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WATER CONSERVATION: The Situation Is Real & What You Can Do To Help Out

the importance of saving water 6b by the skinny confidentialthe importance of saving water 16 by the skinny confidential

Ok, so if you didn’t know, we are having a MAJOR, MAJOR drought in California.

& this post is about the little things YOU ( & I ) can do to make a BIG, BIG difference.

…I think it’s very important to utilize the Internet to spread awareness, especially when there’s a community of people involved. I’ve partnered with Niagara Conservation to help spread the word on how you can make small changes that create a world of difference.

On that note, let’s hop right into it.

Water conservation.

The water sitch is real guys.

Every day I do small, little things to help conserve water.

Like what?

Glad you asked.

the importance of saving water 12 by the skinny confidential

Firstly, the obvious: I don’t take 29384723947 hour showers. I’m in & out. Baths are few & far between because 1.) I’m a busy bee & 2.) taking a bath 3 times a week is a huge freaking waste of water.

The next, very much obvious thing: I never leave the water on while brushing my teeth. Ever. It’s actually a pet peeve. Anyone else?

We also installed a water-saving shower head & it’s awesome. Easy – took one second & it saves a TON of water.

To be entirely honest, when I was in college I would run the dishwasher or washing machine when there was barely anything in it. Made eggs? Ran the dishwasher. White pants needed cleaning? Threw it in the washing machine.

Now though? I’m much pickier.

This may sound weird but I like a full dishwasher & full washing machine before I run it. Exception: if I don’t want to mess up my clothes, I’ll run white pants, a white tee, a white dress, & a white bra together. No need to JUST run the white pants. You live & learn.

the importance of saving water 15 by the skinny confidential

Now let’s discuss……..TOILETS.

A toilet seems like a weird thing to talk about, but it’s really not. & what else do you expect from The Skinny Confidential anyway? A toilet is actually something you & I use everyday… Really, think about it, everyone on the planet uses a toilet so why not make it the right toilet? I’m all about helping the planet in small ways because, let’s face it — small changes every day make a huge difference.

For our LA condo, I worked with Niagara Conservation to install their new Ultra-High Efficiency Single Flush toilet that not only helps save water, BUT is also very inexpensive at only $149 & stylish (yes, a toilet can be stylish – trust me ). Plus, you may even get a rebate from the water supplier just for installing it — to find out if you’re eligible, check here. BUT let’s go deeper: the main reason I’m obsessed? WELL, it’s the MOST water efficient toilet on the planet.

Every day I feel like I’m making a difference when it comes to the water problem. All because of our new toilet, LOL.

You should know that an average toilet’s flush uses anywhere from a container of milk TO a fish tank of water. I MEAN, WHAT? Yes — completely true. It goes deeper though. One dumb toilet wastes a freaking SWIMMING POOL of water a year.

That’s sick.

the importance of saving water 3 by the skinny confidentialthe importance of saving water 5 by the skinny confidential

Once I found that out & we were looking for a toilet, I immediately wanted something more practical. If you’re interested in spreading the word on this crazy wasteful situation, you can check out this campaign.

The guy who installed it took 20 minutes.

It was in & out, a total WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM, bang-it-out kind of thing.

Jenni Pulos from Flipping Out did a whole campaign about the toilet & I was immediately sold after watching her informative video. She also said she stopped watering her grass as much & actually noticed that the grass grew MORE.

To fully wrap up the toilet talk: try not to use your toilet as an ash-tray or waste basket. Just use the toilet for the its intended purpose.

We can’t all be perfect but little changes can make a huge difference when we’re properly informed.

OK, I’ve been wanting to do a post on water conservation for a while now. Needed to get all that off my chest. Thoughts on this? I would love to know how you guys conserve water. Are you mindful of this even if you don’t live in California? What’s your take on this?

Chat soon, lauryn x

+ this post is in collaboration with Niagara Conservation. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I am super sensitive about water conservation.
    Recently we faced water problem and learned a lot of ways to save water.
    I would like one of the ways which I love a lot is ,using the water used for washing fruits and vegetable while cooking, for watering the potted plants.
    And to my amazement they grew super healthy!!!

  2. I feel the same way about water. It literally drives me crazy when someone leaves the water running in the shower when they’re not even in there and all little things like that. It’s so easy to make some changes to our lifestyles!

  3. This only works if you have a tub-shower combo but I like to sit in my tub and let the shower rain down, it’s my “lazy shower” time! Especially after a long day, I just find it really relaxing. Didn’t they do something similar in Casino Royale after they killed those mercenaries in the stairwell?? 🙂 All the laziness of a bath with the efficiency of a shower. And then I can wash my hair under the tap, that helps my hair get way cleaner than the weak sprinkle of the shower.

  4. A great water saving toilet is life changing when you start to pay water bills! It is amazing how littler changes can make the price drop. It’s always great to hear of a new brand that actively seeks ways to help conserve!

  5. Another way to reduce your water footprint is to reduce your meat and dairy consumption. It takes over 400 gallons of water to produce one 1/4 lb hamburger considering the water to grow the feed crops, the water the animal drinks and the servicing of the animal. (See Even a couple meat free days a week really makes a difference! Another way to save is to capture the “warm up” water from your shower in a bucket and use on plants or for dishes. You may not get a lot with the low flow shower head but it’s something! Thanks for posting this and raising awareness!

  6. Great post Lauryn! Before moving to California, my home country was going through a drought too so I’ve been trying to conserving water for a while. Small gestures are so important and each and everyone of us can make a huge difference. Thank you for spreading awareness about this issue!


    Tamara –

  7. I am very mindful of water saving. Like you I only take super short showers. Also I don’t eat meat which saves a ton of water. And I never run the dish washer unless it’s full. Anything else is just stupid. I think it’s so good you are writing a post about this.

  8. Maybe not for the drought in CA specifically, but reducing animal product consumption is a huge water saver! Producing one pound of beef uses 2000 gallons of water. INSANE. The agriculture industry often gets overlooked when it comes to sustainability but to me its super important to recognize!

    1. ^^^ Yes! Nearly half of all the water used in the United States goes to raising animals for food!! And animals raised for food produce over 100 times the excrement as the entire human population and animal farms pollute our waterways more than all other industrial sources combined. “Run-offs of animal waste, pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics are contributing to dead zones in coastal areas, degradation of coral reef and health problems.”

  9. Ahh, I hate it when people leave the water on to brush their teeth :/But I literally walk around while I brush mine, I can’t be asked to sit around for 3 minutes! hehe 🙂

  10. The water shortage has been a serious issue in California, as I’ve heard from some friends. These tips can help anyone looking to conserve water, so thanks for sharing! I’m going to give some of these tips a try at home.

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