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The Skinny Confidential’s Biz Plan: An Upside Down Triangle (( Start Small // Think Big ))

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

When I decided to launch The Skinny Confidential years ago I had a very, very distinct plan ( that whole story found here ).

My business plan was seriously, so simple: an upside down triangle.

Say what?


An upside down triangle.

I wanted to start with one thing ( blogging ) & become very, very knowledgeable in that one thing. I didn’t want to start with this HUGE, gnarly idea & expand outward.

The goal was to keep it simple, stupid.


My advice on starting any kind of biz: if you’re looking to get into a certain field, think of the upside down triangle. Start small, think big.

After countless hours/experience you should become pretty damn good at the one thing & you’ll know when it’s time to slowly expand out.

Find your niche AKA the very tip of your triangle.

The tiny tip of my triangle began with blogging & it’s slowly growing outward to a brand.

Ultimately I’d take quality over quantity any day.

On Instagram the other day I saw this quote & it so, so resonated:

“You can do anything but not everything.”


Ok, now get out there & kill it! Happy Thursday—


Oh & since we’re on the subject, watch this video that a sweet reader sent me…literally GOOSEBUMPS.

  1. Hey Lauren,

    Just wanted to say I LOVE this post. I was literally driving to work this morning wondering how you did it. I love what you have done and I am sure you can’t believe how far you have come. I am doing just what you have said, starting small. Thank you so much for always being so encouraging to your readers.


  2. Just wanted to say I’m glad I found your blog! You have one of the strongest voices out of all the blogs I follow. Your personality just shines through your writing, you make me laugh all the time! Thanks for sharing this, I just blogged that same video from Ira Glass. Chills is right! 🙂

  3. You’re so great, Lauryn! I am currently thinking in this way as far as where my future is going and what I want my career to look like. I love that you put a picture to it. Such an inspiration!

    Thanks, lady and keep up what you’re doing!


  4. Great advice. I did something similar when I started my business. I took my writing skills with the view to turn those into a full blown marketing agency. It took some time but I did it!

  5. Fab post! I’m in the process of starting my own business and I have set my goals clear. So so excited about what’s to come. Love the thought about using a triangle. Very clever indeed! Thanks for a great inspirational blog!

  6. Hi,

    I’ve loved this post, coming from someone who has a blog and does the occasional post as I have so much going around in my head and ideas for posts it overwhelms me and I end up not posting for a while. I need to follow your advice and just focus on one thing at a time. I’m going to have a good think and decide where I want to start and hopefully I’ll be in a good position like you soon, as I love the world of blogging and I love that so many people have this outlet to get creative. Thank you for your inspiration and here’s to many more amazing posts!!

    Laura xx

    P.S I’m going to have that quote above my desk!!!! ;P

  7. We’re mad blogging right now and LOVE this! You’re so right! One day we’ll be adding design aspects to our site but right now we’re just living and breathing the blogoshpere. XO!

  8. Hey Lauryn!
    Great advice! Is your website hosted through wordpress? I’m getting started in a blog and will be reaching out to blog-doo soon once I get into it a bit more…but just trying to figure which host to use first. Thanks!! 🙂

  9. I love this – I recently decided to stop any sort of sales work within my business b/c I started to feel icky and totally not aligned with my core message and what I wanted to share with the world – which was happiness can and should come before we “lose the weight, get the job” because it actually positions us to live better lives now but also statistically shows that happiness breeds success (Shawn Achor of The Happiness Advantage) gives all the deets. So thank you, because this post reminded me again that authenticity to myself and my brand is key.

  10. OMG, why am I only seeing this post now? It’s literally AMAZING, and super inspiring! Lauryn, you amaze me everyday (and I mean this in a non-weird creepy way). The way you work, your drive, the way you inspire others, it’s all wonderful!! I am so thankful that I came across your blog awhile ago, at this point I don’t even remember how I did that, but it has inspired me to follow my dreams and never give up. Not to mention it’s sooo hard for me not to read every. single. post.!!! TSC = crack, lol!!!

  11. This post definitely resonated with me! I am literally at the beginning stages of my brand (still trying to even figure out what that is) and have been stuck on what to do next and where to go. Like I’m pretty sure only me & my dog knows my blog even exist. If anything that has been the hardest part I think, getting it out there for people to see and know about.

    But thank you for this! I absolutely love you, your blog & most recently your podcast (I’ve been binge listening just to catch up on what I’ve missed)


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