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We Don’t Gatekeep: Stalk Lauryn’s Latest Wellness Ride or Dies

Lauryn’s Latest Wellness Ride or Dies

Hey, hope everyone is having an amazing holiday.

Recently on my TikTok I posted all the latest products I can’t get enough of, so wanted to share them here too.

Like, have you ever asked someone where they got their top, or what fake lash they use and they avoid answering? That’s gatekeeping. Since I started this blog, it’s been all about anti-gatekeeping. Always want to share what’s working, and I always want to know what’s working for you guys too.

Stalk Lauryn’s Latest Wellness Ride or Dies

Morning routine essentials | Lauryn’s Latest Wellness Ride or Dies

copper tongue scraper

Everyone should be tongue scraping. Will help your breath so much and when you see what comes off it in the morning, you’ll never go back.

HOT MESS ice roller

Like a shot of espresso for your face. Instantly depuffs and reduces redness. I ice roll the second I wake up, AND right before I put on makeup.

♡  111skin face masks

Try ice rolling OVER your face mask. Feels so fucking good.

Agent Nateur eye serum

Organic, non-toxic & works for all skin types. Just started using this and I really love it.

The Skinny Confidential HOT MINUTE planner

Totally helps you run your day (life), with so many useful prompts that will make you feel so in control.

white fluffy slipper

So comfy and bougie while you ice roll & write in your planner.

Home essentials

Branch Basics – use code SKINNY for a discount.

Obsessed. This is the most non-toxic cleaning stuff EVER. Makes me feel so much better with the kids and dogs in the house to know I’m using the cleanest cleaning supplies every.

TAJA white candles

Amazing, non-toxic, customizable candles.

Canopy diffuser

Waterless, clean diffusion with the best scents.

ginger Pique tea  (use code SKINNY for 5% off + free shipping)

The ginger digestion is the move here.

clear glasses with bamboo lids/straw

So good for any home’s aesthetic.

white frother

Perfect for inulin, cinnamon cappuccinos.

Beauty items


Amazing primer.

Gisou lip oil

So in love with this. Almost need more already.


Grips your face like no other. Gets the blood going, assists with lymphatic drainage – like an instant facelift. More here.

Tarte shape tape

Fave concealer right now.

clear Telleties

Won’t rip out your hair and also won’t leave a ponytail crease.

Refy brow gel

So good. Always brush up. This’ll get your brows on point.

Recommended wellness products

dry brush

Feels so damn good. Do it before I shower then apply your favorite lotion or body oil. More here.

♡ Quinton minerals

I love both the hypertonic and isotonic. Learn more from from the renowned water scientist Robert Slovak on this podcast episode. Click here and use code SKINNY for a discount.

Dr. Dennis Spectralight mask

So good for fine lines and wrinkles, plus gets rid of redness & acne too.

Stanley nude tumbler

Hardly ever leave home without it. Gifted them to my team this year too.


Will help you read so much more, the Oasis helps too. Be sure to get a popsocket for the back to help your wrist.

Blue Cube cold plunge –  (use code SKINNY for $500 off)

sleep essentials | Lauryn’s Latest Wellness Ride or Dies

red light bulbs

Really sets the mood, plus there are so many benefits. Learn more here.

Canopy humidifier

If you want the dewiest skin ever. Also helps reduce cold/flu symptoms, allergies and so much more.

Bose headphones

Use these for meditation and also drowning out noises from your husband and kids.

silk pillowcase

So good for your hair and skin. You’ll totally notice a difference in fine lines and wrinkles, and your morning skin creases will hardly be there.

Moon Juice magnesi-OM

Very nice before bed. Magnesium is so good for keeping things moving and a restful sleep. Will really help you feel relaxed.

mouth tape

If you or someone you know is a snorer, they have to try taping their mouth. More benefits here.

There you have it. No holding back. Like why would I keep anything a secret from you guys.

x, lauryn

+ be sure to grab your GIGGLE WATER BOX for a good time.

++ stalk my favorite things of 2022.


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