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A Lil Sexy Giveaway With Victoria’s Secret

The Skinny Confidential collabs with Victoria's Secret for a giveaway.

The Skinny Confidential collabs with Victoria's Secret for a giveaway.

Since February is definitely the month of la-la-love, The Skinny Confidential teamed up with Victoria’s Secret for another sexy, lil giveaway.

& boy-oh-boy, do we have some cute goodies for you guys.

Like what? Welp:

One Lady Luck will be gifted:

+ Very Sexy Forbidden Parfum

+ 3 super cute makeup bags

+ The Bombshell Valentine’s Day Gift Set

The Skinny Confidential collabs with Victoria's Secret for a giveaway.

To win, make sure you:

+ ‘Like’ Victoria’s Secret on Facebook

+ Follow The Skinny Confidential on Bloglovin’

+ Leave a comment below & tell Vic Secret x TSC your favorite VS beauty product

The Skinny Confidential collabs with Victoria's Secret for a giveaway.

I love everything Victoria’s Secret; I just feel like the brand screams sexuality but in a feminine, understated ( but not too understated way ). So when it comes to the month of love…VS is my jam ( cough, cough Honey!! ).

Oh, & the perfume is so hot it hurts. It’s the perfect scent for a date night. I like to spray a little bit in my brush before brushing my hair too ; ).

Good luck! I will be announcing the winner on the blog next Sunday, 2/23/14.


{ Open to international readers as well }.

+ Giveaway closed; winner picked here.
The Skinny Confidential collabs with Victoria's Secret for a giveaway.

  1. My favorite beauty product from VS would definitely have to be their perfumes. Whether you put on a lot or a little, if someone else can smell it or only you can, they really do give you a girly boost. Maybe no one else can smell the awesomeness, but you can, and you know its there, and sometimes thats enough to give a girl the confidence that she needs to get through the day ~ Love your blog!

  2. I absolutely ADORE the Dream Angels Heavenly Roller Ball! It fits perfectly into purses and carry-on sized bags, so it’s my go-to travel scent 🙂

  3. Ugh first to comment ! 😉 I loooove VS beauty… top faves have to be their bronzer (perfect color for contouring and a lil sparkle), the hand cream (pink but stilllll so yummy and rich), and the bombshell dry shamps… rocks my (lazy) world 🙂 would love to win!

  4. My favorite beauty product by far is their LIPGLOSS!!!! I must say I’m obsessed… Love the shine and the flavors… They are amazing!!! I can’t get enough… I also love their perfume… Just makes me feel sexy instantly when I put any of them on…must also say I am fairly new to your blog and I LOVE IT… You inspire me very much… I am trying now to turn over to a new healthy lifestyle!!!!!

  5. I absolutely looooove the vs hand cream. And of course all the vs body sprays tht are just perfect for everyday wear. And the vs lipgloss are the best!

  6. I I love the noir tease perfume & the classic love spell products! I can’t wear them everyday because of work so when I can wear perfume or body spray, it’s usually VS!

  7. hey lauryn! My favorite VS product def. has to be their perfume ESP bombshell!!! I’m pretty much a perfume-whore (no really, I have like 20 bottles/mini bottles/rollerballs, but at least I always smell good!) well its pretty weird that you’re doing this giveaway because LITERALLY like 3 days ago I was just telling one of my coworkers that I just used the last of my bombshell perfume and I need to get more ASAP, also loveeee any body mist or lotion that has to do with bronze or sparkle from VS esp since I live in South Florida! (sorry im starting to rant now lol) but I would for sure love to win these little beauties from VS 🙂 also, keep up the good work Lauryn!

  8. Hi

    My favorite beauty product is by far their LIPGLOSS!!! I am addicted to it.. I love the shine it gives and all the flavors… I also love their perfumes… I instantly feel sexy whenever I put them on… They all smell amazing…. I also just have to say I am fairly new to your blog and I LOVE IT!! You inspire me to start a new healthy lifestyle!!!

  9. Since I was in 9th grade my favourite thing at Victorias Secret has been the love spell scent! I used to drench myself in it!

  10. Sarah is right! Their perfumes rock. My favorite used to be the Supermodel perfume a while back…but now I like Heavenly.

