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Wedding Invitation Process…Weigh In PLZ!

wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidentialwedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential

So the reason it’s taken me so long to start planning our wedding ( hey 2 months out…still haven’t gotten a dress ) is because it takes me a while to wrap my head around the way I want to execute the whole thing. ( HHHHmmm, this sounds oddly familiar? Kind of like how it took me a year of OBSESSIVE planning to launch The Skinny Confidential? LOL ).

Firstly, there’s one thing that may seem very strange about me: I always like to lead with a strong foundation.

( Bear with me, because I’m fully aware I can sound CRAZY? ).

The foundation, for me, is the invitation.

You lead with the invitation. The invitation sets the tone of the celebration. Like I said, bear with me. My invitation needs to set the tone of my wedding BECAUSE I want the vibe of the invitation to dictate the entire experience from the beginning.

From the invite to the thank you & everything in between.

I mean, think about it: there’s the table decor, wedding outfit(s), flowers, cocktails, food. The invite is representative of the experience you’re creating for your guest.

Are you with me?


Anyway, I have to be very honest here, I was just not excited about the invite. Literally not one sample invite was my style. They were too white. Too bridal. Too Curly Sue. Too blah. Too meh. Yawn at calligraphy. Bored with mini flowers cascading up the side. Overly feminine. Just not the experience I’m planning on creating for our wedding.

I want vampiness.

I want some goth.


Give me DRAMA.

Kind of anti-bride but I hate the word anti…so not anti?

I’m a Gemini, what can I say?

wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential
wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential

wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential

Ok, so I looked for years. I’ve been engaged for 3 & a half years ( ALWAYS late )…& I haven’t been actively planning but my eyes are open, you know? NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING.

& then a reader tagged @blissandbone in a post I did. BINGO.

Immediately, their brand was EVERYTHING & more. It was very ME. I felt some fucking personality in their carefully made invitations. SO much personality.

Here’s the thing with me: the second I see something I like, there’s NO stopping me. I figure out a way to make it happen. & I always know what I like & don’t like. This is highly annoying, by the way. It’s not fun because it takes me a while to peruse. A LONG WHILE.

Like I’m the online shopper with 13458094672345 tabs open, just looking & then I find one dress & it’s just the one. Literally I’ll probably find my dress online & order it because I just know when I know. Hence why I’m not too concerned about not having a dress…two months before the wedding.

Ok, so back to the invites. After connecting with Cindy of Bliss & Bone, we decided it was really a match made in heaven. Their invites are sexy, sultry, kind of masculine, & full of depth. Bliss & Bone is really all my dreams in one space: leather, suede, gold touches, marble, black palm trees, velvet ( I KNOW SO GOOD ) & most importantly to me, DRAMA.

Together we decided to design a custom invitation that would set the tone of my entire wedding. A foundation to showcase our vibe & style that will carry our guests throughout the entire experience.

SOOOOOO here’s where you guys come in:

Help! I want opinions!! Cindy set me a bunch of samples & I’m slowly picking & choosing pieces from each that I like. Definitely don’t want to copy anyone’s invitation. I want something very custom to our taste but love the inspiration Cindy sent me. So ta-da, check these mock-up invites out & LMK your opinions. Help me put together the perfect invite?!

wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential

Also, I’ll be Snapping some options early next week so follow along to help pick invite details. Username is @laurynevarts.

There’s a lot going on here: are we loving the suede? I feel like leather is JUST insane on an invite though. Are you feeling the vibe here? Which is your favorite? Weigh in. Come on please!! Everyone has an opinion! I WANT to hear. Tell, tell.

I’m also launching my wedding website with Bliss & Bone next week, but that’s a whole different post. Be prepared for a wedding on steroids because I’m planning the whole thing in 2 months & I’m bringing you guys along for the crazy-ass ride.

Can I ever NOT procrastinate? GAWD.

Looking forward to sharing each small wedding planning moment with you guys…over the span of 2-ish months.

Happy Thursday! x

+ more info on Bliss & Bone.

+ ALSO, check out @wayswemeet on Instagram. Michael & I are sharing how we met ( …craziness, in 6th grade!! ).

{ photos }

wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidentialwedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential

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  1. I’m TOTALLY feeling the vibe! I really like the second one, with the black background and the red flowers… reminds me of Phantom of the Opera for some reason. That’s a good thing, in my opinion 🙂 But any of the four options in the invitation design photo are exquisite, to be honest.

  2. I am so with you on not overly feminine girly-girl invites! I think these really knock it out of the park. I’ve been a (mostly silent) reader of TSC for years and just started recently to listen to Him+Her podcast on my commute – loving it! So, I feel like these invites really make sense for you and Michael (even though I never met you :).
    I would see the last one – all black with gold details – gives a very strong drama vibe that makes a strong statement but because you said you want it custom. I’d try playing around with a mix of that one and the third one. Maybe a black that kinda fades out or black marble with gold details on thick paper! Major chills going on 😉 xo

    1. LOVE the suggestions! SO on point. I really appreciate the input Martie. Thanks for listening/reading and all of your support with The Skinny Confidential

  3. I like the third one in the row. The white one with the light and dark blue swirls. I personally think that the black is a bit too dark for a wedding, but with this one you have both dark and bright.
    Good luck!

