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Mixing masculine & feminine pieces is my favorite way to style just about everything. You can take a look at my home or wedding to get an idea.

One of the best places to bring that contrast to life is with style. There’s something edgy & effortless about pairing men’s clothes with feminine pieces. Which brings me to my biggest tip while shopping.


Shop in the men’s section.

white flame sweater dress and boots

The men’s section is where you will find perfectly oversized hoodies & t-shirts that look amazing with your boots/dainty jewelry. THIS flaming white t-shirt, for example, is the perfect length to double as a dress so getting ready is that much easier & quicker.

PLUS this shirt is on sale for a cool $18 bucks.

I wore this getup to a friend’s birthday & it was a hit because I was soooo comfortable.

+ shop the look: t-shirt| boots | zodiac charm | long chain

silver and gold lip ring | by the skinny confidential

As much as I love contrast I also LOVE a good detail…which brings me to this FAUX lip ring. SO many of you asked about it after I rocked it on Snapchat.

I worked with CAM Jewelry again to design silver & gold lip rings ( different sizes avail too ). They’re very Kim K.

I’m rocking the silver in a medium…but you could also do a row of three with gold in-between for a V. spicy look. FUN. It’s kind of edgy but also feminine.

All TSC readers need one! ( I like silver because it pulls the whites of the teeth ; ) ).

+ stalk the lip ring

white flame men's t-shirt dress | by the skinny confidential

So there you have it.

My biggest style tip lately: go to the men’s section.

Just wanted to throw that out there because it’s literally a tip anyone & everyone can do…& it’s a real money saver.

Happy Wednesday!

x, lauryn


  1. This is a fun idea and looks comfortable, but I just don’t think it looks very good :/ It kinda looks like you were lounging around with your boyfriend and then realized you had a party to go to and threw on some boots but forgot the rest of your outfit… what do you wear underneath??

    1. Underwear, of course! I do this all the time with mens polos, and most folks can’t tell it’s not a polo dress.

  2. Look hot as usual!Have similar boots in gray,waiting to be worn!Too hot in AZ.Been scoring dude clothes for years!Still have boxers from Abercrombie and Fitch,that sounds like I will be wearing again per fashion trends,lol!Have jeans from the boys department in my closet also!?No,am not a reverse cross dresser.That shit is cheaper.So lamo!Button down shirts are hot as a dress,and are cheaper than a dress!Even have kids cheapo flipflops in a large size to fit a size 7.Used to have a hell of a lot more time and energy for all that shopping.But these tales are ever so true!Damn,should have hung on to my jelly shoes from the 80’s.Or my college jeans.Gloria Vanderbilt skin tight sassy pants!Candies shoes!Were the slides of today!ETC.ETC.?

  3. Been doing this for years,gorgeous!I saw that boxers are becoming a fashion statement again,and I STILL have some Abrocrombie and Fitch dude boxers,that I got el cheapo,well back when my now 30 year old was diggin on that brand and wearing Docs!LOL.Those scrawny genetics are a good thing at 56(As of tomorrow,WHAAT?!)Can score shit in the kids departments also!Boy size jeans or cute shorts in the girls!Have those boots in gray,but got hot real fast in Arizona!?Look hot as usual!!

  4. GIRL YES!!! I can’t wait to shop the men’s section! On another note – men’s deodorant / soaps are life. LMAO. Looking AMAZING as always, Lauryn 🙂

  5. Love it! T-shirt/hoodie/sweater dresses are my fave! 🙂 What size did you get in the mens shirt? I never really know what size to go for, too big and you look like your swimming in it and too small and its too short to wear as a dress. <3

    1. I usually go for a size large because I would rather it be way too big than too small, this top is from H&M. xx

  6. Cool Idea Lauryn! I love mixing and matching my outfits, but never tried any outfit from men’s section before. Bold move indeed!!!. I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull off this look as smartly as you do, But I am definitely going to try it.. Thanks You look Gorgeous..

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    1. This is a great idea; thank you for introducing this website to the globe.

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