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vibrator facial massage inflammation beauty by the skinny confidentialYou really didn’t think I’d leave you hanging, DID YOU?

I MEAN, never- but ESPECIALLY on this specific subject.

What’s that specific subject you ask?


They’re real expensiveeeee. I love my facial massagers more than my future first-born, but when I was in college there was NO WAY- like no way, I would have been able to afford a $399 facial massager. It just wasn’t in the cards, you know? 

SO I totally understand when some of you message me: “I’d love to try this! Is there a cheaper version?”

My response is always the same: “Use your hands! They’re free. A video is on my channel. XO”

BUT I was never fully satisfied with that response. It just didn’t do it for me. Like sure, hands are great & everything, but there’s something fucking fabulous about having a facial massaging device at your fingertips every day.

So I do what I always do when I’m not satisfied.


I sat back, waited- patience is a friend. 

It’s all about gaining perspective right? When you step outside something, you can see it clearly.

And I meditated. I mediated on a facial massager hack for a month. Weird? Nothing’s weird here. Me in meditation: what can I do as a facial massage hack? How can I find something that substitutes this $399 situation? Something very creative. OMMMMM.

( If you look back TSC was built on hacks- quick tips & tricks. I never want to lose that element. I want modifications! TIPS! TRICKS! HACKS! SECRETS! ).

& then? Well, I found the hack: a $9 dollar vibrator.

Soooooooo let’s get into the over-sharing part- Mimi ( who works on TSC Team ) actually discovered THE GEM. The hack of a lifetime. The idea of the century. She’s basically Columbus. 

You should know, Mimi helps coordinate my packages & one day this cute, tiny pink vibrator came in the mail…for me. TMI: I ordered it off Amazon, but like to have fun with- you know? ( That’s a whole different post, if you want it? ). 

ANYWAY: she had an A-HA moment & recognized that a $9 VIBRATOR is actually THE PERFECT FACIAL MASSAGER.



Because I am actually, literally dead.

Soooooo!!! Of course I did what I always do- I had her try it for a month & I tried it on myself- AND SLAP ME SILLY, IT WORKS! 

Not only does it fucking work, IT RULES.

vibrator facial massage inflammation beauty by the skinny confidential

I mean sure, there’s some elements that we could improve on here & there BUT it’s really something every girl should have for her face…( & while we’re on the subject, get a separate one for other things, if you know what I mean? ). 

Back to Mimi- we are both VERY into skin. When we’re together it’s a real hot topic & we both literally have a skin box full of all our favorite standout star skin products.

And Ms. Pink Vibrator was initiated into the box immediately. 

We used her ( on our face only, LOL ) for a month straight. 

& HOLY SHIT, it was great. 

No, I’m not embarrassed to be using a vibrator on my face- in fact, I think it’s a real hoot. Hilarious. I actually like it. Who cares what anyone thinks!

Then we noticed something odd. AMAZON CHANGED THE DESCRIPTION TO FACIAL MASSAGER. If you’re curious, I know they changed it because for years I have bought my trusty, exact same pink vibrator off Amazon…& all of a sudden the description said, facial massager.

Now wait, is Alexa listening or what? Like seriously though- WTF. It’s like Alexa told Amazon this hack?

Whatever. That’s neither here nor there, but now that I’ve REALLY got your attention let me explain how to use it- DIY if you will.


+ First things first ok? You will want to prep your skin in the morning- set 5 minutes a day in the morning to pamper your skin. My opinion here: if people don’t have 5 minutes in the morning, they don’t have a life. It’s your skin- your face, you have it forever- take good care of it! Anyway, I like to do a toner or mandelic serum to start, maybe even a peel pad moment too.

+ Then you’re going to want to use a buttery moisturizer. You can watch my whole skincare routine here if you want specifics. Right now I’m currently loving this moisturizer– I like it to be thick but oxygenating- if that makes sense. 

+ After you’re all moisturized, grab some oils. Shocking, I know- OILS! Like I haven’t mentioned them 330389 times already. If you’ve been a reader for a long time & you don’t have a good oil- ARE YOU REALLY EVEN LIVING? Oils are amazing. Insane. So fab. Anyway, this one is a good one if you’re in the market for an oil. 

+ NOW IT’S TIME TO VIBRATE. I like to do massage after oils. Go around your eyes gently & all over your face with your vibrator. Go from your nose to your ear & then pull down the neck to get all that lymphatic drainage going. Easy. In the morning, use the vibrator for 2-5 minutes. ( At night, I can go 10 minutes while watching Housewives. Mimi ends her night with TWENTY minutes of facial massage- she swears by it ).

