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{ silicone COFFEE STRAW, bent so your teeth don’t turn brown! LOVE }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ made Michael penis pasta because he was being a dick, HA! }

Happy Monday! 5:09 PM— rather early for me to start writing but I’m fully making an effort to start writing earlier EVEN THOUGH my personality magically turns on at night- HA, but really.

For some reason writing late night is peaceful…however, NOT cohesive to running a business.

Very much trying to turn work off at 7 PM, absolute latest. Drinking a little Xanax tea ( magnesium, anti-stress tea, but the same thing really ) certainly helps but what’s SERIOUSLY working is reading a book. LIKE A BOOK, BOOK.

Not an iPad or Kindle, but a a delicious, old school book. There’s something VERY relaxing about getting into bed & curling up with a book, right?

Anyway, what’s new with you guys? Share, share. Would love to hear.

Here are a couple of small things happening in my world:

+ PASTA. A lot of pasta happened this weekend so this week I am back on the wagon. I’m ready to tighten it up for summer so I’ll be implementing more of a strict plan. A plan that sadly only involves brown rice pasta once a week. But hey, at least there’s pasta. AND I’ll be enjoying a lot of ZOODLES & spaghetti squash too.

+ Work, sort of. I’ve had my nose very into work lately but I’ve made it a priority to start taking 15 minutes every morning to myself. Without the phone or computer. This entails ten straight minutes of meditation. That’s right. Ten. Because I know myself, I set an alarm. I wake up, kiss the chihuahuas, set the alarm & lay there. Any thoughts that come into my brain, I let them pass through. Then I take 5 minutes to write a list of what I’m grateful for. This may sound……….hmmm……what’s the word I’m looking for?……maybe forced? But it actually sets the tone of the entire day. The list isn’t of big things, just small things that make me happy.

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ been REAL into raw matcha tea lately, love this one by Matcha Ninja }

+ Work, part 2. I’m in the midst of working on a project for The Skinny Confidential & it’s taken over my day to day. I have to remember to sit back & enjoy the ride. Really trying to take TSC slowly. I never want to jump into something too quickly.

+ Time blocking…I will do a  whole post on this but it’s REALLY changing my days. I can be known as Late Larry so time blocking is helping keep my ass in line. DO IT: I love this cube at the office AND a tomato timer at home.

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ chickpeas, garlic, lemon, olive oil, parsley for a to-go salad }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ the doorway into my office, TSC Book | drawing by }

+ BOOKS. Always books. Just finished When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. It’s about a brain surgeon who is diagnosed with lung cancer. Now you’d think this would be depressing but it’s oddly NOT. At all. In fact, it was the opposite. His perspective puts things IN perspective. Next up: Balancing In Heels by Kristin Cavallari. I love to switch up the genres…dramatically.

+ PODCASTS. Ever since we launched The Skinny Confidential: HIM & HER Podcast, I’ve been completely consumed with WELL, podcasts. Here’s the thing: whenever I do something I go for it 100% so it’s really important to get to know the podcast world inside & out. It’s a different medium for me which is great because I love a good challenge. Anyway, every day you’ll find me walking around the house, cleaning, doing my makeup…even showering while listening to podcasts. All different categories too. Try it, it’s actually therapeutic weirdly.

{ for TSC Podcast: listen to Episode 6 | SUBSCRIBE here }

That’s all.

( Yes I’m still using the ‘that’s all’ phrase every second ).

SO. Would love to hear from you! If you’re a blogger, share your latest blog post. If you have news, share it! It’s fun to talk to a community of women who are so ambitious & feisty. Tell me what’s going on!

I should tell you, there’s nothing I love more than waking up to your lovely comments. IT’S ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING PARTS OF MY DAY REALLY. Really though.

Ok, I am going to the market now so I can make us some bun-less burgers. Extra jalapeños for me, PLEASE. Maybe some avocado too.

CIAO CIAO, catch ya tomorrow— lauryn x

{ photos }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential
{ Friday’s movie treats: Piper champagne + rosé gummy bears }


  1. I’m on the same boat with you right now, trying to prepare myself for summer and learn how to be a productive citizen while taming the night owl side of myself so this article was very wonderful and inspiring to read. Looking forward to your post on time blocking, ordering a timer now!