  4. I am obsessed with the middle two. I think they’re so sultry and one of a kind. Definitely something worthy of a frame!

  5. I LOVE the one with the palm prints, but it is because I am obsessed with palm prints.
    I like the second one too, with the flowers, but I can’t really the read the text, I would change the colour slightly.
    The kind of whitey/pinkey with a touch of blue is more traditional to me, still with a lot of personality, and very classy at the same time (with the Gossip girl reference ohhh)

  6. A wedding website sounds AMAZING!

    I’m one of those people who stalks brides I don’t even know to get every.single.detail about their wedding. Planning my wedding was one of the most exciting things I ever did and getting to relive that through other people’s planning makes me so happy! 🙂

    1. Can’t wait to show you guys! AH please share any tips or unique finds Ceilidh! I need all of the help I can get with planning this lol. xx

  7. Girl this is CRAZY! I feel like it’s just yesterday I was reading about the engagement. SO COOOL and happy for you angels.

    I love the first and second one A LOT. I love the drama and black especially in Cabo. SO YOU.


    Loving this.

  8. A few things to consider – it’s a November wedding BUT you’ll be in Mexico, so I think you can play off of both of those things! You can definitely pull off a darker, moodier invite because it’s not spring/summer. What if you incorporate some part of Mexico into the invite though so it’s cohesive and pulls it all together? Dark colors but with florals/foliage native to Mexico? I think some kind of abstract dark water could be cool too, but flowers symbolize new beginnings and all that jazz. I’m sure they will look amazing whatever you choose!

    1. Love your suggestions R! Dark abstract water and flowers sound so on brand. Thanks for all of the input : ) xx

  9. you are SO right–the invite really does set the stage for your entire wedding experience. as far as specific invites, re: the last option you did a single shot of (it’s almost whitewashy or ombre, if that makes sense?), what if you did that but with black at the bottom instead of blue, and then used the block font from the very first invitation photo? very vampy, sexy, but still wedding-y 🙂

  10. I’m reallllly feeling the ink spill looking one ( third one in ) but with the font on the very first one from the right. Maybe? Maybe not?

    Hope it helps!!

    xx, Madison

  11. in the image where you have all four lined up; i prefer the very first version on the far left. why? because it’s the easiest to read. as much as the other options are totally unique and dramatic, they’re hard to read. and while maybe a young person can read it, you know you’re inviting some old people who don’t appreciate the uniqueness and will be annoyed that it’s hard to read.
    and version #1 is still really unique! i love it, especially for a wedding in mexico!

  12. Love all of these but I can definitely see the one with the black palm leaves for you! Probably more excited to see your wedding pics than my own (for whenever that happens #singleasapringle)!

  13. I love the all black palm leaf option with the gold lettering! Especially since the wedding is in Mexico, right? It’s like there’s a hint of beachiness, but not too much.

  14. Lauryn, I AM FEELING THIS VIBE. It’s perfect. SO perfect. Here’s my opinion – I LOVE the Blair & Charles invite with the majority of the invite being pink-ish with the tad bit of blue at the bottom. Instead of the blue at the bottom, I’d see what black looks like. ALSO, I think black suede palm trees coming down from the top left corner would look spot on. The black is perfect with the vibe and the palm trees fit in because your wedding is in Cabo where there’s definitely some palm trees. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride!! You’re an inspiration.

  15. I like the first and fourth invite. The third invite is hard to read what it says. If you want drama, I would go with the third invite, The first one is very typical bride-pretty colors and blah blah. Nothing like you. Mix it up!!

  16. LOVE the purple and blue one! Especially for Cabo! Also, the palm tree black one is good as well! So fun and exciting!

  17. I love the snakeskin look of the first one and who doesnt love a good watercolor accent. I do think the text on the black and white color bleed invite is a bit hard to read. If there was a way to combine the lighter watercolor invite with the black floral invite I think you would be the envy of a million brides. The palm leaf is gorg but I almost think it feels a bit too relaxed for what (it sounds like) you are going for. These are the best though! I wish I got invites like these – seriously!

  18. AH! These are amazing!! The leather is SO gorgeous and keeps it surprisingly airy which I like for the beach wedding but I also love the dark fern background I feel like it is super on brand. Woof. So pretty, good luck picking!

