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Wedding: PART II

wedding week | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidential

Hi, hello from Boston!

So we already recapped PART I, now it’s time for PART II. I know what you’re thinking…does this ever end? Well not really because there are like 3 more PARTS. What can I say? There’s a lot of content to go through & I want to bring you guys along. However I can’t post a million posts at once, I have to take it slow.

With that, let’s get into today’s post k?


Honestly I think it made the wedding dress. We will get to the wedding dress but the veil was just so magical. Initially my friend, Eileen, texted me her amazing veil & I was immediately inspired to do something just like it. She had an INTENSE veil. LONGGGGGG, FLOWY, DRAMATIC, JUST ABSURD almost. So when EDEN LUXE Bridal reached out & I checked out Heather’s Instagram– I immediately knew it was a fit. Her vibe is on point. Heather was a fucking rockstar. She crafted the most beautiful handmade veil with a gold crown. Honestly if you’re looking for a veil for your wedding, HEATHER IS 100% THE WAY TO GO.

laurynmichaelwedding-407-gt laurynmichaelwedding-405-gt

EDEN LUXE Bridal crafted my headpiece with hand painted brass leaf & floral components wrapped in wire.The veil was made with Chantilly lace & black accents ( < < I had to have a black accent ). The black was used for the veil edgings & was cut using beautiful tiny little Appliqué scissors out of a larger piece of lace fabric from France. She then hand sewed it on the bridal ‘white English net’ with special delicate Japanese SILK Thread.

The company uses the highest quality materials available. They legit use lace pins, needles, & sewn implements imported from centuries old makers from England & Germany. INSANE & SO ROMANTIC.

Pretty much I’m obsessed with Heather. She loves a detail. Stalk her stuff here.

A veil is so fun & classic. Add a spin by making it super long or adding a black detail. The veil really made the dress !

wedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidential

The little pink package in my hand above was for all the girls. It was a jeweled chain bra. I designed it with jewelry designer, Christen of CAM Jewelry for my sisters & best friends. Good thing because I can’t stop wearing the diamond bra.

Like I’ve said before the baby pink & white/black robe was designed with my girl, Cloud Hunter. She was incredible to work with & really got my vision. The sleeve detail was a real plus.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT DAX, MY NEPHEW on Faye’s lap? He literally chilled the whole wedding. Dax is the most incredible little man, he hung with the girls the whole time.


wedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidential

As for the music, I walked down the aisle to The Girl From Ipanema ( what up Bossanova ) as a tribute to The Nanz & my godparents. To keep the contrast we walked off to some American horror punk aka Hybrid Moments by The Misfits ( download it- it’s a good one ). Wait, should I do a wedding playlist? Kind of fun?

As for the actual ceremony, my friend, Chris Beaton married us. He is really incredible. Chris has known me & Michael since we were 12. He’s seen every phase, good, bad, the ugly. To have him marry us was really symbolic because it made sense that he would kind of induct us into the next step, marriage. Chris was so sweet about planning out what he was going to say. He like interviewed me, Michael, my family, Michael’s family, & my friends and put together this beautiful speech. Most importantly, he was FUNNY. THERE WAS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS. We wanted funny, nothing boring. Nothing long. Just witty.

While Chris was marrying us everyone was sipping on pomegranate margaritas. The second he announced us husband & wife, glasses of chilled champagne were passed out to the whole crowd to do a cheers. We made out & Michael grabbed my ass SO HARD- lol. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

wedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidential

Immediately after the ceremony we had 5 seconds of light to take family photos.

Our poor families.

This is why I made the executive decision to re-shoot my wedding photos. The light was just not up to par. Can anyone sympathize with me here? If I’m going to spend the money to throw the wedding & do it the way I want, I need good light. SOOOOooo when we got back to the States I made my whole family dress up again. This is a whole different post, we will get there…& I’ll share the vampy photos.

Anyway, for one second we shot some family photos & then it was on to the bar…haha. You should know I got a fucking UTI the day I walked down the aisle ( I haven’t gotten one in so long thanks to this tip, but for some reason the stress, sex, & weather got to me- UGH ). I TOLD YOU SHIT GOT CRAZY AT THE REHEARSAL DINNER. So I had to handle that- quickly. After that situation was kind of handled, I came down to chill & drink with everyone.

Before I get into the rest of the story…

Be sure to watch the video!


wedding | by the skinny confidentiallaurynmichaelwedding-340wedding | by the skinny confidential

Honestly I cannot stress how glad I am we did a small wedding. For me, it worked. I’m not saying it works for everyone BUT it was so nice to be around people who were just there to be supportive.

I discovered I absolutely did not want a big wedding after TSC Book Launch Party. Here’s the thing: you forget the night if you’re just glad-handing people & saying hi, hi, hi. I wanted intimate conversation not surface level. I didn’t want to say hi to everyone my whole wedding ( hence the 4 day extravaganza ). The wedding is supposed to be about the couple getting married so to have to say hi to a million people just seemed……pointless? Boring? Not important? Is that bitchy?

Anyway, so the point is I’m very glad we did a very intimate wedding.