    1. Hi Madison, I’m so glad this post found you at the right now. I hope it helps! What do you do for work? I’m so jealous you’re on a boat! Make sure you’re wearing tons of sunscreen and a hat every single day!! Have fun & be safe :)) xx

    1. Hi Hayley, ME TOO! It’s not a good feeling at all. I’m glad you get where I’m coming from! LOL. Thanks for reading

    1. Hi Alexis, it’s literally the best. It helps lighten the mood while also making you’re point, HA! If you try it PLEASE fill me in on how it goes. Hearing different men’s reactions is literally the best! xx

    1. Hi Ashley, it’s soooo yummy! Definitely one of my favorites. I’m thinking about adding my own version to TSC Bombshell Body website for members. It’s just too good! What do you think? Would you want the recipe? xx

  2. Hi Lauryn,
    just wanted to let you know, that I love your podcasts!! You guys are just gorgeous.
    Today I ordered myself something from the Beyonce “Ivy Collection” and I’m so excited :))
    Wish you a great day.
    Much love from Germany

    PS: Don’t stop the watermelon jerky thing:D It’s just too funny 😀

    1. Hi Edith, your comment is seriously SO sweet! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment to send such a sweet message. SO glad you love the podcasts. Have you sent us a question? Send us a question via Twitter using #AskHimAndHer

  3. Hi Lauryn! Great post. I’m totally on the same bandwagon of trying to tighten it up this week. We’re building a house and it won’t be ready until next Monday so me, my boyfriend and two dogs are stuck in a hotel room! A nice one sure, but still! We’ve been eating like shit lately so it’s time to swap out the mules for the green juices. Love your posts! Your content gets better by the day and you’re truly such a sweetheart, always encouraging women to be the best version of themselves. Your space is my happy place 🙂

    1. Hi Esmy, congrats on the house! And I totally feel you, hotels are amazing but if you’re in them too long it can get unhealthy! Enjoy it though, soon you’ll be back in the land of home cooked meals! Thanks for the sweet comment about TSC content. I’m always trying to improve, your feedback is the best! Thank you

  4. I can’t wait to read your time blocking post, I need help with time management. See me frantically finishing website grad project due Friday… Anywho, I love pasta too and I found lentil pasta, with lentils as the only ingredient and it’s yummy! The brand is called Tolerant and you can get it on amazon. Keep on rockin’!

  5. Good Tuesday Morning Lauryn! I just poured myself a hot cup of coffee (sans straw, must buy) and sat down to my bloglovin feed. TSC always at the top of my list 🙂 I like how real you are when you write (type), I genuinely felt like you and I were sitting across from each other having a chat!

    I’m excited to see what the big thing for TSC is that you’re working on! I too am obsessed with podcasts and listen to them in the shower haha which are your favs? I like Tim Ferris, Thats So Retrograde, Duncan Trussel Family Hour and DJ Rolemodel has some AWESOME workout mixes!! Check him out!

    The part of this post that stuck out to me the most was at the end when you said this is a COMMUNITY of women. I truly believe that! And I think a lot of TSC readers share the common bond of empowering and supporting women from all walks of life which is really cool! Saying that I’d love to share some of my life with the community 🙂 I’m looking forward to my upcoming two weeks off where I will be road tripping to the Okanagan (Sunshine Valley in BC, Canada) to spend time with my boyfriend. It is so beautiful and sunny and warm there! Surrounded by lakes, mountains and orchards. I can’t wait to get out and do some wine tours, hiking, and beaching it!

    Cheers and have a great week!

  6. Just finished reading Running in Heels and I really liked it! The recipes are great and I actually made her maca tumeric latte recipe this morning, yum! I also really enjoyed the minty green smoothie recipe.

  7. I’m going to Cabo in June–thought you would like to hear 🙂 Wanted to see if you could do another post on where to go/what to do/how to eat good down there while still enjoying yourself (margs).

  8. I read about When Breath Becomes Air in Elle or some other magazine and immediately put it on my audiobook wishlist. Good to know maybe I won’t cry the entire way through?

  9. Scheduling “happy” breaks is important, otherwise your brain never takes a breath and appreciates the present – I can’t imagine you with the added podcast and other business ventures. BUT you’re doing great, love reading!

  10. Reading a book before bed has seriously changed my life! I now make a point to set aside a small portion of time after I get out of the shower to fully relax and devour my book. After that I’m so relaxed, I can fall asleep in 2 minutes! I’m currently reading “Why women don’t ask” and it’s such a great book, you should totally check it out 😉
    Have been obsessed with your podcast for the last weeks, I’m listening to it on my morning commute as soon as it goes life 🙂
    I’ve also been working hard on putting new content on my blog. And here’s this quote I really loved and that’s someting I should remind myself all the time “Don’t just work in your business, work on your business”, meaning I should focus more on generating new ideas and expanding, rather than putting way to much effort into daily tasks.


  11. Have you listened to Lo Bosworth’s podcast with her two friends, Lady Lovin? It’s one of my faves! The last podcast was on colonics so def racy topics as well!

