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ViX Bikini Giveaway: Look Hot on the Beach with a Tight Bod & Foxy Suit

Lauryn Evarts collaborates with ViX Swimwear for a giveaway for The Skinny Confidential.

Oh hey! Notice anything different? The blog received a total makeover : )). For a few months, I have been working with some super talented people [ << thx you! ] to enhance the site. New changes: the ‘about‘ page is updated, a fitness section was added, & we also added press links. I hope you all love new look! xx

Lauryn Evarts collaborates with ViX Swimwear for a giveaway for The Skinny Confidential.

Now, let’s get down to business…Here’s the giveaway deets: when it comes to bikini season, it’s so difficult to find swimwear that’s flattering/chic/sexy, but not too sexy [ add a lil mystery ladies! ]. In my opinion, ViX swimwear has the most incredible bikinis- they’re designed to accentuate & complement a women’s body in all the right ways.

SOOOO…I am beyond thrilled to run a giveaway with ViX. For the photoshoot, they gifted me with this peacock embellished itty bitty bikini- & I’m obsessed! The winner will be announced Monday, July 2nd. Good luck!

+ To win, make sure you:

++ Follow ViX swimwear on Twitter

++ Follow The Skinny Confidential on Bloglovin’

++ Leave a comment below, letting us know how you’ll rock your ViX bikini {!!!}


+ To buy the peacock bikini I’m wearing, click here & here. For the bracelets & ring click here. X.

Lauryn Evarts collaborates with ViX Swimwear for a giveaway for The Skinny Confidential.

Lauryn Evarts collaborates with ViX Swimwear for a giveaway for The Skinny Confidential.

Lauryn Evarts collaborates with ViX Swimwear for a giveaway for The Skinny Confidential.

Lauryn Evarts collaborates with ViX Swimwear for a giveaway for The Skinny Confidential.

++ Side note: the bikini that is gifted to the winner will be in the proper size.

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  1. <3 VIX! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 We just acquired lake front property and I am planning on spending every minute of every weekend down there this summer. Michigan summers don't last nearly long enough!

    1. It’s found here:
      And the bottoms are found here:

  2. Woow.. It is beautiful, and it looks so god on you!
    My body is not that bikini-ready yet, due to an operation I have not been able to fork out for a couple of months 🙁 However having a ViX bikini with me on my holiday I am sure it will take the attention away from my not-toned body 🙂 I would definitely rock this bikini on my holiday to Borneo this summer!

  3. I would loooove to rock a new bikini on my trip to San Diego this summer! And I wouldn’t hate meeting/working out with the skinnista herself while I’m there either 🙂

  4. I will rock the ViX swimsuit and my new body when my husband and I travel to Aruba in a few months to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary!

  5. I’m heading to Vegas with three girlfriends in late August and NEED a new swimsuit – I’d love the exact same one you’re wearing (if possible). I’ll rock it at a pool party there! 🙂

  6. Love, love the suit-it matches my peacock tattoo! I’d totally sport the Vix Bikini with confidence from knowing I’ve worked hard in barre classes to flaunt it. 🙂

  7. You look so hott in that bikini, Lauryn!

    I would totally rock that bikini in AC this summer! I’ve been working my butt off post-baby and would love a sexy new bikini to show how!!!

  8. after a huge weight loss and an upcoming move to Florida, I am going to be rocking this little bikini everywhere

  9. The cuteness level of bathing suits in Louisiana just doesn’t compare to California! Those southern girls need some tips from the hot beach babes like on TSC! I’d show them how in my new Vix bikini!

  10. ViX! Where would I NOT wear it? Ok – well, maybe not to work – haha. But being a San Diego native, it seems I’m on the beach at least every weekend, if not several times during the week. I love riding my bike on the boardwalk or practicing my SUP wearing only the cutest, and ViX answers that call <3

  11. My extended family lives in the city where Vix was named after (Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil) and would LOVE to rock the Vix swimwear on the beautiful beaches there when I visit in late July and August. Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. i would rock that bikini with my 5 month post baby body! it’s not perfect but it’s getting there 🙂
    you look AMAZING!

  13. I’ve had 2 trips planned since the beginning of the year and have been working my booty off at pilates, zumba, bootcamp, salsa, bachata & weight training for the past 7 months to have the shape I want! I’m headed to Cabo San Lucas at the end of July & Vegas at the beginning of August for my birthday! This suit would be the PERFECT addition to my trips, on the beach in Mexico and at Encore Beach in Vegas!!!!

