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The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls for Bloglovin | by the skinny confidentialThe Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls for Bloglovin | by the skinny confidential

Random fact: the inspo behind the new site layout was heavily inspired by Valley of the Dolls.

Anyone read it?

If not, RUN, AND I MEAN RUN, to your nearest Barnes & Noble…eer, Amazon & buy the book.

It’s a freaking CLASSIC. Such a must-read.

Firm believer that every girl in the world should have Valley of the Dolls on her coffee table. So chic it’s stupid.

Anyway, when Bloglovin’ wanted to collaborate on a curated TSC shop my first thought was: ok, what the hell should the theme be?

Basically I took the theme as serious as a heart-attack. I thought about it for months…like a PSYCHOPATH.

& then POOF. During a shower filled with way too much dry brushing the lightbulb moment happened.


It was just so perfect with the new site REVAMP. It had to be the theme. So there you have it: THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL BLOGLOVIN’ SHOP…all inspired by the classic, pink book.

The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls for Bloglovin | by the skinny confidential

Ok so here’s the deal: each item was picked with tender, love, & care by me to rep the theme. Think: pink bomber jackets, sexy black skinny jeans, edgy white tees, lonely lingerie, & so much FEMININE LEATHER.


The whole thing just reminds me of an independent woman in New York City who has SASS.

Total contrast of masculine & feminine. Everything I love. Let me know what you guys think of my curated collection. Would love to know your thoughts? Anything to add?

The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls for Bloglovin | by the skinny confidential

Switching gears: this dress is so Valley of the Dolls-ish too. I’m kind of loving this for a hot night out. It’s beautifully beaded & lays super nice. DON’T KILL ME: it’s sold out. I know, BOO. But I found this one & this one ( for eer, $23 bucks! ) that look VERY similar!

Also a huge plus: cuts like this make the tata’s look plump— they really hold them up.

I paired this with oversized black sunglasses, patent leather pumps, & of course, had to throw some white in there: a tiny coin purse.

Really I would wear this outfit every Friday.

It’s just one of those outfits that makes you feel spicy.

The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls 14

Apparently I’m all over the place in this post, but what’s really new anyway?

Because there’s more: EPISODE 4 of TSC HIM & HER PODCAST is live! LISTEN HERE. YouTube video to follow tomorrow for all you Android users.

& bear with us because we’re new to this & getting the hang of it.

All your feedback is very important; I want to create a super interactive, fun, sassy podcast. Nothing happens overnight. It’s a constant work in progress. When I look back to my first month of blogging, it’s rather interesting! HA.

Anyway, check out Episode 4, each week we hope to improve. IMPROVEMENT in anything is so important. Slow & steady wins the race right? Sometimes it’s difficult to remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I’m one of those people that wants everything just right, just perfect, immediately. I’m learning slowly that there’s something pretty fucking cool about evolving slowly.

Each week, the podcast should be better than the last! We’re watching all your feedback VERY carefully! Your opinions, Snap messages, e-mail are a HUGE part of growing TSC brand. Keep them coming.

The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls 8

The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls for Bloglovin | by the skinny confidential

Alright! On that note make sure you’re following along on Bloglovin’. It’s the best place to get updates on all your favorite bloggers. You can subscribe to The Skinny Confidential’s posts & they’ll come straight to your inbox.


I’m off to eat zucchini ‘noodles’ with spicy ( SPICY ) meat sauce & extra lemon. Yes, it’s 10:31 PM at night. Don’t judge, it’s been a LONG day. Playing catch up is intense…

Talk tomorrow!

lauryn x


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The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls 1


  1. I read the bloglovin’ collab yesterday! Was curious how it all came about, the Valley of the Dolls INSPO is perfect. I can definitely see it in the new blog layout. Pink makes the boys wink.


  2. Love the shop, especially the skirts! Also, just wanted to leave some feedback that the sound volume on the podcast seemed a bit low. I had to turn my car volume WAY up and sometimes I couldn’t hear Michael. Excited to keep listening 🙂

  3. Loving the podcasts and the inspo behind the re-design and your shop. I know you love mixing high end and low end pieces. Any chance you can add a few more low end pieces? Possibly from Forever 21 or one of the other stores you love? That would help a sister and her wallet out 🙂 But as always loved the pieces, so cute! The pink skirts are EVERYTHING.

  4. I TOTALLY see the Valley of the Dolls inspo with your re-vamp and LOVE it. Great book! I have such a sweet spot for sky high slits and cut out backs – digging all these finds and that $23 price tag aint bad at all!

    I totally feel you on growing slowly and organically – I am like you where in my perfect world, perfection just happens – but there is something so rad in seeing growth and how to evolve. Can’t wait to check out the new podcast – I’m LOVING them! xx

  5. Episode 4 of the podcast was hands down my favorite. You guys kept your answers to all the questions short, sweet and to the point and the questions covered a great variety of topics 🙂

    OBSESSED with those nude heels from Nasty Gal <3

  6. LOL how the fuck did you find valley of the dolls from 1997.

    I love u so much. I trust you, even with this description on amazon. buying.

    Dolls: red or black; capsules or tablets; washed down with vodka or swallowed straight—for Anne, Neely, and Jennifer, it doesn’t matter, as long as the pill bottle is within easy reach.

    website redesign is above and beyond.

    love da pod! can’t wait to call in next week.


  7. Feeling super stupid for never having read the book. My goodness whoops, will put that one on the (never ending) to-read list. Also, though I love the dress, team “hardly any boobs” over here would not be able to rock it like you do. Hah! xxx


  8. Please let me you’ve also read Jacqueline Susann’s Once Is Not Enough and seen the deeply amazing and eponymous movie. Do you like the Rahua hair mask? I have never heard of that brand.

  9. I always tell myself I’m on the “Neely O’Hara Diet” when I am completely off the wagon, like when Neely fixes herself a giant rum & coke and cheese plate and staggers out to sit by the pool and binge after the studio tells her to lose weight. Good times!

  10. I am royally obsessed with Valley of the Dolls – so I am obsessed with this post ! Love the new site Lauryn, keep up the awesome work! Xx

  11. Ok w my flat chest I only get rib cleavage but I’m ok with it. And that pink bomber is a must have, really! Love all ur picks xo

  12. Valley of the Dolls is the greatest book ever! So thrilled you chose it as the theme for your collaboration with Bloglovin. And super excited you’ve read it and LOVE it – most people my age have never even heard of it haha (their loss).

    Looking beautiful as always xx

  13. I know this is an older post and that you said the dress what sold out 🙁 – but I was wondering where did you get it or perhaps whats the brand as this dress is stunning!


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