  12. That last photo is so pretty! I love it! Those snaps of M being a dick so you served him that pasta was one of the most hilarious things ever – & I need to take a page out of that handbook 😉

    I feel you on working on something that is taking over your life. I am in that same boat. I am so excited to see what it is you are working on – mine is tea-related!

    My boyfriend is all about time blocking & I need to join ship. I think its called the Pomodoro method? idk but he is obsessed. I absolutely love the idea of just disconnecting and just being when you wake up. The very first thing I do is grab my phone.. and then I instantly think that this CAN’T be good for my eyes… yet I still do it.

    I’d love to know your matcha recipe! I cannot get enough of it! I am obsessed with mixing mine with more green tea, vanilla hemp milk, coconut oil, coconut sugar, maca & mesquite powder – it seriously tastes like a marshmallow! lol!

    I think it is so rad that you created a community. I always look forward to reading your posts, as well as finding other blogs in your comments. I find that everyone has such awesome content (& advice!) and it’s much more than “cute outfit <33333" esque. As far as my blog, my recent post is on a rad coffee scrub, beating the microbead, and the benefits but I am finally figuring out my niches slowly and surely but it has been a process for sure 😉

    Okay I am rambling – good chat! xx SLS

  13. That chickpea salad is my new obsession. I bought it at TJ’s after seeing it on your Snapchat…it’s been my lunch every day since over some kale <3

  14. I love writing at night too, but I also honour my time with my guy…we both work from home, so we both need a time to shut it off.

    I HAVE NEWSSSS!!!!! I have been featured in Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine! I have been blogging for awhile, and really am holding a vision of bring great value and reaching more people to help them live a high vibe life!

    This post in the mag just confirmed for me that my manifesting works and that I’m here to help a lot of people!

    You inspire me, girl!


  15. Hey! Love this post! And love hearing what you’re up to in the day to day… Also REALLY would love to see a post on ZOODLES.!!! Like how the heck do I go about making these?! And lastly, do you see the comments that get posted in the app on each blog post?! I usually comment there, but wondered why I never see your responses and don’t see a lot of the other comments posted. Thanks girl!! Xoxoxo

  16. Lauren you should make a summer reading list! Love reading your posts & how much you are posting lately ❤️

  17. Pasta shaped like penises–LOL!! I would feel VERY uncomfortable eating them XD I would love to see some recipes with zoodles and spaghetti squash too! Anyways, I am also really trying to hard to be really productive during the day so I’m not cramming work at night!

  18. Hi Lauryn, if you want to know more about Paul Kalanithi his sister in law has a blog called Cup of Jo. When he was diagnosed and then passed away she talked about it in her blog and also how her twin sister (his wife) and their daughter was doing. Lucy also recently re-did their home for a change. The pictures and story will make you cry of happiness.

    1. I’ll do a post on it! It’s super easy, I use unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, & a little vanilla Stevia.

  19. GIRL I’m in the same boat with the whole writing posts late at night thing….. I feel like that’s when my brain is most creative? But it’s not the best plan sometimes ha

  20. Haha!! Always love your chill, honest vibe; refreshing & this time just fukn humorous…but I’m also a little baked. This is my wind down from a shitty work day, chillin & reading you…thanks!
    Btw, just finished reading When Breath Becomes Air, was so moved by his story and how he dealt with being a “patient.” I work in healthcare and was so fascinated. To mix it up, check out “Good to Great”; why some companies make the leap.
    And many thxs for the 5 minute grateful routine, gonna start tmrw am, my attitude could have used that today ??

  21. Fun blog. Mine may not be totally up your alley but I’m looking to bring together beauty, meaning, purpose and insight. Nice to know that you meditate.

  22. I love your blog. And your photography is GORGEOUS. Yesterday I went to barnes and noble to pick up your book and there were no copies. I didn’t know you had podcasts! Going to check them out.

  23. Inspiring post! I can share with you that I’ve gotten back into running…something I neglected for a while. I never stopped running, but I slacked off quite a bit. I have four marathons under my belt, so to scale down my running so much was getting to me psychologically (plus I didn’t like how my clothes were starting to fit!) It’s great to be back, feels real good!xo

  24. Just read Balancing in Heels! It’s a great quick and easy read. Loved hearing her perspective on parenting since I’m a mama and she has 3 young ones all around the same age. I’m definitely going to check out that other book read, sounds so interesting! Still loving the podcasts… I’m also obsessed with podcasts lately. Not sure if you’ve listened to Straight up with Stassi but it’s surprisingly awesome and entertaining!!

  25. Just discovered your blog, and I love it. I’m definitely going to be drawing inspiration from your recipes as I’m trying to tone my postpartum body — all about the at home workouts and have remained dedicated to fitness for about 6 months now, which is a first for me!

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