  14. I will rock it at a hot pool in Vegas!! Going soon (for my first time!) for work… but made sure to reserve an extra day to hang out poolside! =)

  15. i would totally rock this all summer long, especially on my vacation at the beach in august! been dying for a new suit

  16. I would rock my Vix bikini where I will be in a few weeks…Cabo!!! Some great friends of mine are getting married. Since I’m single and ready to mingle, I’ll need to look especially hot at the pool and beach. AND, I know I’ll feel great about myself after my 3-day juice cleanse (courtesy of Skinny Confidential) and a hot new bikini 🙂 Thanks!

  17. I would sport this cute suit on my honeymoon in Mexico this October!! Ive worked so hard to get ready for our wedding and am stoked to wear a bikini with a cocktail in hand; ) Thanks for this awesome giveaway Lauryn!!

  18. I just booked a trip for August in the Dominican and would love to sport a cute new suit on my vaca!!

  19. I will rock this awesome VIX swimsuit on the beaches of Wind N Sea in La Jolla for the Summer!

  20. I would love to win this gorgeous bathing suit! It would be perfect for my honeymoon to Aruba which is in less than 3 weeks! I love your site’s new look!

  21. I would LOVE to rock this bikini all summer at the beach and when I go to Vegas! It’s a combo of my favorite colors…Blue & Green!

  22. We are going to Hawaii in September and this would be the most amazing suit to take with me. It’s also so pretty that I may just throw it on and walk around the house! Any excuse to wear this beautiful bathing suit!


  23. I plan on wearing the swimsuit everywhere! From Costa Rica this August to our annual Mexico trip in December and everywhere between, I’ll have a VIX suit on! Love the colors.

  24. omggg you look amaazing!! I would love to win a vix suit- and would use it this summer in Europe on our honeymoon!!

  25. I am a Florida mom of three little children. I started working out, eating purposefully, and living a clean life 2 years ago. This will be my first year on the beaches in a bikini and I need a hot one to show off my new hot bod!

  26. Thanks ViX for making the most flattering suits!! I will rock my suit year round in hot hot Florida…I will rock my suit at any music festival I attend, the wedding cruise I have planned next spring, and to all the upcoming 4th of July and Labor Day BBQ’s. Im gonna rock it.

  27. i’d rock my ViX bikini after completing my 3 day cleanse next month before my first vacation in five years!!!

  28. Omg, that bikini is sooo cute, I love it!! If I won, I would rock my ViX bikini on my vacation to Riviera Maya this summer 🙂

  29. You look amazing and I absolutely love the new additions to your website! Have so much fun in Europe!!!

  30. I absolutely LOVE Vix! Have bought a couple of their suits over the years and they are always the most flattering on any body shape! With a recent nephew at the beach, a wedding at the beach to attend, in-laws at the beach to visit, and a new healthy body that I’ve required…well, I am SO ready to actually get a new bikini and rock this body in the surf instead of feeling insecure and like everyone is staring at me thinking negative thoughts. Let this beach babe shine!

  31. After a morning of Bikram Yoga in Austin, I would strap on that foxy bikini for a day on Lake Travis 🙂 !!

  32. i would totally rock that bikini this year on my vacation to Costa Rica!! it’s my favorite color too!!

  33. now THAT looks like a swimsuit that would motivate me to workout and eat healthy! The cut, color, and design is just gorgeous (peacock feathers…how fun is that????).

    I would rock one of these babies paddleboarding and on the beaches around Boston and when I take my much-needed vacation to a warmer/tropical locale later this year! Looks perfect for sandy beaches and blue waters.

    BTW, loving the new blog design. great job 🙂

  34. LOVE that bikini, i’d wear it to show off my bikini body which atm is a work in progress, at the beach!

  35. I would proudly rock this bikini post 3-day cleanse on the beach, on the lake, at the pool..anywhere!

  36. I only get two weeks of summer break from my Master’s program and I’m going back home to Puerto Rico… would love to rock that bikini while I tan by our beautiful beaches!

  37. Ever since I found your blog, I have been motivated to eat heathier, work out and well…shop 🙂 My day doesn’t start until I read it! I just finished the 3 day cleanse and feel amazing! I’m not going to lie, making the juice was a pain in the butt, but well worth it! I already have gotten all of my friends obsessed with your blog now and some are even trying the cleanse! If I were to win the giveaway for the ViX bikini, I would rock it this September when I go to Hawaii with my “work in progress” body! At this rate, eating clean and making smart choices, I will definetly be ready to flaunt!

