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Vacation Eats

New York City fruit and veggie places to eat

Let’s face it: it’s difficult being smart with food when you’re on vacation. The intention to eat healthy is usually there, but sometimes it’s easy to go overboard. During my week vacation to Chicago & New York City, I nourished my body with the proper nutrients, which for me consisted of organic berries [ antioxidants ], turkey bacon [ protein ], nuts [ appetite suppressants ], oatmeal & cream of wheat with tons of cinnamon [ fiber ], & veggies [ vitamins ]. With all of these diet staples, the jet lag, late nights, & wine did not affect my trip or my body.

Sorry for the massive picture show — it was hard to pick my favorite ones!

Four Season's bedding and rooms

Museum of Natural History blue sign

Grapefruit at Four Season's in New York

Ralph Lauren restaurant reviews

Salads at the Ralph Lauren restaurant in Chicago

Roses at the Plaza hotel

Horse rides in New York City

Cream of wheat with cinnamon and berries from Four Season's



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