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Vacay Workout Tips…Plus A Little Announcement

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

Every time I travel, I workout.

Ultimately it’s completely possible to motivate yourself while relaxing— like Lo Bosworth said “at the end of the day, nobody can take better care of yourself than you do.

So be your own motivator. No one else is going to take you to the gym.

That being said, I try to take care of myself wherever I am…this absolutely includes vacation. Working out gives me energy, helps with anxiety, & gives me more confidence while rocking a bikini. Win/win.

Ok, so on another note, in the past couple months something’s been brewing for The Skinny Confidential readers…I’m creating a monthly fitness guide of workouts that you can do anywhere. Yes, anywhere. That means no gym needed.

While I was in Cabo, I tested the guide out to make sure they’re 100% ready for you guys ( TSC workouts will be geared towards teens/women  who are on the go constantly but want to look their best ). The moves are quick, effective, & economical. Think a 26 minute workout. You won’t need a bunch of fancy-ass equipment. Just your own body weight & maybe a weight or two. Super simple.

My favorites are the abs workouts…I’ve been doing them for two weeks & my abs have definitely improved:

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

Back to vacation talk, I was gone for seven days & intended on working out everyday. Obviously wasn’t very realistic, so I ended up sweating for five days. Some days I just did TSC workout program in my room instead of going to the gym. Michael was sort of looking at me like an alien from Planet Weirdo but who cares?!

I guess it comes down to this: I can’t justify eating & drinking more than usual and not breaking a sweat a couple days during the week. All in all I spent about 4 hours of my seven day trip working out. No big!

Anyway stay tuned for TSC monthly workout program! I’m super excited to share it! Also, you can find all my reasons I workout while traveling here.

And of course, happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads! And to my amazing daddy/best friend— love you! xx. L

  1. Yes, working out during vacay is a must. Looking forward to your TSC program! I am getting really excited to get back to my pre-preg body after baby.

  2. You look fab. It took me years to realize that working out on vacation is a real part of vacation. No interruptions, no rushing around trying to squeeze it in. Who really needs 10 hrs of sun? I can go take a break, get a little sweat on and head back to my margies not feeling so bloated.

  3. OMG! I need to know where your swimmie and crochet sarong are from!!!!!!!! I am absolutely obsessed. Please share!!

  4. I love your thinking of intending to work out everyday — it prepares you mentally for a workout instead of just putting it off for later. Can’t wait to see what the workout guide looks like!

  5. I make working out a priority in my life too, especially when I am on vacation. It keeps me grounded allows me to relax better. Thanks for the workouts, I will definitely be incorporating some of the moves in my everyday workouts, not just on the go.

  6. yay! I’m so excited for your workouts. I feel like I’ve hit a wall with my workouts, as in, my body is bulking not toning, and I need some guidance. Thank you!

  7. I think I love vacay workouts even more! I think it’s more exciting to work out in a place that you’re excited to be in, as long as you be proactive about fitting it in and keeping your mindset positive – like focusing on the benefits and how great you’ll feel, and not how it takes the place of other activities. Besides, I want to come back from my trip feeling refreshed and energized, not like I need to hit the gym and cut back on everything!

  8. Quick question! How tall are you? I love your style and have recently been doing some online shopping based on some of the outfits you post, but I’m only 5’2 so I have to be picky when considering what will work on my body!

  9. Agreed! I always try to be active on vacation. It gives me so much more energy. When I was down in Cabo a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took a poolside Pilates class offered by the resort. It was not the greatest workout, but felt good to be outside and moving a bit.

    1. It’s actually a dress! I rolled it down as a skirt. I can’t find it online : (. If you e-mail me I can send you a pic of the tag though!

  10. I workout because it makes me feel good- I am more confident, alert, and prepared for the challenges of day-to-day life when I honor my need for movement. Even if its just a walk, or yoga, I want to move my body. We were built for motion- our anatomy proves this. Sure, you temporarily are denied access to your scheduled location and routine, but mixing it up a little can be fun, exciting, and stimulating (especially for your brain, as you come up with solutions and brain storm ways to exercise without going insane or over-doing it). In the end, I engage in physical activity on vacation not because I am so worrisome about appearances, but because my mind/body/soul enjoy it. 🙂

  11. OOO Can’t wait for your guide!! I always bring workout clothes on vacation and drag my feet to workout, but then am always SOO happy I did it! Planning a trip up my parent’s lake house…although its on the lake… its pretty desolate so no way is there a gym! Also. I need that swim suit for the trip. Where is it from?!

  12. Although something we’d all love to do, it’s hard to actually commit to it. But I commend all those who do. I am gong on vacation in July, so I will see if I can actually get up to do it. Thanks for sharing from

  13. here is my fave bikini booty workout i do on vacation in hotel rooms

  14. whenever i travel i worry about how im going to get my workout in..
    im definitely looking fwd to your monthly fitness guide!! 🙂

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