  38. I have busted my butt for the past year to get in shape the way I want to be and finally reached my goal! Would totally rock this suit with my newly toned body this summer:)

  39. I’m trying to convince my girlfriends that another Vegas trip is in order. Would totally rock a hot ViX suit at a few pool parties!!

  40. I’m gonna rock that bikini on my honeymoon!!! All the hard work I’ve put into working out and eating healthy needs to be shown off 🙂

  41. I’d happily rep that basking in the sunshine on our boat all summer long… it’d serve even more motivation to tone my belly too!

  42. Wow. I really hope I win this one. Its kinda sad but I have had the same bathing suit for 9 years now… My 2 and a half year old is a fish and I would sure love to get the pool with her and the baby (9 month old) but my old swim suit is quite out of style. Anyway, I would rock it pool side and out at the lake this summer with the kiddo’s and hubs. p.s. I’ve been in love with peakcocks for months now… I would so rock it!

  43. Australian summer is a few months off yet,
    All the girls will be jealous, that’s a sure bet!
    ViX bikini competition and a new layout, what a great day!

  44. I’m lovin’ this suit! I just recently got in contact with Lauryn about altering my lifestyle and I’m ready to make the change! Today was actually Day 1 for me and it went great. Here’s hoping every day after this feels this good and I don’t subject myself to cravings (ahh!) I’d rock this suit (and my new body) any where I could! It’s pool season and I’m surrounded by crazy college kids every day that would freak if I showed up in the precious ViX swimsuit. Anytime, anywhere, I’d rock this suit. I’m headed to Mexico at the end of summer and it would look great on the sandy shores of Akumal with my beachy waves blowin’ 🙂

  45. I would rock my bikini at the beach to celebrate that I’m finally finished with hair dresser school! This last summer holiday of mine will be awesome! 😀

    Have à great summer 🙂
    – Nicole

  46. I would rock that bikini while working on my fitness this summer at the beach and the lake!

  47. I will be rocking this little baby on the beach, in my beautiful home of sunny San Diego! Thanks for this give away : )

  48. Amazing suit and I love the blog layout! I would wear my ViX bikini everywhere… the beach, work, music festivals! Fingers crossed! xx

  49. I’m from San Diego but only spend about a month there a year since I’m always away for school. I’m headed back there in August for another short period but I’d definitely rock it in those short two weeks! I love the peacock top so I’m thinking it might even double as a bandeau under my sheer or lace top just because it’s summer!


  50. I <3 VIX, this cute ensemble is no exception. I am confident I could put it to good use, on my honeymoon!!

  51. Oh my dear buddha! I would totally rock this suit. Just moved from the boring praries to the happenin’ west coast & after the detox is done, I’m gonna be so proud to show this suit off! So excited! good luck everyone!!!

    p.s. the site looks as hot as that suit 🙂


  52. Come July 13th I will be finished with my Gross Anatomy course. After taking regular anatomy last summer, and gross this summer as soon as I taste freedom I plan to be at the beach!! A new hot bikini would make my summer perfect!

  53. What a cute suit!! I would love to head out to the local beach with my friends this summer to wear it 😀

  54. Hi! I love your blog! I have been training really, really hard for my first NPC Bikini Competition and wanting to wear this adorable bikini would help to further motivate me in my goal!! 🙂

  55. That is SUCH a gorgeous bikini! I’d pair it with gold chandelier earrings and gold and turquoise bangles to match! 🙂
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway,
    Laura S

  56. I would rock a VIX bikini on my five year anniversary trip this month to California!! You look fabulous in the peacock bikini! Love!

  57. I’m living in San Diego for the summer…. I’d wear this suit everyday to La Jolla, PB, OB & Mission!

  58. i recently lost 25 lbs after graduating college and I’m wearing a bikini for the first time in years and feeling confident. I would love to rock the new bikini on the beach this summer!

  59. Love Vix suits–totally flattering, comfy and always so chic! Definitely would show off a hot bikini and tons of gold bangles in VEGAS, with some jean cut-offs to all the music fests and on San Diego beaches!

  60. I would love to win! I’m back in the gym & would love to show off some lost pounds w/ a new swimsuit! 🙂

  61. This bikini is beautiful! While some girls are obsessed with shoes or handbags; my obsession is with bikinis! I couldn’t love them more and this one is perfect! I would wear this on the vacation I have planned with my entire family this summer! Its perfect for any occasion!

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