  11. I love everything about VS beauty! My favorite is definitely all of their lotions because they make your skin so smooth and smell delicious! They have so many different scents that go with whatever mood you are in whether it’s girly, sexy, or just feeling fresh they have it all! <33

  12. My favorite beauty product has to be the new Bombshells in Bloom! Wow, what a scent! I’ve always enjoyed VS perfumes, definitely one of the best in the biz!:)

  13. My favorite products by VS has to be anything in Coconut Passion. I’m literally obsessed with coconut and I have the body spray, wash, and self-tanning lotion. Like summer in a bottle! 🙂

  14. I love their bronzer as well as the lip plumper! Not to mention their lotions and perfumes, I love smelling yummy everytime I leave the house.

  15. I love their bronzer and the lip plumper. Not to mention the lotions and perfume, can’t leave the house without a spray

  16. Don’t have a facebook, but hopefully i can still enter. I love the PARTY IN PARADISE LIMITED EDITION SPRING BREAK BEACH HAIR WAVE SPRAY. It’s so fun and cute! 🙂 xo

  17. I am in love with the mega glow bronzer and their highlighters! I also love the pink sweet and flirty lotion!

  18. I lovvvve the VS body sprays. All of their summery/beachy/fruity scents are perf for more casual times when perfume is a lil too much but you still wanna smell nice. I always grab them in bulk during sales!!! : )

  19. hey Lauryin i just moved to america from italy and i just wanted to say that i’ve been your blog reader for a long time, i especially like when you talk about ‘american’ stuff (for example the BPA stuff) becouse im learning things about this country i wouldnt normally learn. eye opener!
    lots of love to california, its really cold here on the east cost!!

  20. My favorite is the ever wonderful body sprays. They can go in my purse and I use them when ever I need a little confidence boost. I love them!

  21. Epic Lash mascara and Glossy Tint lip gloss are to dieeeeee for! My go to daily makeup staples for sexy bombshell lashes and a soft lip! Love your blog

  22. My favorite VS beauty product is definitely the Beach Sexy Wave Spray, I love using it on days I don’t feel like blow drying my hair!

  23. I love the Beach Sexy Wave Spray, I use it whenever I don’t feel like blowdrying my hair!

  24. My stepmother-in-law gave me a $50 gift certificate to VS for x-mas! I need to get down there and get some spray. I hate to say it but I don’t always shower before work if I cut it close between a run and work so some spray is a good way to go 🙂

  25. I love the body washes. I alternate scents when I run out and they’re the perfect mix of soapy and smell good!

  26. I’m a VS fan! I love all their hip huggers panties, their semi denim bras, the lingerie, their PJs, their body butters!!!! awww I guess the question should be what don’t I love from VS? 🙂

  27. In the past year I have just fallen in love with VS fragrances – I wear Pink Fresh & Clean for everyday running errands or out to lunch and Bombshell when I’m headed out. I also ADORE their tinted lip gloss (and won’t buy bras anywhere else, of course!).

  28. I love the Beach Sexy Bronzer Shimmer Lotion…especially since SC readers know to stay out of the sun.

  29. In middle school and early high school I was OBSESSED with the VS lipgloss (especially appletini). I am pretty positive I had every one they made. In fact, I still have a cupquake one in my makeup bag! Now I’m in love with the perfumes, makeup, and makeup bags; I can never have too many bags! VS is the epitome of girly and sexy. I love it!!

  30. My faveee VS product is the Bombshell Bra! Nothing’s sexier than a confident woman and that starts from the inside out! (Which obvs includes those sexy little undergarments) I feel like a sexy Lil BAMF with my Bombshell on!

  31. My favorite product is definitely the Next to Nothing Shimmer Eyeshadow. I use it in so many different ways! It’s the best for highlighting my cheekbones, inner corners of my eyes, and brow bone. I also love to use it just as an eyeshadow when I am wearing a dark/bright lip color. It doesn’t look too gilttery, but it is just enough to make my features pop!

