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Vitamin 101

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[ Colorful pill boxes: compact storage for daily vitamin supplements ]

best fitness blogger and weight loss blogger

[ Flax oil, CLA, B-12, D3-1000 & Echinacea ]

Each week I organize my vitamins in a 7 day pill pack so I do not forget to take all of these important supplements [ they’re especially significant right now because of cold & flu season ]. My favorite vitamin has to be the “Maxi-Hair” [ I swear the hair on my head has grown & thickened- I love it! ]. What are your personal vitamin selections?

Lauryn’s Vitamin List¬†

+ B-12: the “energy vitamin.”

+ Calcium: promotes strong bones & improves premenstrual mood swings.

+ D3-1000: supports immunity.

+ Echinacea: helps prevent colds, fights bacteria & an herbal supplement.

+ Flax Oil: contains iron, zinc & potassium.

+ Flintstone Kids multi-vitamin: these are so yummy!!! But they’re also full of vitamin C [ protects overall health ].

+ Maxi-Hair: supports hair, nails & skin.

+ Mind Formula: contains pomegranate & B vitamins & keeps the mind sharp.

+ Ultimate Omega: prevents heart attacks & certain cancers and increases memory.

+ Vitamin K: bone & heart protector.

{{ See an updated post on vitamins here }}

best fitness blogger and weight loss blogger

[ Vitamin K-1, ultimate omega with EPA & mind vitamin ]

best fitness blogger and weight loss blogger

[ My weekly supplement organization ]

best fitness blogger and weight loss blogger

[ Flintstone sour gummies, maxi-hair & calcium ]

best fitness blogger and weight loss blogger

[ Monday through Sunday 7 pack ]

  1. Great post! I actually have horrible premenstrual mood swings, and never really thought about the connection to the fact I don’t really have much calcium in my diet. I have been meaning to get some calcium pills for awhile (doctor suggested it, plus I knew I needed some). This just was a great reminder of why I should be having this with my other daily supplement intake.

  2. hey, could you explain your vitamin schedule? which vits you take on each day? for example…are there some you take everyday, and some you only take once a week. thanks! xx

    1. One of the above listed everyday! I also like to eat my vitamins in veggies : ). xo

  3. Hi Lauryn! I’m curious how your vitamin regime has changed since this post – Do you still consume all of these and in the same doses?

    1. Hey, again its very informative and your writing style is so easy to understand. I love your blog all the time. Keep it up good work buddy.

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