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Look All Bronzed & Stuff For Summer 2015: Organic, Vegan Sunless Tanning Tips

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

Ya, ya, ya we all know I avoid the sun like a sick plague.

But I like a little summer glow, you know?

That’s where my spray tan comes in.

I’ve been spray tanning since 1999. Literally though, lol.

Lately I’ve been traveling & working non-stop so I don’t always have time to do the whole spray tan ordeal.

When Loving Tan reached out to let me know about their DIY at home line and told me it was VEGAN (!!!). I jumped at the chance to try it out.

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

And wait for it…the tanning formula is also: 100% natural, not tested on animals, contains no parabens, and is ORGANIC!! I mean if this isn’t up my alley, I don’t know what is.

I never put things on my blog that I haven’t tried, used, & LOVED. I don’t want anything ‘MEH’ on TSC. And lemme tell ya, I LOVEDDDD this product. I may even switch over to the non spray tan side & switch completely to this product. I feel like spray tans have a million chemicals spraying on to your body in a small area.

A lotion allows the skin to breath and it’s natural sooooooo…I’m very much about it!!

Also, let’s talk about red.

You know the color.

Having any trace of red in my spray/lotion tan just doesn’t work.

I HATEEEE RED TRACES. It makes the tan look fake, forced, & Snookie-ish.

Loving Tan is a natural olive color because it has active ingredients and contains DHA & an ingredient Erythurlose to eliminate orange tones. See what I mean?

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

Casper before, casual Baywatch bronzed after.

Ok so, I’m very specific with my pre/during/post-tan tips. Like, very, very specific.

Here’s a couple I live & die by:

1.) Dry brush before you tan.

Dry brushing is the best exfoliation on the planet. I swear though, not only does it stimulate the lymph system, it also is an amazing pre-tan prep.

2.) Shave the stubble.

Obviously you don’t want to tan with leg hair. I’m always a prickly pear ( let’s be honest, shaving is such an annoyance…it’s also boring ). So I always have to remember to be shaved & ready for my tan. Also, I sweat using my guide before I shower & shave so that’s out of the way.

3.) Use a mitt.

I like this one by Loving Tan called Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove. Basically it removes all nasty-ass dead skin cells & old built up tan so your glow will last longer & fade evenly.

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

4.) I know this sounds weird but I have to say it…

I don’t put any tanning stuff on my upper lip. I literally have a mustache from hyper pigmentation ( so chic! ) so an added layer of tan is unnecessary & makes me look like Captain Hook. LOL.

5.) Use an applicator.

This Easy To Reach Back Applicator helps you get to those annoying bits on your back. Make sure it’s slightly dampened first.

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

6.) Apply the tan.

I like the medium shade ( it dries quick). And always use this Deluxe Applicator Mitt. No one wants product kind of just sitting on the skin. I like to make sure the product is really attached & blended. This little mitt is perfect for securing the tan to provide that sun kissed, sex kitten glow.

7.) Mani/Pedi afterwards.

I wait until after the tan for a mani/pedi and I usually only get a polish change because I don’t want to let my feet or nails sit in water ( it would create a line ). Polish changes are GAME changers post-tan. Besides no one likes overly tanned cuticles.


Crusty tans are not so cute. To keep your tan look sexy, moisturize with raw coconut oil. It’s my favorite post-tan tip. Wait until the day after the tan is applied though.

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

9.) Don’t lay in white sheets if you’re spray tanning!!

Literally know this from experience. Michael woke up next to me & there was bronzed snow angels all over the bed. I like to apply my tan in the AM and then shower before bed. After tons of trial & error this has worked best. With the new at home product I’ve been using, you can get in bed 2 hours after ( which is FAB ). You don’t have to worry about tanned snow angels with Loving Tan.

10.) Always wash you hands after application.

I feel like this is obvious? But it’s one tip I sometimes forget. I also use a baby wipe to clean the bottoms of my feet, nails, & toenails.


Anyone else have any tanning tips? Spill.

Also,  I can’t talk about self-tanning without pimping out gradual + hydrating self-tanning cream, Nº32. This formula works after decades of trying shitty self-tanners that left me streaky, orange, smelly, & dried out. Nº32 is the opposite of all of that: it smells like Rosewood, has clean ingredients, provides a natural looking color, is super hydrating, & very easy to apply. It doesn’t transfer on your bedding or clothing either!

x, lauryn

ps. use code ‘theskinnyconfidential’ at checkout to receive a free gift with purchase. x

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks. 


  1. These are great tips thank you!! I’ve been using Jergen’s for awhile but I will have to try this brand!

    A quick question though, I’m hooked on dry brushing too, but I try not to do it for the first few days after applying tanning lotion because I’m worried about exfoliating the new tan right off! Do you usually dry brush even when you’ve recently used tanning lotion? What about shaving?

  2. I bought this same product and was sadly disappointed. While the color IS great (better than most I have tried…and that’s a lot) the smell is horrible. I’ve tried multiple different application methods and it is still so splotchy around your ankles and feet (and that mitt…be careful not to scrap yourself with the rough material around the edges). Did you have this problem? I tried the lotion on the ankle/feet area to help but it still didn’t apply as well as the rest of my body.