  32. Oh Lauryn you already know how much I adore you and TSC but you and VS takes everything to a new level. Like… the beauty gods have opened the gates and a choir is singing and all is right in the world. Ok.. glad we cleared that up 😉 My fav beauty product (if I had to choose just one) would be their Face Illuminator. Simply. The. Best. Also… I just have to put it out their… the booty parlour line… so sexy and I love every piece from the collection. Die.

    xx. B

  33. Hi Lauryn!
    Anything Pear Glace body care is a winner in my book! So are the Passion Struck and Strawberries Champagne… so hard to pick! They are all pretty much awesome 😀

  34. Hi Lauryn!
    Anything Pear Glace body care is a winner in my book! So are Passion Struck and Strawberries Champagne… so hard to pick! They are pretty much all awesome 😀

  35. I looove the Pink line! My favourite body spray and perfume is the Fresh & Clean scent

  36. I love all their fragrances. If your ever having a day when your feeling down or just not on top you can just spray a little bit of their perfume on yourselft and instantly you feel better. That’s exactly what you want to feel, like a bombshell.

  37. So hard to choose just one product, but since I’m pressed to do so I would say it is probably their sexy pushup bikinis, or (I can’t just choose one!) their soft cheekini cut panties 😉

  38. I don’t really have one favorite VS product, I just love everything from the swimwear to perfume to bodysprays.
    I don’t know why, but you get a little confidence boost by VS.
    Your blog kind of does the same by seeing all these great recipes you are also boosted to eat great and pay a lot of attention to your health. (except for the unhealthy, but O-so great treats)

  39. I like most of the Victoria’s Secret perfumes but love Victoria’s Secret Angel Eau De Parfum and absolutely love the bottle 🙂

  40. Unfortunately my country doesn’t have even one tiniest Victoria’s Secret (and I’m really thinking of moving away because of that) so I haven’t had the pleasure to smell and hold any of those in my hands. But those bottles are so darn cute I’d welcome any of those in my home with open arms!
    And since I’ve gotten some VS lotions and body butters as souvenirs (and their scent is to die for) I totally trust VS to create amazing perfumes too!


  41. I love any and all of their self tanners! I’m pretty white, so anything to give me a lil glow without sun is pretty great 😉


  43. I’ve never owned anything for VS actually. It’s definitely about time to change that! Not sure I can participate in this comp tho since I don’t live in the US? x

  44. Oooo, I’m an old school classic kinda girl and I love their strawberries & champagne line.
    It smells so delicious and the small spray is a perfect addition to my liquids bag as I’m a flight attendant and always tight on space! Love, love, love x

  45. The shimmering bronzing powder is the perfect accessory to any date night. It adds just thr right amount to make you feel extra sexy

  46. my fav VS-product is VS Fantasy Love Spell Body mist!! it smells so goooood! i have all the love spell products 🙂

  47. My favorite VS product is the Amber Romance perfume. It’s also my boyfriend’s favorite ; )

  48. I love most of the VS beauty products, but love the Lip FX the most. The sugar scrub makes your lips soft and smooth and the gloss makes them shiny and perfect. And it tastes good. That’s an added bonus.

  49. Besides loving all of their perfumes I loveee the beachy hair spray. Duh, VS model hair. A must.

  50. I live the Victoria secret makeup line. The eye shadows are so bold and sassy. I can’t help but feel amazing when I wear them.

  51. I love Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir body mist, i wear it daily and get so many compliments!

  52. I absolutely LOVE everything! How can’t you? Their perfumes and bodylotions, especially Sexy Little Things and Angel Dream, gives you a selfconfidence-boost in an instant. It’s a real Barbie-girl moment, but the thing is you feel great and look great. WIN-WIN! You’re simply on top of the world.

  53. I love the Tease body spray…that stuff smells like miracles in a bottle….goood.

  54. Right now my favorite VS product is the Noir Tease perfume. I LOVE how it smells and it instantly puts a pep in my step and makes me feel a bit sexier. But I have yet to find a product from them that I don’t love.

  55. I love their bronzing lotions. They smell great and have just the right color for me. Plus they make you look like you are glowing like a freakin goddess and I am all about that.

  56. My favorite VS beauty product is the Angel perfume. It is a very feminine lovely smell. I love Victoria’s Secret because they are the only ones who have nice/pretty/working bras in my size! They also have the PERFECT bathing suits!!

  57. I love the bronzing lotions. They smell great and are the perfect color for me. Plus they make you glow like a freakin goddess and I am all about that.

  58. My mom have me a set of VS eye shadow palettes and I love them! Beautiful color combinations and very convenient 🙂

  59. I LOVE their lip glosses!!!

    And their tanning products!

