the way, I have been meaning to do this post FOR A WHILE, so like I said since we just celebrated a year, I figured this was the ideal time to FINALLY post this- LOL? Always late ).

wedding prep guide by the skinny confidential



I cut back on carbs big time. Every morning I started with a green smoothie with lots of ginger, lemon, maca, & pearl powder. Obviously this included a lot of greens too. Protein was big on the agenda & lots of fiber like chia, hemp, & flax seeds.

I definitely detoxed too. I drank a lot of the TSC Detox Drink every morning & ate very, VERY clean. By the time my wedding rolled around, everything was pretty tight. I went easy on the alcohol too before the wedding which is why I legit blacked out the night before we got married. What can you do.

I also did a lot of cupping & acupuncture before I got married because it VERY MUCH helps with inflammation ( I especially love facial acupuncture ). Cupping is great for the lymphatic system ( remember my spider bite story? HA! ). I go to Taylor Taylor ( two last names, YES! ) in Hillcrest, CA. I had chiropractic visits here & there with Patrick too. For the record I would have gotten a colonic had I known more about them ( BTW, a post on THIS experience is coming soon ).

♡ | BODY

For my body I focused on a lot of yoga & Pilates. Since I wasn’t eating as much as I normally do, strength training had to happen only two days a week. I did the 27 minute TSC Bombshell Body Guide workouts with Kim Kelly, yoga 3 times a week, & Pilates once a week. Everyday I tried to sweat. I feel like you want to look fleeky for those photos, you know?

The yoga I did was elongating. I don’t like hot yoga. In fact, I find hot yoga very distracting. I like to flow- the reason yoga was such a theme before my wedding was because it keeps me grounded. A lot of clarity happened in yoga, pre-wedding. I highly recommend it.

♡ | FACE

BOTOX! This happened 2 weeks before I walked down the aisle. I did my forehead area. Two weeks before the wedding was just the right amount of time for the Botox to settle. Read more about Botox here.

THEN! Facials were very important. I went to Lindsay at Browtique to do oxygen facials. The oxygen is super good for your skin & really cleans out the pores when you mix it with extractions first.

My skin care routine was strict as shit. This meant washing my face twice a day. I used tons of oils like this one, a shit ton of moisturizer ( love this blueberry cream ), & OF COURSE a lot of facial massage. Skin care should be upped before a wedding in my opinion. Like gold intense sheet masks x 2304823048, you know?

+ Note: make sure you give your skin a week between the facial and the wedding. You don’t want to be broken out. Oh, & if you get a pimple- no fear, just read this post.

♡ | NAILS:

I went with Shellac. I did this pretty eggplant tone on both my nails & toes ( if we’re getting specific: Deborah Lippmann’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ ). The shape was VERY square & short. I kept it simple here because I wanted my skin & dress to be the stars of the show, not my nails.

I like Shellac for nails & toes on certain occasions. Occasions where you don’t want to worry about shit ( like your wedding ). There’s no chipping situation happening. Love that. I go to Tippy Toes in Hillcrest.

If you’re not a Shellac fan, I have you covered with these tips.


MY OG TEAM, Kelsey Long & Shawn Knudsen came down for the wedding so they had me covered here. For wedding makeup, I wanted to look like myself! So we did a bold lash ( this one is my fave always ) & dewy skin. Nothing too crazy. For the hair, we left it down & tucked it behind my ears. I did this because of the veil by Eden Luxe Bridal. I wanted the veil to lay nicely on my head. Basically my hair was the opposite of Shirley Temple, it was more of an old Hollywood light wave.

♡ | BROWS:

Double tint FOR THE WIN. The second before I left for Cabo I asked Lindsay of Browtique for a natural brow shape with a double tint. Of course we did dermaplaning on my face too. This leaves your skin brighter, smoother, glowing, and more youthful while removing old, dead skin & peach fuzz. WIN/WIN. I recommend doing this step three days before a wedding or big event. Listen to her episode on TSC Podcast if you want a REAL, crazy breakdown.

♡ TAN:

Spray tan always. You can read about my spray tan tips here. But make sure if you’re blonde you check out the violet tone shades- they’re SO flattering on blondes. I sprayed three days before I got married so I wasn’t offensively tan. Also: make sure you use moisturizer before walking down the aisle. There’s nothing better than a glowy, light tan that’s NOT gonna get on your white dress!


Thanks to my family for letting me torture them in these pictures…WAIT, should I make Michael’s family do this too?

Off to make cauliflower rice- I’m on a kick.

Happy Monday, love your favorite savage- x lauryn

+ YES, more wedding: The Welcome Party | Part I Rehearsal | Part II Rehearsal | Part I Wedding | Part II Wedding

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  1. I am getting married in exactly one year your pre-wedding prep is such an inspiration! And I can completely understand why you would want to wear your dress again and take pictures one year later…(where is your dress from btw?)

  2. I am getting married in exactly one year your pre-wedding prep is such an inspiration! And I can completely understand why you would want to wear your dress again and take pictures one year later…(where is your dress from btw?)

  3. You’re the best! Looking so gorgeous, I applaud you for your honesty AND why not reshoot photos whenever you want? You know everyone else was happy about them, too! Thumbs up!

  4. A reshoot? that is cool.
    Anyway, your efforts worth it. The photos look amazing. Nice job. Intense passion towards what you do. No doubt, that takes you to heights.

    Best Wishes
    SM Wedding Planners – Chennai

  5. Wow, you guys look great! I’m a makeup artist myself and I haven’t seen this kind of makeup done perfectly. Your essential pre-wedding tips are important and should not be overlooked.

    In terms of makeup, I love using airbrush makeup, because it goods such a flawless look, I’m wondering if you used that makeup, because your skin looks so natural with in the photoshoot.
    This post is definitely getting a share on social media!

    May Luna

    1. Hey May,

      I looked at your website and it does seem like airbrush makeup is the way forward. However, I’m sceptical weather it’s easy or not for a total novice like me to learn how to use this airbrush makeup system. Is there a certain skin type it works for and I’ve got acne scars, so would that be a problem?

  6. OMG, I am surprised to see your amazing photos, Dear You look gorgeous in it and the black background looks perfect with all of you!
    You did great job and that for sharing this perfect pre-wedding prep with us as an inspiration

  7. Hey, you give amazing, something interesting, amazing, photography and blog and I love photography Everyone is looking to capture wedding moments. Here are some awesome wedding Photography in delhi at an affordable price

  8. What a stylish photoshoot this black lift your photos to another level. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pre-wedding prep tips.
    I must say again what a beautiful shoot. 🙂

  9. Amazing pictures! All of you looks amazing. I liked the black background. It matches with your dress and makes pictures extra awesome. Nice idea of re-shooting wedding photographs because it is memory for the lifetime.

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