  19. This is so chic!!!! I looove them all especially the last one on the right with the leaves… I can so imagine you walking down the isle in a gorgeous sexy black maxi…


    Tamara –

  20. Hi Lauryn! I totally agree with you – vampy, dark, sultry vibes, leather plz! I LOVE the fourth one, the black palms. I think it truly sets the tone, reflects you both, and kind of represents getting married in Mexico! There is something so sexy about it! The gold on it is stunning, as well. In fact, my boyfriend and I just got a wedding invite ever in a black satin lined envelope and we were both remarking how gorgeous it was. Totally agree that the invitation, from the invite, to the seal (LOVEEEE wax seals), to the aesthetic sets the tone. Can’t see what you choose! xxS

    1. I might have to steal the black satin envelope idea! Sounds gorgeous. Love your input Shannon. Thanks! xx

  21. Love the gothic vibes! Especially the black with flowers.

    This is the kind of dress I see you in!

  22. I LOVE the first one in the picture of the four! The other ones are just too dark… like you said it sets the foundation, and I feel like it should match the essence your dress… so unless your dress is black I’d go with something lighter (but still matches your sultry personality). DYING to see the wedding website 🙂

  23. My first instinct was the last one. I do really love the second, but esthetically I feel like the last one is minimal yet dramatic. The tones are just enough to catch the eye and add a sultry feel yet the main focus is about the main event – who what where when of the wedding. Obsessed with the textures.
    You won’t go wrong with any of them but I totally understand your need to feel that everything flows well while accentuating what you and your man are about.
    Go with your gut, especially while reading comments. If certain people’s comments and opinions get you excited – go with that and don’t worry about the rest. You’ll love it!
    Good luck and I can’t wait to see the rest of the progression!

  24. The third invitation in definitely stands out to me. I’m all for different and drama and I have to say that one caught my eye! Something about blues and blacks are very unique. Maybe with a different font? Good luck!

  25. I just love you. And the two middle invitations would make such a great baby. They remind me of that crazy restaurant y’all went to in France (was it, on a boat I think?) with the dancing waiters and sex plates and whatever that was. Such a sexy, sultry, but still romantic vibe. Love ’em!

  26. For some reason, I see you guys with #3, that ink blot looking version. It is the most androgynous of them all but super vamp and romantic. Very forever thine forever mine moment. IDK that is my 1st instinct. 2 months girl, you can do it! Being skinny helps on the dress front. ? so that won’t be an issue. When I had to pick my invitations last year, I started with what vibe/theme I was trying to accomplish and went from there. It was like if my wedding was a movie, what would be the trailer/billboard art be for it & believe me it’s a freakin movie. So fun. A day of your favorite things and people. Enjoy!

  27. I love the third one! The one with the white and black/navy watercolor marks. I think it is gorgeous and definitely the one to go for!

  28. First and fourth ones are my favorite! The middle two are pretty but the text is hard to read.

  29. Definitely agree that the invitation sets the tone for the wedding. I’ve been married 11 years now, but I remember once we chose the invite all wedding planning started to come together. The invite set the whole vibe and feel of the wedding. It’s also nice to have a great long term relationship with your stationer who gets you .We use our wedding invite look and vibe to this day on our joint stationary. We also used her for all our baby stationary…the next step but it’s really nice to have a cohesive family vibe.

  30. I can’t even choose because they are all so damn good! OH-MAH-GOSH! If I HAD to choose, I’d probably say the last one (with the leaves) just because I like that one and the other dark one (I’m like you, contrast and masculinity? YASSS!) But the last one is the most legible.

  31. I love the first one (light pink) and the last (black palm trees). I think if you’re going for drama the last one is your best bet. 🙂 The two in the middle are cool but a bit too hard to read in my opinion. But it looks/sounds like you can’t go wrong with this designer/brand. Can’t wait to see more pictures surrounding the big day! The two of you have such great taste. Xx

  32. I’m obsessed with ANYTHING water color chic so the third on in that picture of four is by far my fave.

    My boyfriend and I decided that when we get married we’re getting a watercolor wedding cake. Scope that shit on Pinterest and you’ll be like O:

    Congrats on getting more of your wedding stuff underway! So excited for you. 🙂

    XX Gitana

  33. I absolutely agree with Liz S. I love the one with the black background and the red flowers. It SCREAMS you two. I’ve been following your blog for a few years and based on your blog content and all your pictures, this one is totally IT!

  34. Hi Lauryn,
    I absolutely LOVE all the ideas you have. The invites are awesome but for some reason I really feel the third one. I would however adjust the color slightly so that the text on the invite would pop out more. Good luck with the wedding planning! I really look forward to be part of the journey all the way from Finland.

  35. Side note: I have the most amazing solution for having WAYYYYY too many tabs open–Parcel. This site is a place for all of your online purchases. You can save the items you’re browsing across the web, all in one place with a cute little browser extension button. They get the chic aesthetic appeal, too–the button is this great little blue quartz crystal (blue quartz enhances organizational abilities and brings about peaceful vibes). You can even make your different parcels within a specific budget.

    Long story short, this shit is amazing! And helpful! And looks so good.

    It’s invite only right now, but I got you:

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