    Nothing says summer like a good tan 🙂

  60. my fav product is the dream angels blush eau de parfum…its amazing! i get so many compliments when i wear it.

  61. you can never go wrong with their body sprays. I love them. spray it on and your ready to go.

  62. I LOVE VS! Their products are so perfect! Their beauty line is such a great addition to the store. Their perfumes and makeups are my favorite. When I am wearing the perfumes, I feel super confident and ready to take on the day!!

  63. I absolutely adore the BOLD LINE LIQUID LINER for a perfect cat-eye look with red lips to match with COLOR DRAMA LIPSTICK it gives me a sofisticated Marilyn Monroe inspired look.

  64. My favorite items from Victoria Secrets would have to be everything, I love their intimates, yoga pants, sweaters, makeup (lip gloss to be exact), beauty lotions, and perfume. Other than that, to get into more depth…my most favorite would have to be lemon scented lotion and spray. I feel like it revives me every morning when I need that sudden boost and feel brand new and refreshed. I just love VS. Point. Blank. Period.

  65. My favorite product would have to be the Beach Hair Wave Spray. If you have not tried this amazing product, get on it! It came out last summer and I literally lived in it (if you can live in a hair product hah). Spray it through some dampened hair, and you’re bound to have a babealicious day. And the smell…. perfection.

  66. I love and adore all of the VS products!!!
    So hard to pic an absolute fav… probably their makeup brushes (not a product) but OMG they are just so amazing! A good makeup brush can make or ruin a look I think and also the bronzer 🙂 adds a little bit of healthy glow on drab dull days

  67. I LOVE VS! Totally agree, sexuality in a great way. My favorite products are the heavenly scents and classic Love Spell!

  68. My fave VSC product are the comfy bra and panty sets. They make me feel super sexy all the time!

  69. I love Dream Angels Love is Heavenly and original Heavenly fragrances, mists, and lotions. <3

  70. I love Dream Angles Love is Heavenly and original Heavenly fragrances, mists, and lotions. <3

  71. I love two products equally…first the VS shimmer dusters! They add just the right amount of sexy and shine! It also smells so yummy! I also love bronzer!

  72. My favorite Victoria’s Secret products are definitely their body sprays and lip gloss! VS products are amazing!

  73. My favorite beauty product at VS is by far the perfume Victoria…it smells amazing and shares my name 🙂

  74. My fav VS product is their body scrub, So Buff!! I love this scrub because its scrubs off the top layer of dull/dead skin and leaves me looking fresh and radiant. It’s so hard though to pick just one product; I love all VS… Beauty products, clothes, swim suites, and lingerie 😉

    Ps- Love your blog!!

  75. Love this! I’m obsessed with the whole True Love line…but in particular the body butter. First off, it smells amazing. And I normally hate hate hate using lotion but this one just melts into the skin so nicely I use it regularly!


  76. My favorite product is the beach sexy self-tanning tinted spray! It makes your skin looks absolutely stunning 🙂

  77. I love the VS fragrances. If you’re ever feeling down or just not on top you can always just spray some of their frangrances on yourself and instantly feel a little bit better. That’s exactly how a fragrance is supposed to make you feel.

  78. I love this bronzer :

  79. I love love love their new Beauty Crush Shiny Kiss Flavoured Gloss in the shade “Love Berry” and “Cherry Bomb” they are just sticky enough that they last all day but at the same time they aren’t too sticky; they are actually very moisturizing. I also love everything from their Pure Seduction line; it just smells so darn good! Thank you for the amazing giveaway Lauryn and VS!

  80. I LOVE the VS body mists! They always leave just the right amount of scent on me. Unlike other highly concentrated scented perfumes, which make me smell like an oldie and the musky scents always irritate me nose! The body mists are just so light and refreshing! Well.. I guess that’s why they’re called body mists!!

    I absolutely adore the scent of vanilla and VS has the perfect fragrances for your daily vanilla fixes.

    My top favorites would have to be:
    1. Coconut Passion (it is to DIE for)
    2. Vanilla Lace
    3. Love Spell
    4. Mango Temptation

    They also have amazing body mists if you’re looking for a scent with a more fruity tone to it. The body lotions are just as good!

