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Listen… we all wanna know what the hell Victoria’s Secret models are doing to look so freaking dewy & glowy.

I went back backstage at the fashion show to get all their tips & tricks, just for you guys. Some were more specific than others, but overall, it sounds like there’s a lot of water drinking, lymphatic drainage & face masks going on. A few random things too- like BLOOD CREAM. We’ll get into it later.

The day Mimi & I really got to learn about the models’ skin secrets was amazing. First, we went to Equinox to workout with Meghan Roup & Elsa Hosk. ( Fitness post to come ).

After the workout we grabbed turmeric lattes & walked through Central Park back to The Plaza Hotel. When we walked into The Angel Suite there was a whole Georgia Louise & Dr. Barbara Sturm setup on one side where they were giving the models facial treatments. On the other side was a Charlotte Tilbury setup where girls were having their makeup done.

WAIT, if you haven’t heard of Dr. Sturm- she basically invented The Vampire Facial. The Kardashians are big fans.

Mimi & I got to lay next to each other while we got facials by the Georgia Louise team. They were the MOST amazing facials! Mimi is obsessed with her facialist, Taylor.

First, they used the Dr. Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser– it’s very gentle & PH balancing. It’s like this foaming cleanser with these tiny powder particles so it exfoliates too. Kind of a 2-in-1 situation, which we love because it’s efficient.

After that we did a Georgia Louise sheet mask. Mimi & I both got the honey one. This is a mask that you use with the pulsing headband so it activates the mask

What’s a pulsing headband??? Glad you asked.

The GLOPulse Ion Enhancer is this device that uses galavanic current to enhance blood circulation, refine pores & soften fine lines & wrinkles. It’s so cool. It pulsates on your face & you could do it while you watch The Real Housewives. You just put on a mask, then put on the headband & 20 minutes later you’re all glowy.

Then it was time for some lymphatic drainage which we always want. They used these gua sha butterfly stones which really lift & sculpt & get under the cheekbones. In fact, it’s called a Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone. It’s cute & pink too, so it’ll look perfect in your skin fridge or on your vanity.

The facial involved TONS of facial massage which was so ideal because we had pizza the night before. They really massaged our faces & moved all the fluid down our necks. While they were working on us, they told us that all the models had been in for lymphatic drainage.

Devon Windsor & Ming Xi both told me their #1 SKINCARE SECRET is facial massage. It just works. It drains bloat & sculpts your face in this perfect way. If there’s any time for lymphatic drainage, it’s before the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

The Dr. Barbara Sturm glow drops were insane too. They used these after the GLOPulse device. They are full of hyaluronic acid & really plump the skin. Our skin was so glowy- in fact, Mimi said it made her skin glow more than anything she’d ever had before. And let me tell you, Mimi IS INTO SKIN.

OK…now for the blood cream. That’s right. Dr. Barbara Sturm took our blood to make a cream out of it. This was major for me because I have Vasovagal- I was kinda freaking out. But Dr. Sturm was so amazing with the needle, I barely felt a thing.

Moving on…apparently, this cream is magic. It’s called MC1 cream. So what happens is Dr. Sturm takes your blood & when it goes into this vial, the vial does something that makes your blood think you’re being injured. So, it activates all these healing proteins in your blood.

People say it really works & it’s kind of a big deal. So excited to try it. Like, I’m waiting at the mailbox every day. The blood cream hasn’t arrived yet, but I will keep you guys posted.

Over on the Charlotte Tilbury side they were starting off with Charlotte’s Magic Cream then using the Wonderglow Face Primer. This primer is good, guys. I love how it makes my skin look in Instagram photos.

They also used the Bronze & Glow Contour Duo ( Mimi uses this every day ) & the #1 lipstick choice was Pillow Talk.

Pillow Talk is the best lip color you will ever have. I’ve talked about this before- I swear it looks good on everyone. Also, the lipliner is the best lip cheat EVER. Everyone needs these in their makeup bag.

Other makeup standouts were:

 Magic Foundation

Hollywood Highlighter

Cream shadow

Exagger-eyes palette

Full Fat Mascara

Cheek to Chic Blush
( Hot tip: Gigi Hadid wears blush on her eyelids for more healthy looking eyes- it covers the blue veins that appear sometimes. )

Skin was a MAJOR theme at this show. More than makeup or hair, everyone was talking about skin.

A lot of the models use the Clarisonic facial brush, drink tons of water & they ALWAYS take their makeup off before bed. We all know that’s a must.

Most are big fans of SPF & stay out of the sun – BUT a cool tip was that they never wear SPF if they’re going to be in front of flash photography. It makes your face white.

Dr. Lancer’s skin care also came up a lot. The models are big fans of his face polish especially. They also talked about eating for skin, but there’s a whole post on diet coming soon.

Overall, The Angels are super diligent with facials, eye masks, face masks– they all seem to really take care of their skin.

Does anyone use these products or have the GLOPulse headband? Would love to hear what you think.

I hope you guys liked this post! There’s more coming for Victoria’s Secret Week so stay tuned for more on outfits, fitness & wellness tips from the models.

See ya tomorrow,

x, lauryn


  1. I love facial massage to depuff and drain, so it’s good to know that the VS models are doing it too! I’d love to get my hands on that GlowPulse Ion enhancer though.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  2. I need a real honest no-bullshit review on the ION pulse.. I’m way too impulsive and obsessed with skincare lately but don’t know how I feel about this!!

  3. It’s really good to know some skin tips from the victoria’s secret models themselves! It’s a good thing i’m into trying out different skin care products lately.

  4. Thanks for the skinny confidential. Where else may just I am getting that type of information written in such an ideal Models beauty secrets approach? I’ve a venture that I am simply now running on, and I’ve been on the look out for such info.

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