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Using Ice to Help With Engorged Breasts or Clogged Ducts

Using Ice to Help With Engorged Breasts

Calling all new mamas! This post is for you.

A few months ago @karrie_locher posted an incredible Reel all about decreasing inflammation using the HOT MESS Ice Roller if you have engorged breasts or clogged ducts. If you’ve ever breastfed a baby, or are still breastfeeding a baby – my god you know this is useful information.

Engorged breasts or clogged ducts can be incredible painful, uncomfortable and can lead to mastitis – which can become a serious health concern quite quickly.

We wanted to share the info in Karrie’s Reel here so that all you breastfeeding mamas can refer back to it if this ever happens to you (we hope it doesn’t).

But first, let’s introduce Karrie. She is a postpartum and neonatal nurse, certified lactation counselor, and basically your new ‘mom friend’ bestie. As a mother herself, she knows that motherhood is fucking hard, and so are all the hormone changes, pressure and ability to breastfeed.

Anyway, let’s get into exactly what Karrie said about using the power of ICE to help decrease inflammation, increase lymphatic drainage and help with engorgement and clogging.

the skinny confidential ice roller

Using Ice to Help With Engorged Breasts or Clogged Ducts

♡ Per the Academy of Breastfeeding protocol, we know that when there is engorgement/clogs/mastitis, there is an inflammation happening within the breast. This causes swelling from the extra fluids + vasodilation within the breast.

♡ Science has shown us that inflammation decreases with ice + NSAIDS (like ibuprofen)— same goes with the breast! Lymphatic drainage to pull some of the fluids can also be helpful when done *GENTLY* (gentle swipes toward the armpit).

♡ So where does this ice roller come in? It’s kind of a double whammy!
Cold application to the breast along with gentle swipes toward the armpit— no deep digging or needing to sit with an ice pack on your chest. This can help relieve swelling and engorgement from milk coming in, clogs, etc.

♡ Doesn’t mean you “need” one— ice packs work great too— but [the ice roller] been an absolute must for my most recent clog. If it’s something you already have for it’s typical well-known reason (facial depuffing, headaches, etc.) think of this as a bonus use. There are some for about $13 on amazon too.

What helped your engorgement the most? Have you dealt with a clog? How long did it take to subside? Let us know in the comments.

Be sure to follow Karrie if your a mom looking for some support, tips, tricks and hacks. Plus, stalk her Reel for a demonstration on how to use the HOT MESS Ice Roller on your breasts.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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