    I guess you really can’t go wrong with the VS body mists.. they’re all just so perfect! Whether you’re going on a date, the beach, or just school, there really is a body mist scent for every occasion. (unless you’re going on a really special occasion, which I would suggest the VS Pure Seduction perfume)

    I think it’s an everyday essential for any girl who wants to smell girly and fun yet somehow sophisticated at the same time.

  81. How can you pick just one!!?? I love their lipglosses and eye shadows….but their perfumes are #1! I enjoy so many of the scents and love to buy the travel sizes for my purse. It’s great to give myself a nice little refresher during the day. Love your blog!! 🙂

  82. I use the beach sexy self tanning lotion the morning after applying a once-weekly self-tanner, and it’s the perfect way to cement my tan, especially in the places that don’t really pick up on the tan (like my chest/neck). If this stuff is ever discontinued, I think I might die.

  83. My favorite VS beauty product is the after sun tan enhancing lotion. It helps to make my tan last longer and glow. I absolutely love it

  84. My favorite VS product (other than the cheeky underwear) is the Bombshell perfume. It smells amazing!

  85. First of all…what do I not love from VS?! I have a supply of almost all the lotions…won’t wear any other bra or underwear and am just getting started on the makeup products! So to list a favorite is hard…but I’ll go with what I’ve been addicted to for years…I wear the vanilla lace lotion and spray the Very Sexy perfume over it…the two together are simply , what’s a good word to use; seductive!! I would love to try something new…especially if it’s from The VS line! I’ve been following your blog forever now; I can’t log into my computer daily without going to the SC site…and am so stoked for your book to finally be available!!! This giveaway says my name all over it!

  86. I’m starting to really love lip gloss. And not like, the obvious pink lip gloss but more like nude/natural lip gloss. Victoria’s Secret has some suuuper cute ones and I use them almost everyday! It helps make even my slob looking outfit cute!

  87. I love VS fragrances! It’s hard to narrow it down to one but my favorites would have to be Heavenly, such a clean scent I wear it all year long and I always get asked what I’m wearing. I also love their newer fragrance “Night” it’s a little deeper and more mysterious and sexy.

  88. I’m a newlywed and its so fun to be look sexy and feel comfortable at the same time. I love all of the beauty products as well, such as heavenly.

  89. My favorite VS product is definitely the bronzing primer! It makes my skin flawless and I could not live without it!! xx

  90. My favorite VS product would have to be their dry shampoo! For a girl with curly hair in the process of just-letting-it-grow-naturally, I really like this product. And, love this blog too!! Keep at it! 😉

  91. My fav VS beauty product is (hard to choose) the Lash Dare 3-in-1 Mascara. Ladies, if you’ve never used this stuff, you’ve got to try it! Seriously, miracle mascara – try it for yo self. It’s in a hot pink tube! 🙂
    Thanks for doing this fun contest!

  92. My favorite Victoria’s Secret beauty product is their So Sexy Style line, in specific, their Tame & Smooth Instant Detangler (although I really do love every product from that line) because it smells absolutely delicious and makes me feel so sexy when I wear it. Also, I love the Sexy Little Things Tease perfume!

  93. My favorite Victoria’s Secret beauty product is their So Sexy Style line, in specific, their Tame & Smooth Instant Detangler (although I really do love every product from that line) because it smells absolutely delicious and makes me feel so sexy when I wear it. Also, I love the Sexy Little Things Tease perfume!

  94. My favorite VS beauty products would have to be (currently) their Gorgeous perfume and their bronzer! Love love love!

  95. My favourite VS beauty product has to be the Bronze Shimmer Body Powder. I use it to contour down my shin, on my collarbone, and on the shoulder to amp up definition. I love it because (even if you’re fully tanned) on photos taken at night, flashes come up and lights are coming from every angle, the extra definition powder gives the body a healthy glow and just a pure beautiful sun touched skin. Plus it’s ridiculously affordable!

    PC. Xx

  96. I absolutely looove their parfumes. They smell so good. Heavenly is my favorite parfume at the moment. What a pity we don’t have a lot stores here in Germany!

  97. I love the Travel Body Mist, not only because it smells amazing, but also because VS thinks about the travels among us. Traveling doesn’t have to mean that you don’t smell good or you have dry skin after a long flight! Traveling can be done in style, smelling delicious!

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