  3. Have you tried the St. Tropez in shower tanner? I just read about it and am curious if it actually works, first I’ve heard about “in shower” tanning!!!

  4. I have been spray tanning since I was 13 haha! I worked in a salon when I was in high school that had an old school mystic tan. My boss would forget to change the solution and people would come out with leopard spots…LOL! I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a new self tanner so I will for sure give this a shot. No to real sun, and no to wrinkles!!!! xxx

  5. HOLY OMG! Thank you SO much for featuring them! You know how sad I was to not be able to find a natural self tanner on the market that had any sort of review? There is literally NONE. So I’m totally going to give this a go since I avoid the sun and am looking rather pale in comparison to my amigos who are sun bathing sweet hearts!

    Darling Down South
    Find me at : instagram

  6. I just purchased this! I have stopped using tanning beds now that I turned 30 (wrinkly skin? No thanks!) How long does the tan last? I tried looking on the website but haven’t seen anything.

    Thanks for the tips as per usual! xo

  7. I litterally JUST tried this product for the first time last night and I love it! I used the 2 hour express which is perfect for my busy schedule. No waiting around for the tan to develop, no orange sheets from sleeping in the tan (which I used to do with other products) and no fake tan smell! My day was like this: work, gym, home, shower, tan, dinner and tv, then another quick shower 2 hours later to rinse off the tan before bed. I woke up today with a lovely, natural looking tan. I’m loving this product and excited to see your review.

  8. Can you PLEASE do a post about how you deal with your hyper pigmentation? It is the worst thing in the world and we can’t figure out a cream / makeup product to truly nip it in the butt! What do you do to conceal???

  9. This is amazing. I can’t wait to try it out. I am addicted to spray tanning, so this will be my next new product to try out. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. hi lauryn – could you post a list of ingredients? i see “naturally derived ingredients” on their website, but the ingredients list i found on another website (3rd party, so i’m not sure if it’s accurate) makes me question the organic/100% natural thing. thanks!

  11. Please tell me which coconut oil you use to moisturize! I need a brand I can trust desperately. Plus I want to use it in place of diaper cream when my mini me popps out in a few weeks.

  12. I usually put a little moisturizer on my elbows, knees, hands & feet to stop the tan from blending in as much on those drier areas; then I learned a new trick to use a blending brush (one used for makeup) and blending out at my wrists & ankles, and around the knees and elbows so that it looks less streaky. 🙂

  13. I don’t know why, but I am terrified to try a spray tan or use tanning products. I think I’m afraid of the oompa loompa look. Your tips make me wanna actually try this time. I’ve got some Italian skin in me and I can really tan if I try. Rubbing coconut oil all over me and getting browner than ever two summers ago was not my brightest idea. However now that I’m getting older and am closer to 30 than 20 I’ve actually started to think about sun damage and wrinkles. These products sound great and I will have to stop being chicken and give it a try!

  14. I’ve never tired spray tans but this one sounds easy enough! (And given its the end of June and I don’t a slight hint of a tan yet….). How do you deal with shorts tan?
    xx, Pia

  15. I have been dry brushing before every shower, but I’m wondering – should I still dry brush after I’ve applied tanner? I feel like it would brush it right off but I don’t want to skip days of dry brushing either! What do you do??

  16. I don’t want You to think that I am just spamming, but You really inspired me and I created a blog. If You could find a minute, that would be a big privilege for me, if You just come and see. Thank You.

  17. I was curious about his one but I think bc my skin is dry it may be streaky. I currently use EcoTan which has great color, organic, and no smell. I used to use st tropez and I liked the color and texture but EcoTan color is much better. But I do prefer the texture of a st tropez. It’s worth no chems though!

  18. You’ve mentioned your upper lip hyperpigmentation a few times and I have it too 🙁 It gets bad in the summer… and is so embarrassing. I can cover it using concealer if I’m going full glam, but was wondering how you hide it during the summer when you don’t want to wear much make-up like just a tinted moisturizer. Any tips and tricks? Maybe a good topic for a post! 🙂

  19. I just purchased this product and am so excited to try! I love tan skin, but as I get older am struggling with being in the sun and the effects it has one you (needless to say, I just had a nasty little trip to the dermo a couple weeks back :/) SO, I was very excited to read about your success and hope for the same! Thanks, doll.
    PS. Thanks so much for the gift with purchase!!

  20. Are white sheets okay once you’re rinsed off? I’m cursed with milky pale skin and I don’t want to scare the boyfriend with orange streaks on the bed haha. Also, what about gym and normal sweating?

  21. I also use medical gloves while applying and mix a dab of coconut oil WITH the tanner. Game changer.

  22. Looks like a great product! And its good you can get in bed so soon after applying it. Tan snow angles on white sheets doesn’t sound like it’d be fun to clean up. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I’ve tried Loving Tan in the past and loved it, but still ended up a little bit streaky and uneven…..only because I am horrible at applying it and the lighting in my bedroom is horrible

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