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Sweating For The Wedding



Fitness/diet/cardio is getting strict guys.

With a month until I say ‘I do’, I am really stepping up my game.

As you can imagine, a lot of eggs, avocados, lemon water, & green smoothies are happening.

You know what else is happening? Intervals.

Intervals have been my best friend lately. If you’re a TSC BBG member, you know that they are really the perfect cardio.

If you’re not on the interval train, hop on. They kickstart the shit out of your metabolism. AND they’re AMAZING for the girl who’s always busy. All you need is like 15 to 20 minutes.

Some more benefits? Glad you asked:

Time efficient ( two or three 45 minute sessions per week is all that’s needed )
Makes heart & lungs stronger & more powerful
Less risk of heart problems
Builds functional & real strength that allow you to be powerful in real world situations
Changes the way your body stores food
Burns more fat
Is interactive and not boring ( time goes by faster )
Allows us to live healthy.


So ideal. Start incorporating intervals into your life if you’re looking to melt the pounds.

So YAH, 3 times ( sometimes 4 times a week ) I’m doing intervals.

Also eating A LOT of TSC Meal Plan recipes. As you know I’m a creature of habit so my staples are my staples, you know? Keep it simple, stupid.

Cute workout clothes have been so difficult to find lately so I was THRILLED when Wantable sent over this outfit. How fun is this bra? White marble is always festive. I paired it with this jacket, which goes with anything really. The leggings are amazing too because 1.) they’re slimming & flattering, 2.) they have a detail on the side ( love a good detail ), & 3.) I CAN WEAR them with a leather jacket too.

If you’re looking for chic workout clothes, CHECK OUT Wantable. First off, they give you a quiz to personalize EXACTLY what your vibe is ( I’d say they nailed mine here? ). All you do is choose from their Collection or Edit services, take the quick style quiz, and scoop some hand-picked items chosen to perfectly match YOUR preferences. You keep what you love, return what you don’t. Returns are free and you can cancel or skip any time.


GENIUS, right.

Anyway, I’d love any tone-your-ass-in-a-month tips you guys have! As always, I love to hear your tips, tricks, etc.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous week.

Off to eat some eggs, lauryn x

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    1. Intervals have been a game-changer for me!! Definitely give them a shot Heidi. Thanks for the support : ) xx

  1. Love the post! Just wondering what size you ordered in the sports bra? I always have trouble fitting one that fits the girls and is the right band size. Thanks lady! xa

  2. Could you do a post on what you’re doing leading up to the wedding? Like skin, hair, etc. Dying to know 🙂

  3. Will you do a post, or sub post to this about the exact interval workout you do? Cannot wait to hear!

    1. I talk more about intervals here ( ) Erin! There’s more info in the Bombshell Body Guide about my exact workouts here ( Thanks for the support : ) xx

  4. YES. I hate running with my entire soul, but started doing intervals after I saw you talking about them on Snap. OBSESSED NOW!

  5. Would love to hear what other beauty prep you’ve been doing! I’m planning my wedding for next fall and am trying to figure out what treatments to spend money on and when to do them!

  6. Yessss to the intervals – I do walking and jogging (LOL) but sometimes try and make myself do sprints to really kick it up a notch.

    You are so freaking dedicated girl – you inspire me.


  7. What podcasts do you listen to while you are working out? I am in need of a good distraction.

  8. I know a good few people that will benefit from this 🙂 I like how you emphasize intervals. Usually no one stresses those enough. My work life is crazy, I often work late (on stage) and I was looking for some good tips. Thank you!

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