+ Then I love an eye cream if we’re being real. A little more oil. And maybe even a lip conditioner because we can’t forget about the lips. Lip wrinkles are a thing.

+ & of course, most importantly, the final step: sunscreen !!

** note: there are different caps for the vibrators- on your face: use the rounded one ( NOT the one with the spikes ). On your flower: you do you ( definitely add some WOO COCONUT LUBE though- LOL ).

*** ALSO NOTE: you will need to buy batteries separately- get double AA. 

If you’re confused on WHY you should be facial massaging- READ THIS POST ASAP. It’s all about circulation, blood flow, lymphatic drainage, & more. 

Oh! And if you’re not into using a vibrator on your face, you can find the $350 facial massager here 

OK so, don’t mean to brag but I feel like I very much delivered on this one? I’m excited about it. 

YOU HAVE TO TAG ME IN YOUR IG STORIES/IG WHEN YOU USE YOUR FACIAL MASSAGE VIBRATOR SO I CAN LAUGH & repost. I feel like we need a hashtag: #TSCVIBES. See what I did there? We’ll make it fun.

My dream is to have women all over the world using a vibrator on their oiled-up faces.

Don’t ask for much.

– lauryn x


  1. This is so amazing, can’t wait to try it!! My favorite hack is putting ice cubes on my face when feeling puffy. That’s what happens when you don’t have a fancy jade roller! My mom taught me when I was a kid.

  2. So my favorite hack is another one for the baller on a budget…. facial steams are expensive and sometimes boiling water can be gross, right? I make a huge cup of green tea (like 2 or 3 tea bags) and facial steam with that. It not only smells good and opens up your pores, but the green tea is SUPER soothing and high in antioxidants, so all the good stuff. I do this once a week and I swear I feel the effect immediately — if you’re broke like me and can’t afford a facial steamer, try this. Trust me!

  3. ( That’s a whole different post, if you want it? ). YES! I want it! Trying to get my bf on board and he is not biting. I’d love to hear any tips and tricks on how you implement them into your sex life.

  4. My most recent hack: I made my own body scrub! I was not down to spend money on a scrub, so I mixed coffee grounds, coconut oil, rosehip, and vitamin E, and bam: the most delish body scrub ever!

  5. Ok…this is amazing! I have been wanting the clarisonic one but haven’t wanted to pay the price! Pretty bummed though because this exact vibrator came for free with a bunch of toys I bought on a certain website and I threw it away!!! ?‍♀️ – guess I’ll be buying a new one. ?

  6. Could I say first how much I love this tip ? My better and cheaper hack since ten years now is to use some flour as a dry shampoo. The result is fantastic (I don’t like the result adith the dry shampoo). Your roots take off and you gain so much volum (it’s like dry shampoo & volum powder combination). You just need to be careful to not put too much flower because you risk to have grey roots (but for blond hair it’s imperceptible). Everybody should know about the talcum powder cheaper version as a dry shampoo. But I can say, after 10 years, flour is so much better : particles hook so much better. Here my cheaper hack for life game changing ???. Love ?

  7. My biggest hack is a ring cleaner for my engagement ring! Warm water and lemon essential oil. Soak overnight, rinse with warm water, and you have a brand new ring!!! If you want to get extra fancy scrub with a tooth brush and warm water after the soak! #gamechanger! @healthfulcasey

  8. Vibrating facial massages (that look like, er, vibrators) have been an Asian beauty secret for years! I use a gold vibrating massager on my face that cost me £3 and I love it – it makes such a huge, almost immediately noticeable difference!
    Glad you’re sharing the word on more affordable beauty options! xx

  9. I love this? 100% going to try since I am that law student that can’t quite afford the $399 facial massager yet! My favorite hack is peppermint oil on my roots to help hair growth – leave it on during workout or in shower – the heat really lets it soak in!

  10. Inspired! Not only did I order the face massager “ hack”. I found a $4.00 “ ion” one at my local Dollar store.

  11. certainly like your web site however you have to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts.
    Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very bothersome to tell the truth then again I will surely come
    again again.

  12. I use my vibrator on my ears when they feel itchy inside. I love it, and people think it is the weirdest s*#t they have ever seen, lol. Sometimes it feels like warm liquid in my ear, and i think it is vibrating the fluid on my middle ear loose, Im not sure but its almost better than sex

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