BUT I think everyone should do them- if you like a crowd, do a crowd. If you want to go to City Hall by yourself- do that. Do you. It’s your wedding. YOURS. All yours.

wedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidential

Shoutout to Esoteric Events ( << table design ), Del Cabo Event Design ( << rentals! ), One & Only Palmilla ( << venue! ), Bliss & Baker ( << invites ), & Arete Florals  ( << florals! ). More to come on all of these.

With that, I’m off. We are in Boston & I’m starving! Any recommendations? We are thinking of going to Yvonne’s. Thoughts? Be sure to follow along on Snapchat– especially if you’ve never seen Boston. It’s beautiful!

Happy Wednesday guys!

x lauryn

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wedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding | by the skinny confidential


  1. Yvonne’s is awesome! The same owners have another restaurant, Lolita, that would be totally up your alley. Mexican and margaritas that are UNREAL. They win every award out there.

  2. Lauryn, the video is amazing!! Wow, I love every. single. detail. about your rad wedding. Simply beautiful. (this is Melanie, the wife of Kaleo from Pepper btw. Met you at LRO gala…) We also had an intimate wedding, and you’re so right… it felt so comfortable and easy because we personally knew, and loved so much, everyone there. Excited to see Part 2!

  3. You’re so creative, Lauryn! I love that you made your wedding all your own, and then encouraged all of us to do the same! It was all so beautiful :)) & I def cried at that video – so sweet!

  4. I have been dying for the next wedding post! Absolutely gorgeous and am loving every detail. And I am sooooo glad you mentioned the ass grab! I didn’t want to overstep so I am thrilled to share that when I watched your video the only thing funnier than that moment was the look of satisfaction/triumph on Michael’s face after doing so. Hilarious and so you two! And for the record – I don’t find your thoughts on a smaller wedding bitchy at all. We had a small (50 person) wedding due mostly to major financial constraints and it was BEAUTIFUL! I highly recommend and echo your sentiments on it all. The best compliment we received was from one of our long-time guy friends who said it was the best wedding he’d ever been to because it felt like US. So often you walk into a wedding and it’s very clear that someone’s relative (financial control, anyone?) took the reigns and ran away with it and the vision doesn’t match the couple at all. You say it best and I encourage folks to do the same – YOU DO YOU! Well done and thanks so much for sharing with us!

    1. That’s so good to hear lol. I was kinda nervous it sounded bitchy lol. Thanks for the support Jessica! xx

  5. Wedding Pictures are stunning ! I’m from the Boston area, you must try Mikes Pastry in the North End. Its famous. you wont regret it, and with the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day upon us, Joseph’s in Southey. UGH, so good.

  6. I could not love this more. I am so obsessed with your wedding. PERFECT. Honestly, so similar to what I want when I get married. I only want people there that we both truly WANT there, you know? I would hate for what’s supposed to be the happiest day of my life to be ruined by the random people being there that I just feel like we should invite, for whatever reason that may be. I love how you just took charge and had zero shame in doing exactly what you wanted. And it turned out insanely beautiful, and your love for Michael and your relationship just shines through in everything. So gorgeous!

  7. Before, whenever I heard black and gothic used to describe a wedding I always pictured depressing ballrooms dressed in black but I LOVE how you did yours. The fact that it has so much light because it’s on the beach but contrasted with the dark decor. Just love. Can’t wait to see more.

  8. I love this! I was never a fan of ‘destination weddings’ but you took this out of the ball park. Nothing lame or tacky or kitschy about it, even if it was in Mexico. Kudos to you and congrats!

  9. Your wedding video is soooo beautiful!! Cabo is my absolute favorite place in the world..WEDDING GOALS for sure!!!

  10. Love Love your headpiece and veil!!! I definitely will be using her for my headpiece and veil.

    Also, I want to design my own robe for my destination wedding in Novemeber.Do you have any promo codes for either EDEN Luxe Bride or Cloud Hunter Co. Just curious if you do?

    Thank you beautiful.

    P.S. You killed every single detail at your wedding. I love your vibes. and I love how you make people get done exactly the way you want it, no matter what. True Boss Babe. Swoon

  11. Did you put any pictures of you and Michael on your save the dates or invitations to the wedding? I am so obsessed with the vibe you used. I definitely will be using that same website. If you have any promo codes for a sista’ it would be greatly appreciated!!! =fianceonabudget =notfuckingfun LOL/

    Thanks doll

  12. 1. I’m so glad you went to the Liberty Hotel when you were in Boston (hi, I’m a snapchat stalker) because I feel like it was right up your alley. did you like?

    2. loving what you said here about a small wedding –> “The wedding is supposed to be about the couple getting married so to have to say hi to a million people just seemed……pointless? Boring? Not important? Is that bitchy?” <– EXACTLY how I'm feeling and trying to get the fiancé on board!

  13. For someone who has such a girly tone on her blog and overall, your wedding colour choices really caught me by surprise lol The setting looked quite refined. Congratulations again xo, Alisha Ricki | Life(Style) &Travel,

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